October 7, 2015

Overcoming Limitation Made Simple

How to overcome limitation?

Having limits or feeling limited can put a damper on your happiness, self-worth, and success. It’s important to overcome limitation if you want to really live life and reach for your potential.

While it may seem hard at times, there is always a way to overcome limits and make everything work out in your favor. This article may seem simple, but if you follow the two rules laid out, you will find that you can overcome any limits put in your way.

Start With Your Attitude

When you face a circumstance that seems to hold you back, your attitude determines what will happen next. If you believe that moving forward is too hard, not feasible, or not something in your power, then you will not work towards finding a way through or around the limitation. In other words, you will be stuck.

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Become optimistic about life and your ability to persist in the face of obstacles. While you can try to change your thoughts by telling yourself you are able to persist, you should also focus on having experiences where you do persist.

For example, make the commitment to prove that you are capable of moving past a limitation by doing something that you thought you couldn’t do. Challenge yourself, stay committed to the challenge, and when have the result you want, make a big deal out of it. Let it be an exciting memory that motivates you to push through other limitations in life. The more you do it, the more optimistic you will be about future obstacles.

Get Creative

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Creativity is the key to moving past obstacles in your life. This means thinking outside of the box, looking at your problems from all angles, coming up with solutions that just might push you forward, and the trying out those solutions to see if you are successful.

Don’t think you have creativity in you? Trust me, if you are a human, you do. It is not only a characteristic of artists, geniuses, or marketing experts. It is a basic skill that everyone has to interpret situations, gather information, and put together unique insights.

For example:

– If you ever had to substitute an ingredient in a recipe, you were being creative.
– If you ever had to find a new route to get to somewhere you were going, you were being creative.
– If you ever had to get out of a commitment you didn’t want to go to, you were being creative.
– If you ever imagined yourself doing something unique, you were being creative.

If you think you are not creative, that’s likely because you haven’t tapped into it for a while. We are all creative as kids, but as we age, life’s demands and routines can turn us into more of a machine than a creative being.

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If you are ready to tap back into your creative self, search for creative exercises online. There are tons of them.

Even just listening to more music, taking some time to use your imagination, or interacting with people of unique or different opinions can help you become more creative and overcome limitations.

When a creative solution pops into your mind – and it will if you are actively trying to be more creative about a limitation you have, write it down and figure out how to use it to your advantage.

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