October 14, 2015

How To Remove Negativity Within

Don’t be a pessimistic.

“Just stop being so negative and start being happy!” That advice is great for someone who feels great about everything and isn’t dealing with any negativity within, but most of us need to do a little work to remove the negativity and get ourselves into a better place. How can you work on being more positive?

Stop And Smell The Roses

This is great advice, but you don’t have to actually stop and smell the roses for it to work. Essentially, you want to stop living in the past and future, where negative thoughts, such as fear, hurt, and anger lives, and live in the moment as much as possible.

10 Ways You Can Change Your Thoughts From Negative To Positive Right Now

When you stop and smell the roses – or watch the kids play, or listen to the birds chirp, or feel the wind on your skin, or use any of your senses in any way, you bring yourself to the present moment where negativity is less likely to reside.

Stop Judging Things As Bad

Pointing the finger towards something or someone and labeling it or them as bad makes you feel bad. It makes you feel angry, annoyed, or resentful, and that stirs up a whole bunch of negativity inside. For instance, watching a neighbor do something that you don’t agree with has the potential to make you really upset or not bother you at all, depending on how you judge it.

Turning Negative Into Positive: 10 Tips To Make It Possible

How can you stop judging things as bad?
– Stop assuming you know everything.
– Stop assuming you know why people do what they do.
– Stop assuming you know what someone’s intentions actually were.
– Stop assuming you know how someone has gotten to the point they are at.

When you stop assuming, negativity starts to quickly get replaced with more positive thoughts.

Do Something Good Every Day

Research has shown that doing something good for others makes you feel good. In fact, it can make you feel better than if you were to do something pleasurable for yourself. [Source: http://www.livescience.com/4443-study-good-feel-good.html]

What can you do today?

– Donate food to your local food bank.
– Give money to charity.
– Pick up trash from the roads in your neighborhood.
– Be kind to someone you come across today.
– Make someone laugh.

Negative Attitude: Causes, Consequences and Cures

There are a million things that you can do to contribute to the world in a positive way. Considering how effective it is at removing negative feelings and increasing happiness, it would be silly not to. Whenever you see an opportunity to do a good deed, take it.

Forgive Others And Yourself

When you forgive, you will replace a lot of negativity with positivity. This includes forgiving others that have hurt you or hurt others, as well as forgiving yourself for things that have hurt you or others.

Holding on to past mistakes is an easy way to hold on to the negativity. In fact, it’s pretty much impossible to release negativity when you are hurt, angry, or resentful.

Start today to take some steps to forgiveness, such as looking at things from another point of view and accepting what has happened as done and over and not a part of your life anymore. The more you work towards forgiveness, the lighter and more positive you will feel.

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