November 2, 2015

Negative Attitude: Causes, Consequences and Cures

Are you feeling really negative today? Have you been trying to fight it and get back into a positive and motivating mood? It can be hard to do! You can get stuck in the pit of negativity without a lifeline out. I’m here to offer you that lifeline! Let’s take a look at what causes a negative attitude, what effect it has on your life, and some top ways to escape it and get back to a happier life.

What Causes A Negative Attitude?

Doubt, self-doubt, worry, and anxiety are all emotions that can contribute to you developing a negative attitude, but where do those emotions come from? They come from your thoughts, which come from your limiting beliefs.

In other words, if you are faced with a challenge, and you having limiting beliefs that make you think you are not going to be successful, your thoughts will bombard you with negative messages, such as “You can’t do this!” All of those thoughts will pile up in your mind and create a negative attitude towards the challenge, yourself, and life in general.

You simply can’t be positive when your beliefs are focused on negative things. Your perception is not going to allow you to change your attitude because it has been programmed to be focused on the negative.

Your experiences in life define your current beliefs. Everyone you have met, the environments you have been in, and the failures you have experienced all contribute to your current beliefs.

You may view your beliefs as ‘truths’. For instance, you may have always failed at creating a successful business, and so you believe that you are incapable of creating a successful business. While that’s not true, you believe that it is because of the experiences you have had, the perception you developed from those experiences, and the limiting beliefs that you developed from your perception.

What Are The Consequences Of A Negative Attitude?

A negative attitude affects your whole life. Relationships, success, health, and happiness are all affected by a negative attitude.

– You become unmotivated to go after what you want in life, therefore, you don’t get the life you want
– You drain the energy from other people with your negative attitude, which affects your relationships negatively
– You maintain a level of stress over how much everything sucks, which affects your physical and mental health in a negative way

– You have a hard time living in the moment because you are focused on what’s happened or will happen
– You miss quality time with friends and family because your focus isn’t on them

The list goes on and on. Anything that matters in life is affected by a negative attitude. When you view things in a negative light, everything and everyone (including yourself) suffers negatively.

Top 3 Ways To Cure A Negative Attitude

Because your beliefs are where your attitude stems from, and your experiences make up your belief, you have to tackle the experiences affecting your beliefs.

1. Remove negative people. If you are surrounded by negative people who constantly contribute to your negative attitude, it’s time to limit or end your time with them. For example, at work I used to hang out with a bunch of negative people. They complained about everything, from the hours we worked to the duties we had to take on. Their attitudes made me have a negative attitude about work. Once I distanced myself from them, I was able to perceive work in a new light and it became a much happier place.

2. Develop new habits. For example, talk to yourself more positively, do good things for your health, work on your personal growth. As you work on yourself, you will start to develop a more positive attitude. Developing healthy habits in your relationships, career, home, and health will change your future experiences for the better, which will affect your attitude in a positive way.

3. Start living in the moment. Forget about what has happened. In fact, forgive the past and move on. Focus on what is happening, what you can do today, and how you can make your life better with every action you take. By putting your focus on the now, your attitude will instantly become more positive.

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