October 12, 2015

The Importance of Giving Up

Sometimes giving up is an option.

You should never give up! Or should you? Can giving up possibly be a good thing for your life? Most people would say ‘no’ without question, but the truth about giving up may surprise you.

Don’t Give Up On Life!

When I say ‘giving up’, I’m not talking about giving up on your dreams and goals. You probably know many people who have done that already, and if you watch them, their life is not something you want to take on for yourself.

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People who give up on life have very little to live for. They have no purpose or direction. They live day by day in a world that is predetermined for them thanks to their lack of caring, and that keeps them on a path where things never work out quite right.

So what should you give up on?

Give Up On Judging Others

Stop making an effort to judge others based on your beliefs and opinions. Instead, step into other people’s shoes and see life through their eyes. When you do, you will find a whole new world opens up to you, and it is full of love and celebration.

For instance, recently a young boy died. He was part of a YouTube family, called the Bratayley’s, who shared their life online for the past few years. The parents made a choice to livestream his memorial, and many people were quick to judge the mother for taking advantage of her son’s death.

Her intention was to help the fans get closure and to celebrate her son’s life, not to make money off his death; yet, so many people pointed an ugly finger towards her based on their judgment. This caused controversy, hurt feelings, anger, and – in short, added a negative energy to many people’s lives during an already negative time.

12 Insights On Never Giving Up To Help You Reach Your Goals

By standing in her shoes, it was apparent that her gesture was to help others cope and celebrate her young son’s life. It was a good and loving thing to do that had the potential to help others. I know that not judging the mother for her decision helped me to feel better about the situation and move on with love and compassion instead of anger and disgust.

Which emotions would you rather feel? Which ones would benefit your happiness and well-being the most? If you chose love and compassion, then it’s time to give up judgments and adopt a more compassionate viewpoint.

Give Up On Holding Grudges

When you hold grudges, you feel a sense of power. You feel better than the person who wronged you and you are quick to talk down about them and try to make them look like less than they are. You feel as though you are letting the world know that you deserve compassion and comfort for what happened to you. But, you also end up holding on to a lot of negative feelings and causing a lot of stress on your body!

Grudges are painful to maintain, and they don’t serve a positive purpose for your life. They don’t heal your wounds. They don’t help you feel better about life. They just eat away at your life until you feel horrible.

How To Keep Moving Forward Instead Of Giving Up

Maya Angelou, a woman who has inspired many people, including Oprah, to live a better life, said that the best piece of advice she ever received was to forgive. She said that it is a way to protect herself and take care of herself.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to love everyone who has done you wrong, but it does mean that letting go of grudges and moving on with your life is the best way to live a life in the present where life serves you well.

Give Up On All Things That Don’t Serve Your Life Well

Judgments, grudges, bad habits, unhealthy relationships, addiction, body shame, and codependency are a few things that you should give up on. In fact, it is important to your happiness and well-being that you do.

When you stop making the effort to do things that cause you to live in a lower energy state of guilt, anger, resentment, hatred, blame, insecurity, worry, grief, fear, revenge, and powerlessness, your life will take on a whole new energy of joy, passion, and love.

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