September 25, 2015

Does Luck Really Exist?

What is Luck and where to find them?

Luck is a word we use often. We talk about good luck, bad luck, and sheer dumb luck. But when you take a step back and think about it, luck is really just a result of one thing.

Luck Follows A Choice

Every time you have a lucky experience, it followed a choice you made. For instance, you may have chosen to sit in one seat over another on the bus and met a new friend or lover because of it. Or you may have decided to spend a few extra minutes enjoying breakfast instead of rushing out the door and narrowly avoided an accident. While it may seem like a random occurence, it really just happened because of a choice that you made.

Even gambling is a matter of choice.

– You choose red instead of black and lose
– You choose one slot machine over the other and watch someone win a jackpot on the other machine
– You choose to try one more twenty in a machine instead of going home and end up winning a jackpot

Your choices are made and bad luck or good luck follows. But how can you make choices that result in better outcomes?

Your Intuition Plays A Part

We usually make ‘lucky’ decisions when we listen to our intuition. This is the part of us that many call the ‘gut instict’ and it usually sends us positive or negative vibes when we are faced with a choice.

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For example, have you ever got the desire to turn right instead of left and ended up avoiding an accident, finding a new store, or having a good experience? When you listen to your desire to do something that feels good or right, often times something ‘lucky’ will follow.

Do You Choose Bad Luck?

So what about bad luck? When one thing goes wrong, bad luck seems to follow you everywhere you go. Right? In a way – yes, but luck really doesn’t have anything to do with it.

When you get into a negative mood, you start making decisions that go against your intuition or better judgment. For example, you may stub your toe and spill coffee on your shirt in the morning and start off on the wrong foot. Because you are already focused on things going wrong, you attract more things to go wrong in your life. You may decide to go into a coffee shop, despite the fact that your intuition is screaming ‘Don’t go in there!’ and then end up dealing with a rude employee or patron who makes you feel even more upset.

Positivity Opens Your Eyes To Positive Choices

Alternatively, when you are in a positive mood or have a positive attitude, you stay open to ‘good luck’, such as finding the perfect parking spot or meeting someone interesting. Your brain is focused on the positive, and you start to see and attract more positive (and lucky) things into your existence.

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One study, done by Richard Wiseman, had participants who considered themselves lucky or unlucky read a newspaper. The participants who considered themselves lucky were more likely to see part of the newspaper that said, “Tell the experimenter you have seen this and win £250.” In other words, people who viewed their ability to have good experiences and outcomes (as a result of luck) were able to observe something that could bring them good expderiences or outcomes.

Luck Often Comes To Persistant People

People who see themselves as lucky are more willing to take chances and keep moving in the face of failure. This means that they make choices that will benefit themselves, and often those choices will work out in their favor – or, in other words, be lucky choices!

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So, Does Luck Exist?

Luck is a thing, but it does not occur by chance. You can’t sit in your living room, take no action, and experience good luck.

Luck happens from the choices you make in life and the attitude you have. So, stay positive, listen to your intuition, and good luck will have no choice but to come to you!

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