October 25, 2015

How Do You Cope With Stress During Really Stressful Times?

Everyday stress is hard enough to deal with, but when really stressful events occur, it can turn you into a crumbling mess. So, how can you cope with stress during times that seem almost unbearably stressful? Following are a few ways that can help.

Try Self-Hypnosis

If you are skeptical of this technique for coping with stress, I don’t blame you. I was too at one point. I thought hypnosis was about making people cluck like a chicken, not helping to relieve stress. But I was wrong.

At one of the most stressful times in my life, self-hypnosis was the only thing that brought me out of my constant worry and anxiety. A family member had been diagnosed with a chronic disease, and I had been a puddle of tears, anger, and stress for weeks. It was the first time in my life that stress had made me extremely depressed and unmotivated to do anything. I was starting to think that I was never going to come out of it, and then I was introduced to a self-hypnosis mp3 that was focused on relieving stress. I started listening to it in tears, and then suddenly something shifted in my mind. The hypnosis session gave me a new way of looking at the situation and dealing with it. At the end of the 30-minute session, I felt better than I had in weeks. And, from that moment on, everything started to go uphill for my mind and stress level.

Please don’t avoid trying self-hypnosis because of what you think it is. It is definitely a tool that can help change your mindset to something more positive in the most stressful of times.

Take A Break

Trying to do too much during very stressful times can be so overwhelming that you end up doing things poorly or not getting things done, which adds to the stress you are feeling. Allowing yourself to take a break from all or some of your routine can help you eliminate that excess stress and give your mind a break.

If you are able to, taking a complete break from daily responsibilities can help your mind relax, let go, and work through issues that are happening. Even a day or two can be powerful for relieving stress and gaining a new perspective on the situation.

Manage Your Time Very Well

If you can’t take a break, then make sure you are managing your time well. You want to ensure that you don’t add any extra stress on yourself by procrastinating, missing appointments, or forgetting to do something that you want or need to do. If you are ever going to have a strict schedule, this would be the time. All you have to do is look at it, follow it, and give your mind that extra break it needs.

Look At The Big Picture

Often extreme stress makes us focus on the stressor. For instance, when my loved one was diagnosed with a chronic illness, the illness was all I could think about. I thought about the symptoms, the pain my loved one was going through, and struggle that was ahead. But, I didn’t look at the bigger picture. I didn’t see all the treatment options available. I didn’t consider that everything could work out. I didn’t see myself and them taking action to make them feel better. Once I was able to see all those things, my stress dissipated even more.

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