October 18, 2015

The Common Trait of Great People

How do people achieve great things in life?

What one trait helps some people reach success and happiness that others just can’t reach? Is it luck? Is it good looks? Is it being part of a wealthy family? While it may be surprising to some people, none of those things will result in total success and happiness. Great people know that one trait is essential to consistently create the life they want.

The Common Trait Of Great People

All people who have a great life, have the ability to commit. They are committed to happiness, committed to success, committed to great relationships, and committed to making their life as meaningful as possible. Commitment is simply the act of being dedicated, so great people are dedicated to being great!

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What Are Great People Committed To?

They are committed to their healthy habits. They know that habits are what make up the bulk of what happens to them, so they consistently do what they know will help them get the life they want. For instance, they work out, eat right, use positive self-talk, stay focused, get hard things done in their day first, work when their energy is highest, and a ton of other things that contribute to the success of their day and their life. They stay focused on what works in their daily life and drop what doesn’t.

They are committed to living life on their terms. This means that they don’t follow the crowd or let what other people think deter them from doing what they need to do. For instance, someone who wants to run a successful business doesn’t let other people’s doubts and fears run their life. Instead, they do what they need to do to make their business successful.

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They are committed to learning. Growing and changing as a person is the only way to grow and change your life. Great people know this, so they don’t become too rigid in their beliefs. They read, learn and implement new things that work in their life.

They are committed to taking action. Sure, it’s easy to sit around and not take action, but that’s a one-way ticket to getting nothing done. Taking action is the only way to move towards your goals and have the life you want to have. Taking action means physically doing something towards your goals and making choices that benefit your life.

They are committed to achieving more success. They don’t give up on their dreams because of unexpected events or failures. Instead, they stay committed to moving forward, which encourages them to find creative ways to keep going.

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Lastly, they are committed to enjoying life. This commitment is essential. They make the choice to have a great life, which makes committing to everything above much easier. They wake up ready to tackle the day and make the most out of it. They focus on the present moment instead of what has happened or what they are worried about may happen. They make choices that benefit their life, such as the choice to do something for themselves rather than for someone else. And, they can clearly see the things in life that are dragging them down and work towards eliminating them from their life.

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