October 28, 2015

How To Disconnect From Distractions

It’s easy to get into the habit of distracting yourself from important things. For instance, it becomes a habit to keep your social media profile open so you don’t ‘miss’ something. Every time you hear a notification, your mind moves from whatever it is focused on to the useless notification that distracts you from what is really important. When I first learned how to disconnect from distractions, I was able to get a week’s worth of stuff done in two days. That’s how much I was being distracted! Want to do the same? Here are some crucial tips to follow.

Have A Place Where You Can Write Down Distracting ‘To-Do’ Thoughts

This is important. We all know how a sudden urge to know or see something can distract us from whatever we are doing. For most of us, we have the feeling that we need to check it out now because it is so important, but the truth is that it can normally wait. For instance, I write a lot, which means I need to research a lot. While researching one idea, I’m often inspired to check something else out, and that can lead to hours of checking out things that don’t relate to my initial idea.

The trick is to write down a sudden desire or need and come back to it later. Whether you write it on a paper or on a software that allows you to add to-do tasks to your day, just write it down as soon as the idea strikes. Once you finish all of your important tasks for the day, you can go ahead and check out all the inspirations you had throughout the day and take action on them if you want. But, I often find that the desire to learn about those things or take action on those things dissipates throughout the day, which really gives more clarity into how much time can be wasted on useless distractions throughout the day.

Block The Distractions That You Can Block

The best way to block distractions is to remove the ability to access them. Turn off your phone. Tell your friends you don’t want to be distracted between certain hours. Close doors or windows that cause you to peer out often. If you are online, use a browser add-on, such as StayFocusd, to help you limit the amount of time you spend on sites that distract you.

Make Focus A Must-Do Habit

Create your daily to-do list and make it a habit to focus on your tasks until you are completely done. This is not going to be easy – building habits never is. But, it will be rewarding. Once you are in the habit of getting your stuff done without distractions, you won’t have to worry about disconnecting from distractions ever again.

You can do this by implementing some strategies that make the habit of focus easier to stick to, such as:

– Remove useless tasks from your daily schedule
– Take breaks regularly to help you recharge and regain focus
– Do the hard things first while you have the most brain power and then tackle easier things after that
– Don’t expect perfection in everything you do

Once you start to get in the habit of being productive, your life will become so much easier. As you start to get amazing results, distractive thoughts, people, and circumstances will still appear, but you won’t be tempted to sway from what you must get done. Getting it done will be much more important.

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