January 2, 2017

How To Get What You Want In Life Even If You Don’t Know What You Want

What do you want in life?

If you are reading this, there are some things you really want out of life. You may not know exactly what they are yet, but you do know that you want them. You can feel a sense of longing for something more. But, the longing for something more isn’t going to get you what you want. Wishing for something more isn’t enough. That’s a very important truth that we all need to understand. While everything is made up of energy, and we can attract like energies to us, such as like-minded people, we still live in a physical world and life doesn’t work on wishes alone.

What You Want Is Out There

Your parents, peers, and fears tell you that it’s impossible to get everything you want. Is that true? Well, it depends on a few things.

That can be a true statement if you’re talking about something really far-fetched. For instance, if you want to quit your job and sit around all day and still have money coming in, a roof over your head, and food on the table, there is a good chance it’s not going to work out for you. That’s not typically how this world works. Or, if you want to date Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, there is a good chance that’s not going to happen either.

But, there are plenty of things that you can get.

– You can get the relationship you want.
– You can get the career you want.
– You can get the house you want.
– You can get the happiness you want.

There are plenty of things that we have some control over, and with the right choices and the right actions, you can definitely bring what you want into your life as long as what you want is grounded in reality.

3 Essential Skills You Need To Be Successful At Creating The Life You Want

Let me be clear, there are probably some things that you think could never happen for you that actually could happen. For instance, you may think becoming a millionaire is not a reality for you. But, that’s not true. With the right knowledge and action, everyone can be a millionaire. For some people, it may take more time, but the fact is that we can all get there.

Think of it this way – if someone else has achieved it, then you can too. You just need to figure out how to get on the right path, like they did, and you will find yourself moving towards what you want.

Be Good If You Want Good Things

I’m willing to bet that you want to get good things in your life. You want a loving relationship, financial abundance, happiness, good health, and peace. Allan Watts, a popular British philosopher, said that you always get what you want. He said that everything that comes to you is a return of what goes out of you. So make sure that you are putting good things out of you.

Don’t try to get what you want by hurting other people. Don’t cheat, lie, abuse, or misuse. You will only attract more of that energy to you. And you will only put yourself further away from what you want.

Don’t Listen To The People Who Tell You That You Can’t

There will be people in your life who will tell you that you can’t always get what you want. But instead of talking about dating Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, they will be talking about your dreams and goals that are totally doable. You need to remember they are telling you what they believe, and what they believe is a result of their life’s experiences.

The biggest reason Fred or Susan or whoever else in your life didn’t get what they wanted is because they were not willing to do what it takes to get what they wanted. They weren’t willing to go the extra mile. They weren’t willing to put in the extra hours, extra effort, extra time, extra money, or extra energy, and that is the only reason they didn’t get what they wanted. It wasn’t because they weren’t capable of getting it. It wasn’t because they weren’t lucky enough, smart enough, or talented enough. It was just because they were not willing to do what needed to be done.

Here’s How To Get What You Want In Life

Whether you know what you want or not, there are some steps to help you get moving in the right direction towards the life you really want. Don’t try to force yourself to know what you want first. You will discover it along the way. All you need to do right now is focus on doing the following things.

1. Stop Trying To Make Things Work A Certain Way

It’s Time To Live The Life You Want! Go The Extra Mile – No More Excuses

This is a very important tip on how to get what you want in life. If you don’t read or do anything else, make sure you understand this.

Do you feel like you never have enough energy to do what needs to be done? It takes energy to do what you need to do, but it takes much more energy to try to bend and conform things to your will. And that’s wasted energy because you simply can’t make things bend and conform to your will.

Not everything works out perfectly. Scheduled events get messed up. People don’t follow your expectations. And when that happens, you use even more energy worrying about it or being upset.

If you want to gain more energy to do what you need to do, then start going with the flow. This doesn’t mean that you let life push you around.

It means that you make plans without having strict expectations on how everything should go.

It means that you know setbacks may happen, and when they do, you artfully climb over and go around setbacks when they arise.

It means you stop trying to control how others act and focus on how you act instead.

You will be more likely to make the law of attraction work for you when you let go and stop trying to control things. You will not have a strict way of moving forward and you be able to spot signs and paths that will help you move towards the things that you want to manifest into your life the most.

In other words, when you are trying to control everything, you may miss an opportunity that arises to help you get to what you want faster because you are too busy focusing on what you think will help you get there.

2. Depend On Yourself

I have a friend who once told me that her mother admitted she had eight kids so that they could help her get what she wanted in life. She wanted a big house and to go on lots of trips in her senior years, and she figured that having lots of kids would ensure that a few of them would be rich and provide her with what she wanted. She was wrong. Seven of those kids couldn’t give her those things even if they wanted to, and the one kid that does make a good income is focused on building their wealth for the kids that they are having, not spending their money on their mother’s trips. In short, her mother should have depended on herself, not her kids.

That may be a drastic way to get what you want in life, but it is a good example of why you should never depend on anyone but yourself to get you what you want in life. Other people are not your puppets. Expecting them to do something for you is taking a gamble at best. At worst, it’s setting you up for major disappointment.

Want A Happier Life? Remember That Attitude Is Everything!

The bottom line is that you have to depend on yourself. If you want to make sure that something works out, take the reins on it and make it work out. Take responsibility for your life and what happens in it. When you do that, you will never have to blame other people for the life you have now and the opportunities lost.

You can have other people help you (in fact, you will need other people’s help along the way), but always make sure that if they fall through, you are able to continue moving forward in a way that helps you get closer to what you want.

3. Get Over The Losses

I know a man who was recovering from a gambling addiction and couldn’t stop blaming himself for the money he had spent. He talked about how he could have used that money for much better things, and he felt immense pain as he pondered that. He stopped gambling, but for years his mind was always stuck on the losses, and because of that he wasn’t able to fully focus on moving forward towards the life that he wanted.

If you want to build a better life, you need to get over the losses, stop looking back, and start looking forward. The best way to do that is to find a lesson from your losses, appreciate them in some way, and then move forward with the knowledge that everything happened for a reason.

For instance, the man eventually went on to create a lot of wealth because he developed a deep appreciation for what money could do in his life. He now appreciates that time of addiction in his life because he learned a lot from it. Looking forward, he never wants to be in that spot again.

4. Build Strong Relationships

Other people will help you get what you want in life. They may be an important part in physically doing what needs to be done to get you what you want, such as helping you meet the right person for the relationship of your dreams or introducing you to someone who can help you get the job of your dreams. But they can also teach you what you need to know to figure out what you want in life.

When you build strong relationships, you get to see people’s deepest dreams and desires. You get to see their character traits. You get to learn from their mistakes and be inspired by their accomplishments. And often you will figure out what you want because of them. Therefore, if you don’t know what you want, this may be the most important tip for you.

A Note On How To Get What You Want From People

Attention Versus Intention: Which One Will Help You Attract The Life You Want?

You can’t just tell people what to do and get what you want. If that was the way it worked, then all the celebrities – who can reach a large audience – would be able to sway the public on important issues, and we have seen time and time again that it just doesn’t work that way.

People don’t do something just because you tell them to do it. They do something because they feel it’s in their best interest to do so. So make sure that when you need something from someone, there is always something in it for them. Even if that something is just doing a good deed for you, make it clear that they will benefit in some way from helping you out.

When I was young, I figured out that even if you were told no by someone, you could change their mind with a sincere case of why you needed them to do something for you. I had wanted to go to a friend’s party and my parents said absolutely not, so I went to my room and wrote them a sincere note telling them why I wanted to go and what it meant to me. At that time, writing was the best way for me to get my message across because they were not willing to listen to my words. After reading my note, they understood that by letting me go to the party, they would be helping me make new friends and strengthen old friendships, so they changed their mind and let me go. They were getting the satisfaction of helping me out and that’s why I was able to change their minds.

5. Do Something Every Day

You can talk about getting what you want all you want, but it doesn’t mean anything unless you take action. If you know what you want, then do something towards getting it every day. It may be a small thing or a big thing, but the fact is that a step is a step and it moves you closer to the end result.

If you don’t know what you want, then you can still do something every day. You can do something that feels right to you, because what feels right is often in line with your best self, which is ultimately where you want to go.

For instance, doing something kind for someone may be an action you can take for the day. Or, looking for an answer to a question you have been having may be something that will move you closer to what you want. Don’t question it, just do it when the inspiration arises.

6. Learn Something New Every Day

Lastly, school should always be in for you. Why is this one of the key tips on how to get what you want in life? Because, if you want to be wealthy, for instance, you need to learn what it takes to be wealthy.

Life-Changing Points Pulled Out Of Speeches By Jim Rohn

The more you learn, the more you do the things that actually help you reach wealth. This applies to every area of your life. If you want to be healthier, study health. If you want to be better in relationships, study relationships. The more you learn, the more you can do and the more success you will have!

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