October 11, 2015

How To Stay Focused On Your Goals

What are your goals that should be focused?

It’s not always good to be focused on something. For instance, if you are too focused on the negative things in life, you can create a negative attitude towards life. But, your goals are definitely things that you want to stay focused on. When you do, you will have an easier time moving through your plans and reaching success. If you are having a hard time staying focused, use the following tips.

Use Visualization Daily

Visualization is a powerful tool that most people use to promote fear or worry in their life, but not for positive things such as staying focused. Once you become aware of how powerful it is, you will always use it as a tool to stay focused.

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It has been shown that seeing is believing. Studies have found that mental practices can be almost as powerful as actually doing what you are visualizing. One study showed that mental training for strength gain can increase strength by 35% as opposed to physical training which increased strength by 53%. That’s not much of a difference in strength, but a lot of different in how it is achieved. [Source: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/14998709]

In other words, you can put in hours of focused attention in order to train your brain to stay focused towards your goals. Or you can help your brain achieve that dedication faster by visualizing yourself being focused and reaching the goals you have.

You will find that visualizing yourself staying focused will instantly help you feel more focused and on track, which will help you be more focused and on track.

Start Each Day Tackling The Hardest Tasks First

Some tasks throughout the day will feel rewarding while other tasks will feel like a drag. You need to get those tough ones out of the way first, or you will let ‘rewarding distractions’ pull you away from them.

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Tasks that are the hardest usually require creativity and a lot of mental or physical energy. Choose those tasks to tackle in the morning when you are fresh and ready to expend some energy.

Declare To Yourself That You Are Going To Stay Focused

This sounds simple, but it works. When you declare something to yourself, you remember that declaration when you wake up, when you have choices throughout the day, and when you go to bed. That little voice in your head helps you do what you need to do to stay focused and reach your goals.

If you want, write your declaration to stay focused down and post it where you often get distracted as a reminder of what you want. Doing this will help you train your mind to acknowledge when a distraction appears and stay focused in spite of it.

Remove Distractions

This is essential if you want to avoid temptation. For instance, if you work online a lot, block your access to distractive websites like Facebook for your work hours. Or, if you have a friend who always distracts you from your work, let him or her know that between the hours of 9-5 you are unavailable.

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You know which distractions usually pop up and pull your attention away from your goals. Take action on limiting them the best you can or eliminating them. When they are not there to bother you, focusing will be much easier.

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