October 29, 2015

Ego Balancing: Some Powerful Techniques To Help

You are great. You are worth it. You are someone who deserves to be the best you can be. But, you don’t need to be an arrogant jerk to understand that. You don’t need to view yourself as better than others in order to get everything you want in life. In fact, if you live solely from a place of ego, you will find that you are unhappy and unsuccessful in life. Following are a few techniques to help you live from a balanced ego state.

Live In A State Of Compassion

The only way to be compassionate is to step outside of your ego and recognize the needs, values, desires, and worth of other people. When you do that, you can express kindness that helps you develop a sense of happiness you can’t get from focusing on yourself alone.

Compassion benefits your life in so many ways that there are full books describing how compassion can influence your life positively and, therefore, your happiness. But, just to name a few things:

– Compassion helps you relate with others better, which promotes more real friendships that support well-being
– Compassion helps you focus on others and minimize the size of your personal problems, therefore, allowing you to get unstuck
– Compassion leads to a higher power of inner-strength, which helps you move through obstacles and doubt easier
– Compassion helps promote a kinder world, which in turn promotes more happiness in your life
– Compassion has been shown to prevent heart attacks, which means it is actually good for physical health

If you think about it, compassion is living outside of your ego, but it is also benefiting your ego in a big way. All of the above things help you value yourself more. Therefore, compassion is the ultimate technique for ego balancing.

Take Some Time To Think About The Size Of The Universe

When you get stuck in your own little world, which is literally about 5 feet around you, it becomes impossible to see the actual size of you in relation to the universe. When you are stuck in your ego, you feel bigger than most people. You feel more important than other people. And you feel as though the world literally revolves around you.

When you sit back and take some time to think about the universe and its size, you can keep your ego in check. According to Wikipedia, the distance between the Earth and the edge of the known universe is 46 billion light-years. According to a converter on Google, that number works out to 4.35193601739e+26 meters – which simply means very, very far.

Sure, you still live in a world where you focus a lot on yourself, but understanding that you are just a tiny grain of sand in the grand scheme of the universe will help you also remember that you are not the only important aspect of the universe and deflate your ego a bit in the process.

View Yourself As A Whole Person

Too many people get stuck on one aspect of themselves and focus in on that aspect until it becomes all they can focus on. For instance, appearance is very important to an egotistical person. They feel that their looks are what define them, and they become vain and narcissistic in the process.

I have a friend who is so focused on his looks that the only time he looks outside of himself is to judge other people on their looks. He judges their dress, their hair, their features, their size, and everything else about them. But, I can’t blame him. His appearance is his focus, so appearance (and comparing himself to others) has become what matters most to him.

When you start to view yourself as a whole, your worth becomes more than just one thing. You become aware of how you treat yourself and the world around you, and that is very important for ego balancing.

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