December 13, 2015

Do Miracles Happen In Real Life?

We all want to see and experience miracles in our life. We want to be reminded that there is something more going on than just what we see. And, many times, the miracle we want will affect us directly and will make us happy. But, do miracles happen in real life or are they just reserved for the movies and TV shows? The answer may surprise you.

What Are Miracles?

Miracles are events that are incredible and unexplainable. Miracles have positive results that affect one or more person. They are events that stop us in our tracks and leave our mouth hanging open in awe.

And, contrary to what many people believe, they don’t have to be huge and religious things. They can be something small and unexplainable, like a sign that gives you hope or helps you understand something better. For instance, asking for a sign and getting one, even in your alphabet soup, could be considered a miracle. With that definition in mind, how many times can you say you’ve experienced a miracle?

The chances are good that there have been many small miracles in your life that you may not have noticed. Why? Because we are programmed to believe that miracles have to be huge things religious in nature.

Miracles Are Not As Apparent As They Used to Be

A long time ago, all miracles were likely considered large. There were many unexplained things that happened and they had a huge impact on the people they happened to.

For instance, think about seeing a shooting star before you knew what it was. I’m willing to bet that you would consider it a miracle, especially if lined up with a prayer you were making. Or, how about a sudden recovery from a really bad cold before you knew what a cold was. It would definitely seem like a miracle when you were suddenly able to sit upright without throwing up after your family had prayed over your bed for a few days. What was considered and recorded as a miracle 500 or 1000 years ago may just be something easily explained now.

Moreover, some miracles were (and are) merely coincidental and brought on by a very strong faith. For instance, a man doing a rain dance could miss the mark 9 times out of 10. But, if people believed in him enough, then a coincidental rain on the 10th time could seem like a miracle that he brought about. And if only the 10th time was recorded, then that story would be passed down and everyone would consider him a miracle rain maker.

So, there used to be miracles reported all of the time. Of course, many of those things can be explained now by science, many of those things were coincidental, and many things were found out to be a hoax.

In addition, there is another way to look at the miracles that have happened in the past and are happening right now that don’t get considered as miracles by many. Many of the miracles are just more accepted as being real, depending on what you believe.

For instance, in 1968, people in Cairo, Egypt, saw an apparition of a woman walking on top of a church. Some people thought this was the Virgin Mary, and many people saw it and captured it in photographs. But, even though this has been declared a miracle by the head of the Coptic Church, many people believe in ghosts, so this is more of an everyday occurrence in many people’s minds. It may have just been the apparition of a woman. On the other hand, people who don’t believe in ghosts may have seen it as a sign that the Virgin Mary was trying to give. In this case, it is all about perception.

However, I believe that just because some people believe it is just a part of life does not make it less of a miracle. It is an unexplained and incredible event, so it is indeed a miracle in its own right. And, with that thought in your mind, you can see that miracles can absolutely happen in your own life, you just have to keep your awareness and eyes open.

Keep Your Ears Open For Big Miracles

Do miracles happen in real life every day? I think so. We just don’t hear about them until something big happens. There are over 7 billion people in the world right now, and there is a good chance that many of those people are experiencing miracles as you read this. They just don’t report it on the news, capture it on video, or have anyone else around to back up the fact that they believe they experienced a miracle.

However, there are some miracles that are reported. These are the miracles that renew many people’s faith that incredible things can happen.

For instance, on March of 2015, officers in Utah heard a voice call out to them from inside of a car that had been turned upside down in the water. They heard a woman screaming and begging for help. The officers claim that they were telling the person inside of the car screaming for help that they were doing the best that they could and were going to help her. However, when they got the car flipped over, the toddler’s mother was dead and there was no way she could have been screaming for help. Moreover, the baby wasn’t crying and had stopped breathing.

Another miracle reported happened in February of 2015. A teen trapped in icy water in Lake Saint-Louis for 15 minutes survived. His recovery had doctors baffled and his family says that it was the answer to their prayers – literally. When the boy’s mother entered the room and started loudly praying, his heart started beating for the first time in 45 minutes! His temperature was 88 degrees when he was first checked, which to doctors meant that it was a very grim chance the kid would survive. Yet he completely recovered.

In November of 2015, a baby with an inoperable brain tumor was kissed and blessed by Pope Francis when he visited Philadelphia. Her tumor has shrunk since the visit. In fact, it has shrunk so much that radiologists cannot see the edges of the tumor anymore. The parents, and many others, are considering this a miracle.

Those are just a few examples of recent miracles in the news. However, I know that I’ve heard many more throughout the year. You just have to keep your ears open and pay attention to the things that are unexplained and positive. The more you look for these big miracles, the more you will hear about them from friends, the news, and strangers online.

Miracle For Some But Not For Others?

It’s pretty clear, miracles still do happen. You just have to redefine what you believe to be a miracle and start looking for them in your everyday life.

I saw a tweet the other day where a man passed three of his exams that he didn’t think he would pass. He viewed that as a miracle, which it very true if he didn’t think he was going to pass after he wrote them. Of course, he may have just known more than he thought he did, or he may have gotten lucky in the multiple choice section. But, to him, it was a miracle.

The point is that miracles are often in the eye of the beholder. Two people in the same situation may have opposite views of how miraculous something was.

While one person may believe in the law of attraction and see that their prayers were answered because the law of attraction was working for them, another person may clearly see it as a miracle. While the law of attraction is gaining steam with evidence and science, it is still not accepted yet as truth, so, of course, it could be considered a miracle by some.

Moreover, if someone believes in the placebo effect and manifests perfect health back into their body, they will view it as the placebo effect in action while someone else will view it is a miracle. The placebo effect has been documented, but isn’t an accepted form of healing yet, so, someone who doesn’t believe in it will see it as a miracle.

A friend of mine saw his father by his bedside one night. He didn’t think much of it until he was woken up to his mother screaming and found out that his father had died during the night. For both people who believe in spirits and people who don’t believe in spirits, this could be considered a miracle. It is an event that can’t be explained by science. It’s not something that most people consider natural. Therefore, it is the work of a divine power. However, for someone who believe that people lie about these kinds of things, it would be considered complete crap by them.

And some people live with the belief that miracles simply don’t happen because everything can be explained in one way or the other. They believe that if it hasn’t been explained yet, it will be explained soon, so they don’t buy into the fact that what happened was an act of God or the supernatural.

Is There Anything Wrong With Believing In Miracles?

Believing in miracles means opening yourself up to the possibility that there is more going on than meets the eye. Many people believe that is a good thing. It helps you stay curious and open to new explanations of life. It keeps things fun and exciting in life as you find that there are many things that just can’t be explained and, perhaps, there is more than just this life on Earth waiting for us. It helps you feel like you are not small and insignificant and that things are happening with more reason than you can imagine. That’s exciting and it gives life a whole new purpose that, for many people, makes life worth living. How can that be wrong?

However, believing without some sort of skepticism can pull you into a dangerous world. For instance, some guys did a ‘walking on water’ hoax that was an attempt to sell their shoes, but many people believed it was something that was actually happening. A healthy dose of skepticism in this case can help you avoid running on the water according to their demonstration and drowning.

And, believing in miracles can also cause a lot of disappointment in your life. If you believe that the woman who prayed brought her son back to life after being in the cold water, and your prayers go unanswered as you pray to bring your son back from death, then you could develop an unhealthy view on miracles. You may start to wonder why someone else had their prayers answered while yours were ignored. You may start to wonder why miracles only happen to some people, and whether or not you are worthy of receiving miracles. All of this can lead to very negative thoughts, poor self-esteem, unhappiness, and even hatred, which is definitely not beneficial to your life.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong with believing in miracles and celebrating the miracles that happen in your life. However, expecting miracles to happen, and believing that you can achieve miracles simply because you believe in them, can result in disappointment and unwanted experiences.

Do Miracles Happen In Real Life?

Yes. There will always be amazing things that we just can’t explain, and these will always be miracles. When something puzzles a doctor or scientist or some other professional with an extensive amount of knowledge of how things in their area work, then it is essentially a miracle. When something happens to you that you just can’t explain, then it is a miracle.

At some point, what we consider miracles right now may be explained by science later on and be referred to with facts, just as we explain some of the miracles that happened in history. However, for the time being, they are miracles that inspire hope and amazement in those who see them and enjoy them.

Therefore, don’t pretend that you don’t see something just because it is unexplained. Keep your eyes open for the miracles in your life.

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