October 12, 2015

The Power of Forgiveness

Forgive and forget

Forgiveness is an essential part of life. Why? Because we are going to feel betrayed, used, or mistreated in life, and those emotions can have a profound effect on our happiness, success, and relationships. Without forgiveness, you cling on to the negative and let it rot you from the inside out.

The Power Forgiving Others

Nobody has the right to treat you badly, and you shouldn’t put up with other people stepping on your toes, trying to hurt you, or affecting your life negatively. But, holding on to their mistakes is only going to add to the hurt they have already caused you.

Holding on to things that other people have done to you promotes emotions such as fear and hate in you. Even if they have moved on and feel good about themselves, you still cling to what they did and how it affected you. The negative emotions that come from holding on to what they did make a permanent home inside of you and affect everything you do. And, all you can see is anger towards them, which makes them very ugly people in your eyes.

11 Benefits Of Forgiveness Others

Also, being unable to forgive someone causes you to stay connected to them, even when you would rather have them out of your life. Just as there is a bond that comes with strong positive emotions like love, there is a bond that comes with strong negative emotions like hate. You will forever be energetically joined to that person until you forgive them. If that’s not a reason to forgive, I don’t what is!

When you are able to forgive, you can see people in a new light. You can see their struggles and their fallacies in a new way. You can let go of the hate that lives inside of you, and start to feel lighter and happier. And, if you want to, you can cut the bond that is keeping you tightly connected to them and move them into your past rather than your present.

The Power Of Being Forgiven

If you have ever done something purposely to hurt someone or ruin someone’s life, then that memory lives inside of you like a little nagging neighbor who pops up over the fence every once in a while and reminds you of what you have done and why you should suffer.

Suffering causes stress on the body, and stress is a major factor in all physical and mental illnesses. So, not only are you dealing with negative emotions that make you feel unhappy, you are dealing with a body that feels weighed down and unhealthy.

Forgive Yourself And Move On With The Help Of These Insights

When someone forgives you, it makes it easier to let go of that pain and suffering. It gives you the permission to move on from that moment and create more positive moments in your life.

Not everyone is going to forgive you, though. Some people will not be able to find their way to forgiveness. That can be devastating to some people. So that’s where the next powerful facet of forgiveness comes in.

The Power Of Forgiving Yourself

When you are capable of forgiving yourself, you have the power to create the life you want. Every time you forgive yourself for a mistake you made towards someone else (or even towards yourself), you are letting go of negative emotions that keep you stuck and unable to make better choices.

How can you forgive yourself? Remember that you are human. No human on the face of the Earth has not made a mistake. While some mistakes deserve punishment, every human being also deserves a second chance to do things better. Give yourself that second chance.

Forgiveness Doesn’t Just Happen

In the end, forgiveness is a way to protect yourself from the pain and suffering of not being able to let go.

When it comes to forgiving others, you don’t have to be best friends with the people you forgive. Forgiveness just allows you to move them out of your life and move on with better and more positive people.

3 Tips On How To Forgive Others And Let It Go

When it comes to forgiving yourself, you can mend the relationship you have with yourself and let go of the anger and resentment that makes everything you do a struggle.

But, forgiveness takes practice. It’s hard to let go of things that have hurt you deeply. The good news is that the more you practice it, the more you become skilled at doing it, so start practicing today!

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