October 28, 2015

Seek The Challenge: Your Happiness Will Thank You!

How do things change in life? Through challenges! If it isn’t challenging, then you are not going to see growth or change. Some challenges in life will just appear suddenly. You will have to figure out how to get over or around an obstacle, and it will require immediate creative focus. But, you can also create challenges in your life to directly increase your happiness. How exactly do challenges promote a happier life?

Challenges Allow You To Discover Your Capabilities

Not sure if you are capable of doing something? Set out a challenge to do it! At the end of the challenge, you will be amazed at what you are actually capable of doing. The challenge should not be too simple, but it should not be near impossible to set out.

For instance, you might create a 30-day challenge to improve your flexibility to see how flexible you can actually become. An easy challenge would be to stretch every day. A harder challenge would be to practice 15-30 minutes of yoga per day. The latter challenge is doable but quite challenging, which makes it a perfect challenge to take on and discover exactly what your capabilities are when it comes to being flexible.

The act of completing one challenge can help you discover your capabilities pertaining to the challenge, but it can also help you discover your capabilities in self-discipline and productivity.

For instance, I once took on a challenge where I had to devote a large portion of my day to being active on a website for bloggers, but I didn’t stop doing all the things I had to do in a day during that month. At the end of the challenge, I realized that I was able to commit to something for a whole month (which was a struggle I was having at the time). Also, I learned how to be more productive and make the most of my time, which has affected my whole life in a positive way.

Challenges Will Help You Form New Habits

Most people say that it takes about 22-30 days to create a habit, depending on the habit. While the last part of that 3 weeks to a month is easier, the first half is tough. But, when you make it into a challenge that you have set out for yourself, forming new habits becomes much easier. While you are still forming a new habit, calling it a challenge just feels more rewarding and easier to stick with.

For instance, self-compassion is a hard habit to form. Most people give up trying after a few days of negative self-talk and limiting beliefs screaming in their ear. But, by making a challenge to set aside some time each day for a month to practice self-compassion, such as changing your self-talk or viewing your life through the eyes of a friend, you can start to form the habit of self-compassion much easier.

Challenges Help You Grow Into Who You Want To Become

When you take on a challenge, and stick with it until the end, you develop new skills and confidence in life. In other words, you grow.

Living in the same world day after day is boring and depressing. Too many people get stuck where they are and never grow into someone more. But, the people who grow their awareness around themselves, others, and the world, are the ones who get to experience life through a colorful lens.

Even a challenge as simple as trying a new recipe every day can help you grow. It can give you insight into your likes and dislikes. It can help you learn about other cultures. And it can help you gain an appreciation for food that you didn’t have before.

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