October 28, 2015

How To Become The Best Of The Best In Your Field

Becoming the best of the best in your field is something you can do. If you have the desire and right attitude to do the following things, you can easily make yourself known as one of the best among your peers, as well as everyone else. Ready to ramp up your reputation and life? Use the following tips.

Develop Self-Discipline Over Motivation

Right now you want to become the best of the best. You are motivated to stand out from the crowd and be known as someone great who does something great. But, that motivation will start to die out as you must put time and action towards becoming the best. You will start to question whether or not you really want to keep doing what you are doing, and your limiting beliefs and fears, not to mention your laziness (and we all have it), may cause you to give up altogether. And that’s where self-discipline comes in.

You must have the self-discipline to keep going when times get tough. When you are able to keep doing what you need to do, despite the temptation to just give it all up, then you have the potential to be the best of the best. Because, trust me, 99% of the people are going to give into the temptation to give up. They are going to stop doing the hard work, stop working on developing new habits, attitudes, and beliefs, and just give into easier ways of achieving what they want or give up on achieving what they want completely.

Accept Things That Work Into Your Life And Reject Things That Don’t

You must be able to accept new things in your life and implement them while rejecting things that don’t progress you towards being the best of the best. Think giving up is for losers? Nope! People who are close-minded and keep doing what they are doing because they believe they must will never be the best of the best.

Becoming better means implementing new techniques and ideas that work better than what you were doing before. And it means letting others that are not working go. Don’t hold on to something just because you have placed some sort of importance on it.

For instance, some people are unwilling to drop a system that they have been using for years because they feel that they have invested a lot of time into it the system. They feel like all those years will have been for nothing – a waste of time. But, the truth is that to keep using the same system – which is not helping them be the best of the best, would be the real waste of time.

So, despite how long it has been or how much effort you have put into something that doesn’t work, moving on can eliminate more time or effort from being wasted and help you become the best of the best much quicker.

How To Develop New Ideas And Techniques

Surround yourself with awesome people. They are going to help you brainstorm and discover new ways of doing things because they already think outside of the box and are capable of adapting to what works. These people don’t have to be in the same field you are in. They can be involved in something completely opposite. It’s not their intelligence into your field that you want. It’s their passion and ability to use what works is what you are after. So, create a mastermind group of excellent people and meet up often to help you become the best of the best.

Read, read, and read some more. There are so many inspirational and insightful books out there that you literally do not have enough time to read them all, but you can try! Each book you read has the potential to give you new insight into your field and propel forward to become better than you are today. Moreover, while reading about your field can help, reading books that have nothing to do with your field can also help you think outside the box and come up with new techniques, habits, and behaviors for serious success.

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