December 7, 2015

How To Develop The Self-Discipline It Takes To Make Money Online

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I see so many people saying things like, “I wish I could make money online! But, I don’t have the time, talent, or ability to do it.” I want you to know that if you have a vision to make money through any avenue online, then you can totally do it, but you need self-discipline in order to be really successful.

If you are someone who can’t keep a commitment, can’t keep your word, and can’t keep motivated to save your life, then you need to find a way to boost those things or you won’t make any money online at all. Working online is just like working offline, except you are your own boss. That requires the discipline of keeping yourself on track and in line.

But, if you have the drive and think that you can find the motivation and stay committed, then you are already on your way to success. Now, you just need something to offer.

Making money online is all about providing a service. If you have any talent at all, then you can make money online. Even writing things on your forehead and taking pictures is a way to make money online through sites like Fiverr; however, if you want to make a lot of money – enough to quit your day job, then you have to keep pursuing the success you want and be able to overcome any weaknesses that are holding you back from achieving it.

Following are some simply truths to help you develop the self-discipline to make it online.

1. Discover The Possibilities

I don’t know why so many people are still living in the Stone Age, but I hear it all the time – “You can’t make money online! That’s a scam!”

That’s so ridiculous that I feel bad for how clueless they are! Of course you can make money online.

The chances are good you have bought something online, clicked on an ad, or used some online service to make your life easier (apps?). If you have, then you have helped someone else make money online. You have helped a business or an individual. Either way, you’ve added to the 1.471 billion dollar business of online shopping in 2014, and you will add to the 2.3 billion dollar business projected for 2018. [Source:]

The way I have always viewed it is that there is no cap for someone who wants to create an online business. You can make money through so many different avenues, and start so many different online ventures, that you can literally increase your income every month and every year.

When you are aware of the potential, you will be much more likely to maintain self-discipline as you start your online business and work towards making the kind of money you want to make. So, don’t listen to the scared and the weak people who are quick to point a finger about what can or cannot happen online. Find the people who have made it happen and discover how far they have been able to take their online business.

2. Develop A Mental Toughness

When the shit hits the fan, you have to still see the positive side of things so you don’t give up. You have to work through the naysayers and the jerks and the haters. And you have to own your energy and how you react to the online world. All of these things are necessary in order to maintain self-discipline and work through the crap that will come your way.

And, at times, the crap will all pile together. Your friend will make you feel like you are an idiot for trying to make money online, you will be sent some hate mail by someone who doesn’t like your message, you will start to doubt yourself, and you will run into a bunch of negative people who are trying hard to make you look bad. It’s going to happen! But, if you have a mental toughness that carries you through, you will find that you end up being rewarded for sticking with it.

Mental toughness includes:

Motivation – You have to be motivated to keep moving despite what you are hearing or seeing. For instance, if you are facing an obstacle in your business, then you have to remember the potential you have to break through the obstacle and make some killer money. Other motivators that can help you develop self-discipline include the bills on your table, the desire to prove others wrong, the desire to help others in some way, and the desire to be your own boss and make limitless amount of money!

Confidence – You have to believe in your own self-worth and what you are offering online. Being confident in your services and your intention is very important to your self-discipline to keep going. This means you need to pick something that you know you are good at, or at least know you could be good at, and then keep pep-talking yourself up about how good you are. You need to keep learning and researching and expanding your knowledge around the topic so you can offer as much as possible online. You may even want to get a cheerleader in your corner, such as your friend or partner. The more confidence you have in your ability to do what you set out to do, the more you will maintain a sense of self-discipline when the signs are telling you otherwise.

Focus – You have to stay focused on what you want to achieve online. There are so many different avenues you can take that seeing one thing through requires a mental toughness to stick with it until it either works out or shows you that it is not going to work out at all. This means you have to say no to something shiny and new and stick with something that may start to seem old and boring. It’s tough, but if you can maintain your focus on why you started the project to begin with, then you will maintain the self-discipline to keep focusing on making it successful.

Believing in what you are doing: If you don’t believe in what you are doing, then you are not going to do it – bottom line. You have to remember that what you are doing can achieve the kind of life you want, and you have to believe that you can find the success that you are looking for. A great way to top up your beliefs is to listen to other people who have made it. Follow their blog, watch their success, and let it motivate you to keep going. Moreover, believe that what you are trying to do will make an impact on other people. That’s a great way to stay disciplined on the path to success.

Coping with pressure – The pressure to meet deadlines requires your mental toughness. The pressure to make a certain amount of money requires your mental toughness. Pressure will come from all ends when you are trying to make money online. For this, you want to focus on the task at hand. Even if you have a major goal, don’t focus on that. Instead, take it day by day and maintain a sense of discipline and structure in order to move through one task at a time.

Optimism – Developing an optimistic mind will strengthen your mind and help you keep a level head as problems come along. In fact, optimism may be the most important thing because it can help you tackle all of the above things better when it comes to self-discipline.

3. Do Your Research

In order to make money online, you will need to learn a few things. Following blogs, taking courses, buying books, and preparing yourself is important to create the best business possible quickly so that you don’t waste any of your time.

But, there are a lot of people who want to teach you how to make money online who are just trying to make money themselves and don’t have a clue what they are talking about. The thing is that most of us have fallen for these scams at one time or another and when you realize that you have, and have shelled out money to these unethical people, you can end up giving up completely from annoyance and disbelief.

When you realize that you could lose thousands of dollars to unethical people, you will gain the self-discipline required to do your research on your business of choice before you jump into anything. When you do that, you will find yourself making much more money, much quicker.

So, when you see something that is too good to be true, take your time to look it over first. Look for reviews on the product and the person. Look at the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any claims against the business. Research what they are saying with reputable online bloggers like Neil Patel. And, if you find that something seems bogus to you, move on and find something else.

Moreover, research how to make an online business a success. Learn about search engines and organic traffic and how you can boost your business in them. Learn about on-site SEO, networking, guest blogging, creating products, email marketing, and anything else that applies to your business. Take the time to do that first, and you can set up a really successful business much quicker.

4. Give Yourself Some Time To Make Money Online

You may need to make a lot of money in a month, and while it technically could be done, it probably won’t happen. You have to develop your name or your product before you can earn the trust of online buyers, and you have to network with other people to build relationships that will help boost your business, which means that you need some time. How much time depends on how hard you are willing to work, how open you are to learning about creating a successful online business, how many things you do right from the beginning, and how many good connections you make online through other people in business.

So, how can you have the self-discipline to keep going when things don’t happen quickly? You have to be doing something that you love and think is going to work out. That’s the only way you will stick with it through the slow times when you feel like you are never going to make enough to be really successful online.

5. Remember That Time And Energy Make Money

When it comes to making money online, time and energy are what will make it. The more time you put in, the more you can get yourself known and in front of customers. Same goes with energy.

That means that if you are doing this as a part-time gig, then you have to be willing to put in the time and energy during your evenings or days off. If you are doing this as a full-time gig, that means you have to be willing to put in the time and energy for at least a full week’s work.

A lot of people think that making money online only requires a few hours a day, but that’s part of the whole scam. A business is a business whether it is offline or online, and you need to put in the work to make a business successful. But, online it can be harder.

When you work online, you generally work from home. In your home there is a kitchen, a bed, a TV, and other things that you could be doing instead of working. Moreover, when loved ones are at home – or come home, it can be hard to keep working. It may be too noisy, or you may just want to go ahead and spend time with them. And to top it all off, major distractions like Facebook are online, which means that you will constantly be tempted to do things that do not contribute to making money online.

But, if you remember that every hour you are NOT online is an hour that could have progressed you to more success, then you will maintain the self-discipline to work the hours you set out for yourself.

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