October 29, 2015

One Way To Become A Money Magnet Permanently

You can’t just wish to become a money magnet and become it. But, you can do things that turn you into a money magnet. Ever notice how people who get a lot of money keep getting it and getting it and getting it? They know the secret to easily attracting money into their life and put that secret to work for them. The biggest secret? Develop money making habits that help you consistently stay in charge of your finances and draw money into your life.

According to Dave Ramsey, one of the most popular financial experts, winning at money is 80 percent behavior and 20 percent knowledge. The 80/20 rules applies to so many things in life, and in this case habits that help you develop the right behavior will go a long way for success with money.

Therefore, the first step to becoming a money magnet is to develop the type of habits that will help you keep money around and attract it to you. The right habits will also help you develop the mindset you need to attract even more money.

First, become your own financial expert. If you don’t take control of your finances, who will?

Make sure you know exactly how much money you are getting, how much you are spending, and how much you need to save for emergencies and other important expenses.

When you take a hold of your finances and get a crystal clear vision of what you have and what you need to do, you become the master of your money. You can start to set goals to bring more money into your life and real action on those goals.

While it is easy to ignore your finances, it puts you in a state of ignorance towards your money. That state just attracts more ignorance because you are never quite sure what you have and what you need, and the habit of not knowing will keep you stuck in that state.

Second, don’t buy everything in sight. I know that when ‘The Secret’ first came out, the common thought was that believing you could have something, and acting as if you did, would make it happen. That caused people to blow their money pretending that they had a ton of money to blow, when they really didn’t. Unfortunately, it just resulted in lack because they spent all their money. Therefore, lack became their real focus, and lack was all they were able to attract.

It is important to pay your bills, save some money, and reduce your debt before you go out and buy everything you want. If you can develop the habit of saying no when you need to, then you will expand your finances greatly and start living in the mentality of abundance.

Lastly, focus on hard work, not shortcuts. If you try to take shortcuts and take part in get-rich-quick schemes, you will just make it harder on yourself to get the kind of abundance that you want.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t buy a lottery ticket and win, but the only way to attract consistent abundance into your life is to put the work in and focus on what you want. Therefore, get clear on your goals and work towards them. Then, enjoy the money that comes in from your hard and focused work, and watch it multiply from your efforts.

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