October 25, 2015

The Danger of Overconfidence On Important Areas Of Your Life

Be mindful of being overconfident

Having confidence in yourself is great, but there is a point where you start to move into another state of being where your sense of importance can start to affect your life in a negative way. Following are some things to think about when it comes to confidence. When you know the dangers of overconfidence, you can see when you have gone too far and need a reality check to bring yourself back down to a healthy level.

Your Personal Growth Stops

If you feel like you have all the answers, you have moved into a state of arrogance. This is where you shut other’s opinions down instantly, argue with others over their beliefs, and feel that you are above other people because they are simply ignorant to the ‘real’ way of things.

The truth is that there is no one right way of living life. Your way is not better than someone else’s just because your perception of life tells you that it is.

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In addition, no one knows everything. There is always something to learn. You can always grow into someone better than you are today by learning new things, building new skills, and being more open to other people’s opinions and beliefs.

So, you may feel confident in the skills and attitudes you hold today, but keep your awareness open to allow new ideas and ways of being into your life to avoid moving into arrogance.

Your Relationships Become Unhappy

I have been friends with people who are overconfident, and I can speak from experience – it is hard to stay compassionate around people like this and, in many cases, there comes a point where you have to end the relationship and move on because there is no relationship left.

When you are overconfident, others will view you as annoying, judgmental, and overbearing, which are not elements of a healthy relationship. How can you tell if your overconfidence is ticking people off? In a few ways.

– They don’t share their feelings or opinions with you anymore. You do most of the talking in conversations and they just nod their head in eternal agreement.

– They give up in every debate they have with you, not by telling you that you are right, but by being exasperated and throwing their hands in the air.

– They start to distance themselves from you and stop inviting you out to events where you will control the situation through your opinions or beliefs.

Developing The Skill Of Self-Confidence

Your Health Gets Put In Danger

Lastly, someone who is overconfident may misjudge their abilities in various aspects of life. For instance, a young woman on Dr. Phil felt that she was someone who would never get hurt. Because she was overconfident in that belief, she was putting herself in dangerous situations with men because of it.

Of course, this can extend past relationship danger. Someone who feels that they possess abilities that they don’t have may try to do something that actually takes practice in order to master. That can put them in a dangerous situation.

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For instance, I once knew someone who believed that they could easily make a swim across a large lake, but they had never attempted a swim that required that kind of endurance before. Needless to say, they didn’t make it across the lake. Thankfully, a boat came by and picked them up when they were struggling.

Be confident enough to master certain skills in life, but don’t pretend that the rules don’t apply to you. Be sensible when it comes to what you can and cannot do, and take measures to protect yourself from dangerous situations that have the potential to end your life or affect your health in a negative way.

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