November 25, 2015

How To Stop Being Lazy In Dating, Relationships, Health, And Work

Are you having problems doing what you need to do? Would you rather just sit around and do nothing than do something productive for your future? Are you sick of not getting what you want out of life? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then it’s time to stop being lazy and start taking action on life you really want. Sorry to call you lazy, but we both know that it’s true.

Laziness is simply deciding not to use your energy in a constructive way. When you are too lazy to do stuff, you focus on things that are unproductive and not useful for your life, but easy. Watching TV, sleeping, and doing unhealthy things are all easy to do, but not useful for your life.

Laziness May Be Genetic

If your parents and grandparents are lazy, then you may be too. One study done by Frank Booth and Michael Robert, which was published in the American Journal of Physiology, has shown this to be true. The study was done on rats and it found that we can be genetically predisposed to being lazy.

In the study, rats who chose to run on their wheel most often were bred with other rats who also chose to run on the wheel often, while the rats who chose to lounge around were bred with other rats who chose to lounge around. They did this through 10 generations, and in the end it was apparent that laziness was a genetic trait. The rats who were bred from a line of serious wheel runners got up on their wheels 10 times more than the rats who were bred from a line of lazy loungers. In the end, the researchers identified 36 genes that can play a role in motivation to exercise.

Does this mean you should give up and give into your lazy tendencies? Heck no! You have the capability to choose whether or not to get up, and it doesn’t matter how much laziness has been bred into you, there is always a choice to become less like your ancestors and more like the person you want to be.

Following are some tips on how to stop being lazy in some important areas of your life. This includes your goals for dating, relationships, health, and finances.

If you are too lazy to read this (and I know there are some people out there who are too lazy), then skip to the sections that you really want to focus on. Once you start using your energy to accomplish things you want in one area of life, you will find that your energy will drip over into all areas of your life and help you get what you want.

How To Stop Being Lazy In Your Dating Goals

Go to any dating forum and you will find people who have given up on their dating goals. They are absolutely unwilling to work on finding someone in their life anymore, and they have a lot of reasons to justify why they feel that way.

I realize that dating rejection can be hard, but it is no reason to give up on looking for someone to love. We all have love as a basic need, and the quest to find that love should be something that sticks with us until we do.

This is going to be hard for some people with a negative mindset to hear, but if you want to stop being lazy in your dating goals, then you are going to have to be willing to fix the issues that are keeping you from having dating success. You have to stop justifying why you are the way you are, you have to stop blaming everyone else for your lack of dating success, and you have to start taking action on the dating issues that you are having. In other words, stop staying stuck in the same dating experiences by making sure you tackle them differently.

For instance, if you are lacking confidence, then you have to be willing to boost your confidence using various techniques. You can’t just complain about your lack of confidence and expect things to improve.

The good news is that once you do, you will start having more success in dating which will encourage you to keep trying. That’s when you start being really active in your dating life.

A few extra tips:

– Take rejection as a good thing. Find out why you were rejected, and then use that information to improve yourself and increase your chances next time.

– Try to enjoy the process of dating. Getting to know new people, hanging out with them, and learning more about other people’s points of view are just a few of the positives of dating – even if you don’t end up in a relationship.

– Stop complaining about the opposite sex or same sex or whoever. The more you complain about the people you are interested in, the less attractive they will be to you. Why you would want to continue dating when you find the people who you want to date repulsive?

How To Stop Being Lazy In Your Relationship Goals

My friend and her husband had a goal to discuss their relationship every Sunday so that they could improve it. Unfortunately, The Walking Dead started playing on Sundays, and they chose to lay around and watch that show followed by The Talking Dead. By the time those two shows were over, they were tired and just wanted to go to bed so they could be rested for Monday morning. The laziness in their relationship showed. Instead of fixing problems, they added more problems to their relationship, until they were fighting all the time over the dumbest things. Once they made their Sunday talk a fixture in their life (on Wednesday night), their relationship improved.

In order to stop being lazy in your relationship, you need to make your relationship more important than The Walking Dead or any other TV show you like. Making relationship goals, such as going on a date night each week or discussing problems and working through them, is important to your relationship health, and if you don’t stick to them, then you may be watching your TV shows alone.

Find a way to make your relationship goals fit in with your schedule. If you need to change your date night to Wednesday night from Saturday night, do it. You will find the time to make your relationship a priority if you try.

A few other tips:

– Always remember how important a loving relationship is for your health and happiness. Research has shown that people in happy relationships have fewer issues with their health and live longer, which is a great reason to take action on your relationship!

– When you don’t want to deal with the relationship, take some time to visualize yourself alone in this world. Allow yourself to feel what life would be like without your partner, and let the reality of that life sink in. I can tell you that I have been in a relationship where my partner was diagnosed with a chronic disease, and the reality of that was sobering when it came to the relationship I had and how important it was to me.

How To Stop Being Lazy In Your Health Goals

You want to eat better, exercise more, meditate, and think more positively. You know all of these things will help you have a better life, but you don’t have the energy or desire to devote time to adopting these habits.

First, it’s important to set some clear goals that are doable. You may want to exercise two hours a day, but if you don’t have that time, then you will always choose to do something else than exercise. It will just be too uncomfortable to stick to the two hours. Therefore, if 15 minutes is all you have, make a goal to exercise 15 minutes a day.

Second, you need to get accountable. You need to tell more than just yourself or your partner about your goals, and you need to reach out to a community of people that hold you accountable when you are lazy and don’t want to do anything. Groups like Weight Watchers are great for this. Every week you have to go in and weigh yourself and then show your face to everyone else who has done the hard work for the week. The thought of it makes you want to take action on your weight loss goals, so it is a great way to stay committed to the process, even when you would rather be lazy for the whole week.

A few other tips:

– Surround yourself with healthy people who put the work in to stay healthy. They will inspire you and motivate you to stick with your goals and keep busy.

– Let yourself take in the people who are really sick and the struggles they deal with. Especially people who have brought on health issues from a lack of taking care of themselves. If you go down a road of being lazy towards your health goals, you will be in their spot sooner or later.

How To Stop Being Lazy In Your Work Goals

In my offline jobs, it was easy to be lazy. I could hide out, pretend to work to fool my boss, and take more breaks than needed. I adopted a very lazy attitude towards work because I didn’t need to do anything more to make the same amount of money. My pay was my pay and my hours were my hours. In addition, I didn’t like my job.

When I decided to start my own business, I still had that lazy way of going through my work day. I would watch TV, take a million breaks, and pretend to work (only fooling myself now). Unfortunately, I didn’t get paid for my laziness. If I wanted to make any money at all, I had to find a way to start doing stuff that mattered and get out of the habit of being lazy.

Here’s what worked for me. Commit to spending 5 hours a day working towards difficult work that will have a big payoff. Why? Research has shown that the greatest people spend about a quarter of their day doing serious work. If you want to reach your financial goes, then you have to commit to doing that many hours every workday, at least.

Decide what will have the biggest payoff for you and create a 5-hour schedule to tackle those things. Then, get out the vision board and put up pictures of why you want to reach your financial goes. Post it somewhere that reminds you to get busy when you start to feel like doing nothing. You can also put up post-it notes in the places where you tend to be the laziest, and give yourself reminders of why you need to get back to work.

The beauty is that once you start seeing some financial results from your effort, you will be more willing to put in those 5 hours every day without the reminders. In fact, you may even put in more. But, we won’t push that yet – just commit to the 5 hours for now.

A few other tips:

– If you work for someone else, take note of what you could get from doing your best. Promotions, bonuses, and recognition are all perks of working hard.

– Don’t overwhelm yourself with more than 5 hours of energy-draining work. When you get overwhelmed, you will be more inclined to stop doing everything and get back into a state of comfort (which means laziness).

– If you can outsource some tasks that stress you out, do that. You will be much more inclined to do what you need to do when those impossible-feeling tasks are gone.

– If you are online, get a browser add-on that limits the time you can spend on Facebook or other time-wasting sites. Make sure it is set for your 5 hours of work.

– Turn off your phone and only allow emergency calls through when you need to stay focused.

– Put up a vision board of everything more money could get you, including getting you through tough times. I know you have some things that you want, so put those on there too. When you are making enough money to get what you want in life, all the work will be worth it.

– Don’t deprive yourself of what you want; instead, dangle a carrot in front of your face. For instance, if you like to watch TV, then make a TV show a reward for sticking to your 5 hours of work. You will find this ‘carrot’ will keep you motivated to just keep going for a few more hours.

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