November 8, 2015

How To Stop Worrying: 3 Practices That Make A Difference

In order to stop worrying you have to start doing something else. The bad news is that it takes some effort to do something else. The good news is that the effort results in a way more positive feeling than worry and can impact your happiness and health in a big way. Following are 3 practices you can start using today to stop worrying and start feeling good.

Everyday Mindfulness

Pick up something around you and look at it. Notice its color and texture and feel it in your hands. If there is writing on it, read it. If it is food, eat it. If it can make noise, do something to make that noise. Then put it down and keep reading.

I want you to reflect on the time you spent paying attention to whatever it was that you picked up. Were you worried as you took the time to really pay attention to it? Of course not! You can be mindful of something and worry at the same time. All of your attention is going towards what you are focused on, so there is nothing left to be directed towards worry or any other negative emotion.

Developing the habit of being mindful isn’t as hard as you may think. The more you focus on being mindful, the easier it is to do without having to focus on it – much like worrying by the way. Therefore, take some steps to practice mindfulness daily as you eat, walk, talk to people, or even shop, and you will find that worrying takes a vacation more and more often.

Looking Into Your Past

Worrying means you are focused on the future, and even though it would be better to stay in the present moment, looking into your past can help you tackle your worry.

Find a time when you were worried about something similar, but nothing bad happened. Play that time out in your mind and remember the worry along with the relief you felt when everything worked out.

Doing this can help you see that things do work out and worry is often a waste of time. Moreover, worrying about something doesn’t fix anything! It is simply a waste of time. You are better off to take action on a problem than to worry about it.

Changing Your Beliefs

Your beliefs can turn you into a quivering mess or they can enhance your life. Your beliefs make you who you are and decide what you will focus on.

Even though your beliefs may be causing you to worry, you can easily start to work on changing them to beliefs that help you think more positively about yourself, what you can accomplish, and the future that you are going to have.

The first step to changing your beliefs is becoming aware of what they are. Take some time to write down how you define yourself, others, and the world around you. Ask yourself some hard questions, such as:

– Do I believe others have control over my life?
– Do I believe that my life is out of my control?
– Do I believe that bad things are meant to happen to me?
– Do I believe that pain and suffering is what makes me a good person?
– Do I believe that I don’t deserve happiness?
– Do I believe in myself?

The answers you give to these questions will help you start to see whether your beliefs are making you a better person or a quivering mess. When you become aware of how your beliefs are affecting your life, you will start to take action on changing them because you can.

Most beliefs are statements that you have accepted to be true, but they aren’t facts. You can take control of your life by working on changing your beliefs, and eliminate a ton of worry in the process.

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