December 2, 2015

I Feel Like Shit: Some Big Reasons Why And What To Do About It

It’s a beautiful day, but you still feel like shit. Why is that? How can you get yourself out of the shitty mood? Is it even possible to get yourself out of the shitty mood? If you find yourself feeling lousy in the morning, at night, or all day long, this article will talk about some big issues that could be occurring and what you can do about it.

However, there are some things that may not get answered here. You may be suffering from some type of syndrome, such as delayed sleep phase syndrome, which would be impossible for you to find in a list like this because it is quite unique. In other words, there are issues that may be causing you to go through your day thinking, “I feel like shit,” and they may need some digging in order to find. Therefore, if you find yourself saying, “I’ve done everything here and nothing has worked for me!” it’s time to head to the doctor.

The main thing to remember is that you don’t have to feel like shit in your life. It’s not normal to feel like that on a constant basis. I used to have back pain that caused me to feel like shit, and I never did anything about it. When I did, though, I realized that it was simply a matter of taking action. Why suffer when I can feel good? So if you are feeling like shit, find help to fix the issue causing you to feel lousy, because you can fix it!

Feeling Like Shit All Day?

There are a few different reasons you may be feeling lousy all day long. Following are four of the most common.

1. Overdoing It

A lot of times you feel like shit when you are stressed out from work and life. This results from overworking yourself or doing stuff repeatedly that you just doing want to do or takes a lot of energy to do. Either way, keep doing it and you will keep feeling like shit.

It’s time to take a vacation, even if you can’t get on a plane and go somewhere tropical. A vacation can simply mean a break from the day-to-day routine.

For instance, taking a Sunday off from your regular routine can help you feel like you had a vacation. Take a few days off during the week can feel even better. And if you can take a week off, you can get the rest you really need to get back to life with more energy, clarity, and enthusiasm.

If you keep trying to trudge through your days and just shake it off, your chances of success are low. This is because you are not giving yourself a mental or physical break from the very things that are causing you to feel like shit!

2. Your Hormones Are Out Of Whack

A friend of mine used to say every single day for 20 years, “I feel like shit!” She honestly started to think it was just who she was. She was tired, cranky, unmotivated, depressed, low energy, and in pain. She thought she had drawn the short straw in health and it was just meant to be that way for her.

Then, one day, she got some blood work back that showed her she had hypothyroidism. All of the symptoms that made her feel like shit were direct symptoms of hypothyroidism. Once she got on some Synthroid and her hormones started to balance out, she felt just like everyone else – normal. It was the best time of her life.

You may not have hypothyroidism, although it is a very common disorder that goes undiagnosed for a long time. But, there may be another reason your hormones are causing you to feel like shit, and if you’re feeling shitty all the time, you need to find out if that’s the case.

Go to a doctor, tell them that you can’t stop feeling lousy, and ask for tests for anything you think it may be. You’re allowed to be concerned, and if your doctor is good, they should help you discover what’s going on and if your hormones are out of whack.

3. You Have A Negative Mindset

I can’t picture one negative person who doesn’t feel like shit all the time. The mind-body connection is well-known now, but most people think of stress or depression as the cause. The truth is that research is blowing the lid off this simple fact: negative emotions and negative thoughts can lead to feeling shitty both mentally and physically.

Your attitude can influence your metabolism, hormones, and immune system, which all influence how you feel on a day-to-day basis. If you live in a constant state of negativity, then it’s no wonder that your body’s processes are going to be acting up and keeping you in a constant state of feeling like shit!

In addition, when you have a negative mindset, you are more likely to choose actions and habits that contribute to your lousy state. Eating bad, drinking too much, smoking, doing drugs, keeping unhealthy relationships and staying up too late all contribute to how you feel each day. It’s a vicious cycle. The more you don’t care, the more you do things that make you not care.

The solution is to recognize that your mindset is unhelpful and start changing it. Everyone has the capability to control their attitude towards life and improve how they feel.

You may be surrounded with a ton of negative people who influence how you view the world. If you are, you need to distance yourself from them and find more positive relationships.

You may also have some limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck in your negative state. While changing limiting beliefs is an article of its own, I will say that it’s important to pay attention to your beliefs that you feel are real and ask yourself whether they are actually real or just something you are telling yourself.

For instance, if you believe that all people are shitty on the inside, is that something that is actually true or are you just telling yourself that it is? If you look around, you will see that there are good people out there, so your belief is one that is limiting you from seeing the good in people and becoming more optimistic about them.

4. You Are Depressed

A negative mindset and depression are two separate things. A negative mindset means feeling everything in a negative and pessimistic light while depression generally means giving up and having no desire to do anything.

When depressed, you may also find that you are surrounded by negative people who influence your emotions to a great degree and keep you stuck in a state of depression. Or, you may be going through (or have gone through) a huge crisis that has sucked out your happiness and energy and ability to think positively.

If things are bad, then seek help. Find a therapist so that you can talk out your problems and get solutions to help you start feeling better. Don’t try to fight things like depression on your own if you can’t see a way out. Statistics have shown that even though it may feel like a losing battle, up to 80% of people start to feel better within a month or two when they receive treatment. Why not take action on your depression and start feeling good again?

Waking Up Feeling Lousy But Going To Bed Feeling Fine: 3 Things To Look At

I’ve been here, so I know this one well. You wake up and would rather pull the covers back over your head than face the day. But, once you get up, you start to feel better. You get that motivation back. You get your energy back. And you feel really good at night before you go to bed. There are three things that could be happening here.

1. You’re Watching Depressing Stuff At Night

During the day, you are focused on work and having fun. You interact with other people, you feel somewhat productive, and you enjoy some good meals. But, during the night, you watch the news, watch Criminal Mind type of shows, and start to remember how lonely you feel. All of these things add up and affect your subconscious mind, which works on your issues at night through your dreams. When that happens, you can wake up feeling really bad from all the negative dreams you’ve had or the poor sleep you’ve had.

Solution? Cut out the night time crap. Make going to bed laughing a priority. Think fun thoughts before bed. Get yourself pumped for the next day.

2. You’re Not Following Your Circadian Rhythm

I used to work late nights, and even though I enjoyed that work, I would wake up feeling lousy. At the time, I thought I was a night owl, but it wasn’t until I started working a day shift that I realized I was actually happier in the mornings. I was a little tired, but I stopped saying to myself, “I feel like shit and I don’t know why!”

Your circadian rhythm affects many things in your body and can lead to depression, season affective disorder, and other issues that can cause you to feel lousy.

Therefore, are you going to bed when your body beckons or are you ignoring it and staying up hours past that point? Are you sleeping in past the point you need to? If you are, then your internal clock is off balance and you will feel start to feel lousy.

If you really want to understand this better, go here: and listen to the interactive guide that teaches you how important it is to find your sleep/wake rhythm.

3. You’ve Got Too Much On Your Plate (Or Too Much Stuff You Don’t Like)

Your goals should have you jumping out of bed, not wishing you could go back into it. If you have more stuff to do than you want to or too much stuff that you hate doing in your day, you are going to wake up feeling like shit. Your mind has already decided that the day is going to be too hard so it is sending the message to stay in bed and not face the day!

This is where you need to reassess what you are doing. If you are working at a job you hate, it may be time to start looking for a new job or working or ways to appreciate your current job more. If you hate facing your family in the day, then you need to work on improving the family dynamics so that you enjoy being around them, not dread them.

You are unique. You know what stresses you out. You know what you don’t want to face in the day. It may not seem like it, but those things are always on your mind, so it’s no wonder that you don’t feel good until they are done and out of the way.

Waking Up Fine: But Going To Bed Feeling Lousy

Do you wake up feeling great but go to bed feeling defeated and deflated? There are a couple possible reasons for this.

1. You’re Trying To Do Too Much

If you have more on your plate than you can possibly do, you will feel like you failed at the end of the day. Not getting done the things you set out to do can weigh heavily on your mind, and because of the mind-body connection, your energy can get drained and you can feel like you have not lived up to some expectation you set out for yourself.

The solution is to lighten up your load. Outsource things you can outsource, remove unnecessary tasks, and shorten up your to-do list.

For instance, if you are trying to put in 12 hours of a work a day, you may want to cut back to 8 hours of work and outsource what you can, cut out tasks that aren’t getting results, or create smaller tasks that take less time and energy but still help you reach the goal you want to reach.

2. You’re Eating Really Unhealthy For You

A poor diet and feeling like shit go hand in hand. Foods that cause inflammation and too much stress on the body require a lot of your body’s energy, which can make you feel low energy and unable to concentrate and get things done. In other words, falling on the couch becomes the top option when your body is getting food that is making it sick.

Everyone reacts to different foods differently. Some people can eat hot peppers and some people will suffer after eating peppers. Some people experience inflammation from a tomato while other people feel just fine. So, what works for someone in your house may not work for you.

It’s important to figure out which foods make you feel good and energetic and which foods make you feel lethargic and mentally fuzzy. It’s also really important to educate yourself on inflammatory foods and then start tweaking your diet to eliminate or add foods that help you feel your best.

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