October 14, 2015

Best Inspirational Books

Books that will strongly inspire you.

Need some inspiration in your life? Wherever you need it, there is a book out there that can give you that inspiration you require. Following are just a few of the best inspirational books out there that are helping people seriously change their lives.

Inspiration For Happiness: The Power Of Positive Thinking

This book, written by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, has long been one of the most popular books for creating a happier life. While it was written years before ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne, it is pretty similar when it comes to the techniques discussed. This is definitely a book where you will reread many parts of it again when you need to get some extra inspiration for your happiness.

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The major negative review of this book is that he focuses too much on promoting his business (church) and is focused a lot on prayer and God; however, people of other religions have read the book and found a great deal of inspiration from it helping them connect back to their higher power and find a peace that brings about happiness. If you can get behind the concept that he is teaching, to look at life positively, that is where the inspiration for happiness is – and it is powerful!

Inspiration For Success: Think Big – Unleashing Your Potential For Excellence

If you need some inspiration for success, this book written by Ben Carson M.D. is for you. It doesn’t matter if you currently have some big dreams or not, this book can help you realize your potential and help you create a life that is full of rewards, success, and importance. It will inspire you right now and in future situations where you need inspiration.

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Many people find that they can relate to Ben, which helps them see themselves in his shoes all the way through no success to a ton of success. You will follow his journey as he learned how to unleash his potential for success and reach it, and then you can use his blueprint to success for yourself. This book has inspired people to do things such as finish their school, go after their dreams, and stay motivated towards their goals until they achieve success.

Inspiration For Strength: Life Is Short (No Pun Intended)

Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein both have dwarfism, but they are two of the biggest people you will ever meet. Bill is a business owner and Jennifer is a neonatologist. They have recently adopted two children from different parts of the world who are also living with dwarfism.

Their lives have been full of hardships and obstacles, including physical limitations, back injuries, and cancer, yet they have come through with laughter and love. If you are looking for strength to move forward despite hardships or obstacles in life, they are truly an inspirational family to get it from.

Inspiration For Health: You Are The Placebo – Making Your Mind Matter

What Does Optimistic Mean To Healthy Optimists?

This book, written by Dr. Joe Disepnza, may be one of the most powerful books you read for your health. It shows you the real power of your mind, through scientific explanations and real life examples, and it will help you change your mindset to a more self-serving one for your health. When you understand that the placebo effect is a real thing, you will gain more control over how your mind affects your physiology, and you will improve your life.

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