April 27, 2017

Life-Changing Points Pulled Out Of Speeches By Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn’s wise advices

Jim Rohn was an amazing man. He was a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and author, and he had a kind and easy way of talking and sharing his wisdom. But, if you never had an opportunity to attend one of his seminars or listen to one of his speeches, you can’t understand how powerful his advice was. I went through a few of the speeches by Jim Rohn and pulled out some bits of pure gold that could impact your life in a very positive way.

The Psychology Of Wealth Speech: What Jim Rohn’s Mentor Taught Him

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In this speech, Jim Rohn talked about how he was forced to lie to a Girl Scout selling cookies because he couldn’t afford to buy them. Instead of telling her that he couldn’t afford them, he told her that he already had plenty of Girl Scout cookies in his home. He felt horrible about that and decided that he didn’t want to live like that anymore. Once he decided that, he met Earl Shoaff, an entrepreneur and motivational speaker who changed his life.

One of the things Jim mentions in this speech is that it seems when the student is ready the teacher will come. This is something really important to keep in mind. We need a teacher, or a mentor, to help us understand concepts that we don’t yet understand. So, if you are ready to grow in any area of your life, keep your eyes open for that teacher!

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Jim found that Earl Shoaff put things so simply that you couldn’t help to understand them. For instance, when he asked Jim why he wasn’t making more money, Jim replied that his earnings were all the company could pay him. Earl said, “No, this is all the company is paying you. They pay out a lot more money over top of you.” He made it clear that the company had more money to pay and Jim didn’t need to work on the company, he needed to work on himself in order to make more money. In other words, he needed to focus on personal development.

He also taught Jim that some of the most valuable things are put on the highest shelf, and each book you read can be stood upon to help you get closer to reaching those things. This concept has changed the way I look at reading. Each book I read can be added to the stack I step on that helps me reach the life I want. So simple, but so obvious when you think about it.

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And, Jim said in his speech that one of the biggest things Earl taught him was that ‘success is what you attract by the person you become’. In other words, you don’t just attract success by wishing for it. As you work on yourself, you grow into a smarter, more appealing, and more aware person, and it becomes easier to attract the people, situations, and experiences that you need for success.

He also talked about how profits are better than wages. He said, if you want to earn a living, then depend on wages. But, if you want to make a fortune, then depend on profits. And, if you think you can’t make profits while you make wages, then Earl will change your mind with this thought – ‘while you work on your wage full time, you can work on your profits part time’.

Lastly, Earl taught Jim that your income is related to your philosophy, not the economy. This is all about perception, and it’s so true. For instance, if you think you are not worthy of getting a raise, then you are not going to get a raise. You will do things to sabotage yourself, both consciously and unconsciously. What you think can happen will happen, so make sure your philosophy about yourself, your potential, and how much wealth can be created is high.

The Skills To Help You Get Out Of A Mediocre Life Speech: This Is The Stuff You NEED To Know!

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This is one of the speeches by Jim Rohn from 1981. The advice was life-changing then and it still is. Following are a few of the key important points from this two hour speech.

Unless you change who you are, you will always have what you got. But, Jim says that the good news is you can have more than you got because you are capable of becoming more than you are. You are capable of growth. You are never stuck where you are because you can learn and use what you learn to reshape yourself and the world around you.

Also, get stronger and wiser from the disappointing times. You can’t get rid of them. They are going to come into your life. But you can change how you interact with them. As Earl taught him, ‘don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better’. So, instead of wishing for less challenges, wish for more wisdom!

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Next, take advantage of the good times when everything is going right. The more you use the good times to set yourself up for the bad times, the better the bad times will be. For instance, if you are making a lot of money suddenly, invest your money, save your money, and use it for personal growth. Don’t spend it on stuff that doesn’t help you prepare for the bad times. Spend it on stuff that helps you have an easier time when the down times come. And we all know they will!

He also said to become like a child. Be curious. Get excited. Have faith. Have trust. All of these qualities are child-like qualities, but they are always traits that help us grow and find more success in life. When you are curious, you look for answers. When you are excited, you take action. When you have faith, you take leaps that you wouldn’t otherwise take. And when you have trust, you keep working towards things even if they haven’t shown up just yet.
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How can you change anything in your life? Jim says that you need to become a good reader. He says that you can learn from your experiences, but reading helps you learn from other people’s experiences. That’s the key to getting out of a mediocre life faster. You can learn as you go, or you can learn as you go AND as other people go. This viewpoint has changed the way I look at books. They are not just full of information, they are full of failures and successes (lessons) that I may not have for years – or ever.

Next he talks about how we need to use what we got because whatever we don’t use, we lose. My grandparents were great examples of this. My grandfather used his brain every day. He worked through problems. He invented new things. He read. He debated. He pondered. His brain stayed strong until the end. My grandmother, on the other hand, watched soap operas all day. For the last ten years of her life, she struggled with things such as memory, awareness, and thinking. Now, there may have been other factors involved, but I’ve seen this truth time and time again. What you don’t use, you lose. So, what do you not want to lose? Your vitality, energy, mind, body, ambition, passion, or faith? Think about it.

Next he talks about whatever you sow, you shall reap. Yes, this is a quote from the bible, which, by the way, Jim said has a lot of good information in it for finding the success you want. This quote is a simple truth that we all need to understand if we want to move towards the life of our dreams. What we do today will produce the results of tomorrow. If we do nothing today, then nothing will happen tomorrow. But, if we grow, take action, and plant those seeds of success today, the rewards will come.

He also talks about developing reasons to find success in life. It doesn’t matter how much intelligence or knowledge you have, you won’t do what you need to do unless you have reasons. Your reasons may include being respected, feeling good, doing good, helping others, finding joy, feeling satisfied, having an exciting journey, supporting family, travelling, or spending time with family and friends.

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Jim said that one of his reasons was the pain he felt about not being able to buy those Girl Scout cookies that we talked about earlier in this article. The bottom line is that your reasons will alter your whole life, so pay attention to them.

He also said that we need to develop some real goals. Jim said that some people develop lousy goals, such as wanting to make enough money to pay off a bill. While that is a goal, it’s a goal that results in a lousy effect. You will make enough money to pay off a bill, but that will be it. So, why not make bigger goals that are really worthwhile of your energy? (I talk about one of the speeches by Jim Rohn on goals soon in this article.)

Lastly, Jim said we need to develop the ability to ask. Jim said that if there was one art to learn well, the art of asking is it. Asking starts the process to receiving. The process is mental and emotional, and while he couldn’t explain how it works, he said it just does. You don’t need to know how it works, just take advantage of it. Ask with intelligence. And be clear and specific when you ask – don’t mumble, or you are not really asking for something.

How To Work Smarter Speech: Time Is Precious

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This was one of the speeches by Jim Rohn in his later years. He began his speech talking about how it seems like we don’t have a lot of time in life. Even his 93 year old father didn’t seem to have enough time. This is something that most of us think about. Time goes so fast, and making the most of it seems to be a constant issue in life.

This speech was not about how to plan your day in terms of time. It was about how to make the most of your time today, tomorrow, and in your life.

One of the big points was his approaches to the management of time. He said to ignore the subject. I find that when we ignore the subject and just get into the flow, we use our time most wisely. We work. We do things that matter. And, we do it without interruption of worry, questioning, or other thoughts.

Jim also talked about how all life forms strive to their potential, with the expectation of human beings. Jim said this is because we’ve been given the ability to choose. We can do whatever we want. We can work on one plan and then develop a new plan. But, we still have the choice to strive to be all we were meant to be or settle.

For example, we can choose to learn as many languages as possible or choose to learn just one language. That’s why it’s important to choose to use your time to make the most of your life. Choose to do things that maximize your potential and you will be managing your time just fine.

Next Jim talked about the fact that if you don’t have time for the things that matter in life, you may want to consider doing something less intense. For example, if you are working too hard, and bringing your work home sacrificing time with your family, you may want to consider getting a job that demands less of your time. That way you can spend time with your family or doing hobbies or learning something new.

Jim also said something during this speech that we have all heard. Don’t work harder, work smarter. To me, this just means that we need to focus on the things that really matter and cut out the things that don’t. It also means tackling the big things first so that they get done before we get too tired, too unenthusiastic, or too bored to do them.

Next he talked about how we should use our time to work on developing our skills. Jim said that when we do that, we will eventually get more success with less effort. But, first we need to put in the time developing our skills so that we can get to a point where things require less effort and less time because we are so skilled!

Jim also said to take charge of your life, time, resources, health, etc. When you start something, you are in charge. Later, it’s in charge. So, you need to take back the leadership in your life and make sure things go the way you want them to go. Take it upon yourself to constantly work on your personal development, growth, and responsibilities.

When should you reach your goals? Jim said that ‘reasonable time’ is enough time. That’s a huge insight for most of us who are trying to get things done within a certain amount of time and stressing out about along the way. We even beat ourselves up when we don’t reach our goals within a time limit that we set forth.

What’s reasonable? He said that it’s not the hours you put in, it’s what you put into those hours. In the beginning, you may not have the skills that make your time really productive. But, when you have developed those skills, your productivity will flow and it will flow fast. So, the time it takes you to reach your goals depends on what you are trying to reach, the skills you need to reach it, and the time it takes those skills to make it happen.

I find a lot of successful bloggers I’ve talked to feel this way. They started their blog, developed their blogging skills, and once they had the skills, they started to see success faster than they had for months or years. And each blogger took a different amount of time to reach their goals. Some took only months, while others took over 5 years to finally develop the skills they needed to make their blog successful.

Lastly, Jim talked about setting goals. He said that setting goals is important to managing your time. Why? You have a direction. You know what skills you need to work on to get to the goal. You have a focus that brings inspiration into your life on what to do next. Having big goals in life will keep you focused and help you make the most of your life and your time. But, it’s important to have goals in all areas of your life so you don’t get too caught up in one area and forget to pay attention to other areas.

Setting Goals Speech: Creating The Life You Want

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A lot of us have a hard time envisioning what we want. In this speech, Jim talked about how to set goals. So, if you don’t have concrete goals, the following points from the speech may help.

First, make long range goals. These are your dreams for the rest of your life. Jim said that you must keep dreaming or you will lose your better future. Who do you want to be? What do you want to see? Where do you want to go? Figure these things out so you know where you are going. They should inspire you so that your soul feels passionate to do what you need to do.

Second, make short range goals. These are the goals for your immediate future. You can make short range goals for today, this week, and this month. They are confidence-builders because they help you accomplish little things that move you towards your dreams.

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Jim said to make goals for your economics, things you want, personal development, relationships and everything else in your life. When you do that, you can create a balanced life that helps you experience what you want to the fullest.

He also said to make sure you celebrate your achievements, no matter how small they are. When you do that, you experience the joy of living, which balances out the pain of losing, and it keeps you working towards your goals. So, don’t be shy about celebrating! It will keep you moving towards your dreams.

The formula for setting goals?

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Jim said first you have to work on your goals. Don’t just work hard on your job. Work hard on your future. Make plans and then work on them. Jim used a quote in this speech that we should all remember – ‘The people who fail to plan, are planning to fail’.

Second, you have to write your goals down. This will help you study yourself, your journey, your changes and your progress. It also, according to Jim, shows that you are serious. It helps send your subconscious mind the message that you are serious about doing what needs to be done, not just hoping that it will get better.

Third, you want to check the size of your goals and the kinds of goals. The size of them, and what kind they are, will affect you. They will affect the way you think, talk, dress, walk, and everything else. Jim said that you don’t want to make small goals. You want to make big goals that inspire you and make you feel excited and affect you in a positive way.

Take Charge Of Your Life And Succeed Speech: 3 Things You Need To Do

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This is another one of those speeches by Jim Rohn that he gave later in his life, after about 41 years into his career. Jim was a lifetime learner and grew every minute he was alive, so this is important stuff. Following are some big points from this speech.

Jim said that there was unprecedented opportunity for success starting in this century. This is one of the reasons he was so popular. His vision of the future and opportunity was not limited, and his enthusiasm for success was part of every speech he gave. It’s a great way for us to view life too. When we see unprecedented opportunity, we don’t limit our dreams in life.

Jim also said that competition is fiercer because we are all connected so much more. You have to compete against people in the world, not just in your immediate life.

So how do we make sure we take advantage of these opportunities and face our competition with an advantage?

First, he said we must have more than one skill. We need to be open to growth and excelling at many different things rather than just one thing. It will give us an edge in this world. It will give us economic safety in our future.

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Second, he said learning more than one language can increase our success and wealth exponentially. One of his friends said, ‘I think I’ll learn another language and earn another million dollars’ because he knew his current languages were already making him millions. This just makes sense in a world where we are all connected. You can build more contacts. You can relate to more people. You can increase your success and wealth!

Lastly, he said to learn the economic formula that works for everyone. He said it’s simple, and it’s this – “We get paid for bringing value to the marketplace”. So, as you think about your dreams and your wealth, what can you do to provide value? What can you offer that provides real value to people in your niche? If you can figure that out, Jim said you can find success.

Listen To More Speeches By Jim Rohn

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I highly recommend you go out and listen to some more speeches that Jim Rohn gave. Almost everything he said was powerful and could change your life. He didn’t have a lot of fluff in his speeches, and he taught things that have helped millions of people grow and become more successful and happier.

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