January 1, 2017

It’s Time To Live The Life You Want! Go The Extra Mile – No More Excuses

How to live the life you always wanted

If you want to be happier in any area of life, then you need to read this article. This is especially true if you don’t already work harder than most people to get the life you want – because if you don’t work harder than the average person, you are not going the extra mile and you are denying yourself the life you really want.

What does it mean to go the extra mile? It means to work hard, do what you need to do, and be consistent with your efforts.

For instance, if you want to be a millionaire, you need to be willing to go the extra mile. It’s not easy to become a millionaire. If it was, everyone would be doing it! You need to be willing to do the work. You need to be willing to invest in your education and learn what needs to be learned to earn money and then invest it to reach the kind of wealth that you want. You need to be willing to move past your fears and doubts and try new things that you think will help you move towards the wealth that you want to have.

Going the extra mile is not for the weak. It’s not for the people who are satisfied being where they are in life. It’s for the people who have dreams, want something better, and won’t take no for an answer.

It’s Time To Work Hard Right Now

If you want more out of life, it doesn’t matter what age you are or where you are in life, you can do what you need to do to have the success you want right now. It’s never too late to put in the work towards your desires and dreams. In fact, sometimes it pays to wait because you have more life experience that helps you keep doing the work you need to do consistently.

One of my closest friends is a great example of someone who recognized the value of going the extra mile later on in life. He’s always loved playing guitar and was in a few bands when he was younger, and it was a lot of work! Eventually, he decided that it wasn’t worth working so hard to possibly never get where he wanted to get, so he stopped playing, went to university, and became an accountant! Fast forward twenty years and he realized that it’s easy to give up and not work towards what you REALLY want, but it’s not rewarding. He hated his job and his life. He picked his guitar back up, recorded himself playing, put it up on YouTube, and is now working every day (in the hours after his accounting job) to make the dream of playing guitar for a living come true. He is willing to go the extra mile because he knows that choosing to not do what needs to be done is much more painful than working hard towards a goal that he’s passionate about.

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Going The Extra Mile Makes The Difference Between Being Brilliant And Being Mediocre

Not everyone who puts in a lot of hard work is going to have the success they want. Sometimes things just don’t work out or can’t work out. But, the chances of success increase exponentially if you are willing to work hard and be consistent with your hard work when other people bail out or give up.

The other day I was watching a successful YouTuber named Trisha Paytas. She gets a lot of hate for a number of different reasons, including the fact that she makes so much money on YouTube.

The fact is that she is willing to go the extra mile for her success. She’s even told the people who complain about her success that if you want to do well, you need to stop wasting your time complaining about her and you need to be willing to work hard. Unfortunately, too many people are happier to complain than they are to go the extra mile for themselves.

If you ever find yourself being jealous of someone or complaining about how someone has all the luck that you don’t, ask yourself if they might just be putting in more work than you are. After all, as Fulton J. Sheen said, “Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to genius”. You may be putting in a mediocre amount of effort.

The fact is that you don’t have to settle for a life you don’t want. You can change things starting today. But, you have to be willing to go the extra mile.

Going The Extra Mile Boosts Your Self-Confidence

When you are willing to do the things you need to do, you like the person you see in the mirror more. Even if people are acting jealous of you (paying you tribute), you are fine with that because you know that you are someone who is doing everything they can to have the life you want.

The feeling of going to bed after a day of hard work is worth it. It makes you feel like you are doing something valuable in the life. This is a completely different feeling than the confusion, helplessness, and despair you feel when you let your life go by never really doing anything meaningful for yourself and your future.

When you start to feel that good about yourself, everything around you changes. Your relationships improve because when you respect yourself more, other people respect you more. Your health improves because you are happier and more willing to look after yourself. And your financial situation improves because doing what matters and feeling great about yourself will always help you find new avenues to make more money. And all of that gives you the drive you need to keep working hard and going the extra mile.

You Will Regret NOT Going The Extra Mile

Everyone I talk to has regrets about not going after what they really wanted. Whether it’s a relationship, a health goal, or a career goal, everyone regrets not putting in the hard work required to get the outcome that they wanted.

For instance, in order to get the body of your dreams, you need to go the extra mile. You can’t just be mediocre and end up getting a great body. You can’t even be dedicated to a daily workout routine and get the body of your dreams. You need to be put in the extra work required both in exercise and nutrition to shape your body in a way that you want. You need to go the extra mile. So, if you see anyone with a toned and healthy looking body, you know that they are going the extra mile when it comes to their health. They are doing what the average person is not willing to do.

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It goes beyond appearance, though. I know plenty of people who wanted to be healthy and strong, but they were not willing to work on their health in a consistent manner, and when they ended up getting sick, the regret they felt was immense.

If you haven’t experienced, I want you to know that looking back on what you could have done for your health when you are now suffering from a terminal disease is heartbreaking. Of course, taking care of yourself will not guarantee good health in the future, thanks to many other factors such as environmental and genetics, but it does ensure that you don’t have to regret not doing what was in your power.

How To Go The Extra Mile Starting Today

The fact is that you won’t be able to go the extra mile unless you get in the right mindset. Without it, you will always talk yourself out of doing what you need to do. But with it, you will keep doing what needs to be done – not always with enthusiasm, but with positive expectation.

1. Find The Reason

You need to have a reason to go the extra mile. Often we are willing to go the extra mile for our family. We will do what it takes to make sure they are happy and healthy, and we will make sacrifices for them. They are the reason we do what we do because we are passionate about them.

You need to find a reason for yourself to work hard and stick with it or you will never do what needs to be done. That’s why I recommend only going after what you are passionate about. That passion will help you find a reason to stay with it. That passion will help you put in the extra time, money, or effort to do what needs to be done. That passion will help you make some sacrifices that need to be made.

2. Stop Blaming And Complaining

Stop pointing the finger at other people focusing on how great they have it and then complaining about how bad you have it. Remember, you create your own life, and if you spend all of your time blaming and complaining, you will never be able to create the life you want. You will be too busy being a shadow of the person you could be.

It’s a much better idea to appreciate and respect the people who are having success because they are putting in the work. They are going the extra mile, and you know how hard that is to do, so give them the credit they deserve, not the hate that they don’t deserve.

3. Get Out Of The Limited Mindset

I hear people say that other people just have more than they do. More luck. More resources. More help. More everything. While that may be true – on some level – it doesn’t mean that you can’t go after what you want unless you let your limited mindset hold you back from going after what you want. In other words, if you say that you will never be lucky enough to have the career you want, then you will fulfill your limited belief by not going the extra mile to try and make it happen.

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4. Don’t Expect Great Results Today

Going the extra mile doesn’t just mean putting in the work, it means having the patience to wait for your hard work to turn into what you want. Just because you work hard today doesn’t mean you will have everything you want tomorrow. It may take months – it will most likely take years – and that’s a part of the game. That’s a part of being able to go the extra mile! That’s why so many people are unable to reach excellence in life – they simply don’t have the patience to wait for it to come.

5. Believe It Can Get Better

You may be in a place today that sucks.

– You may have just lost someone you love.
– You may have no money.
– Your health may be failing.
– You may have lost your job.

There are many negative things that could have happened to you today, but that doesn’t mean your future will suck. If you hold the mentality that today equals tomorrow, you will NEVER go the distance in anything because – well, why bother? If you truly believe that tomorrow will suck too, why would you bother putting any time or effort into anything? That’s why you need to believe it can get better.

Go out and read stories about people who turned their entire life around. Use positive affirmations to remind yourself that life isn’t always as bad as it may seem right now. Get a visualization board where you look at the things you want and visualize yourself getting them. Make a promise to yourself that you will NEVER quit until you get the life you want. And, with all those things, you will find that you will start to expect more in your life.

And, most of all, start to work hard. You will find that as you start to focus on what needs to be done, you will start to feel more positive and believe more in your future. Every step you take will help boost your belief that the future can be brighter. Every success you have will help you boost that belief even further.

6. Expect To Develop New Habits

You can’t go the extra mile when you are sitting on the couch walking TV. It doesn’t work like that. You either work hard or you don’t. Therefore, if you are not going the extra mile as you read this, you need to expect to develop new habits in your day.

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These new habits will be unique to you and your goals, but some suggestions include:

– Wake up a few hours earlier.
– Work hard at your most alert times of the day.
– Reduce the amount of TV you watch.
– Learn how to multitask in a beneficial way (Example: spend time with family outdoors playing sports to reach relationship and health goals.)
– Commit to finishing tasks that you start.

Is It Really Worth Going The Extra Mile?

Does going the extra mile really matter? What’s the point? Those are two questions I know very well. I used to ask them all the time. But, let me tell you, after doing what needs to be done, I can honestly say that it is worth it.

As you start to have some major success in areas of life you want to be successful in, you will be grateful that you were willing to do what most people can’t do and go the extra mile. You will be grateful that did something worthwhile with your time and made it count. You will be grateful for the rewards you receive from your hard work. And that gratitude will push you to keep going the extra mile as you work towards more stuff you want – because there will always be more stuff that you want to achieve and have in life.

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