November 25, 2015

The Reality Of Dreaming Big

Dreaming big is often the topic of personal development sites and motivational gurus, but there are a lot of questions that come to mind when we think of dreaming big. For instance, is dreaming big good or bad? Why do we dream big? Who is supposed to dream big? The reality of dreaming big is often different from the vision that we have in our head, so if you are feeling overwhelmed or confused, the following may help.

Why Do We Dream Big?


Almost everyone has a big goal in their life. The level of how big varies, but for the most part, people set out high goals that are practical and long termed. These are things that will make them happier and more fulfilled in life, and that is the ultimate reason to dream big.

The people who think bigger for themselves live bigger. They have bigger happiness, bigger success, bigger relationships, bigger income, and bigger everything. This is because they do things that push them towards their desires in life, which ultimately leads to more success in every area of life.

Other people are dreaming big because they feel pressured to do so. They feel like they have to live up to a certain standard that others have set, and if they don’t then they are a failure in life.

The people who dream big for other people often struggle. They may have more success and more income, but it comes at a cost to their happiness, relationships, and health.

Why Do Some People Fear Dreaming Big?


For most people, the fear of dreaming big stems from the fear of having to take action. For example, if you want to be a best-selling novelist, then you need to take a lot of action! Or if you want to be a self-help guru who gets paid big to give lectures and seminars, then you have to take a lot of action. You have put yourself out of your comfort zone daily to realize your big dreams, and most people are not willing to do that.

There is also the fear of failure. What if you do a bunch of work towards your dreams and then you fail? Wouldn’t that just be a huge waste of time? Moreover, wouldn’t that be detrimental to your life considering you can’t get that time back to do something that you could actually succeed at? This is a very real fear that can hold people back from even considering to dream big. That’s why it’s important to take into account whether or not the possibility of failure is worth trying.

There is also the fear of rejection. What if you have a chance to reach success, but you are rejected? What if you take a ton of action and move out of your comfort zone, but one person decides to stop you in your tracks and end your journey? This could happen. One person with enough power could reject you, ruin your reputation, and make your big dream disappear. That’s a risk that we all take on our way to our big dreams, though.

Does Dreaming Big And Unhappiness Go Hand In Hand?


A lot of people who don’t realize their big dreams later on in life are unhappy. They feel like they didn’t get to accomplish the things they really wanted and regret decisions that they made to put off actions that could have helped them achieve success. Regret can definitely make you unhappy, so dreaming big and unhappiness can definitely go hand in hand.

Moreover, some people think they must dream big, and they feel there is something wrong with them when they don’t want to. For instance, a business owner may not want to have outrageous success with their business and own a Porsche and take luxury vacations. Instead, they may just want to earn enough money to get what they need and a little extra, and then spend time with their family and friends. If they feel that they must make their business into something huge, then that can be stressful and cause them to feel unhappy about what they are doing.


Lastly, some people dreaming big also have limiting beliefs holding them back. That causes them to be unhappy. They want to reach the stars, but they believe they are incapable of doing that so they feel unhappy about their inability to go after what they want. If these people could just get rid of the limiting beliefs that are holding them back, then they would be on the way to greater things and much more happiness.

But the act of dreaming big itself does not make you unhappy. It makes you feel good and gets you excited for your life and what’s to come. You become happier because you start to understand who you are and what you want. And if you start to take action on your dreams, you feel accomplished and productive in life, which are two more traits that lead to happiness.

Who’s Allowed To Dream Big?

dreamstime_s_41594902A lot of people think they are not allowed to dream big because they are not smart enough, rich enough, well-educated enough, or any other ‘enough’. They think that who they are is not allowed to dream big, so they don’t even try.

That comes from years of negative people talking in our ears about how you have to be ‘this’ or ‘that’ to succeed. If we don’t fit into those categories, then we obviously are not able to dream big. Right?

The truth is that the perception of not being good enough to dream big is the only thing in your way of actually dreaming big. It doesn’t matter what other people say, if you believe in yourself enough, then you can take the steps needed to find success in your dreams. In fact, if you have a combination of passion and motivation, then you will find ways to try to make your dreams come true.

dreamstime_s_1560202It’s all about perception. If you hold the perception that you don’t have the power to be someone great, then you won’t have the power to be someone great. If you hold the perception that you can reach your big dreams, then you will take the action you need to take to try to reach them.

On that note, you should teach your kids the art of dreaming big. You should encourage them towards whatever they want to achieve. You should also:

– Allow them to explore through play so that they can figure out who they are and what they enjoy.

– Give them a variety of books and educational games to play.
– Allow them to dream as big or as small as they want.
– Give them the recognition they deserve for what they do.

dreamstime_s_6587763I actually know one mother and father who puts their 7-year-old down at every turn. Unfortunately, the grandmother does as well. They tell her that she is too fat, too loud, too much of a liar, too mean, too this and too that. The kid used to be full of imagination and dreams, but now she sits quietly in the corner of the room afraid to be who she wants to be. It is one of the most abusive things I have ever seen, and it is the ultimate example of how perception makes you into someone you are not, as well as why we need to encourage our kids (and ourselves) to dream big and be who they are.

Lastly, many people will tell you that you have to set realistic goals, but it’s important to remember that the term realistic is subjective. What one person feels is realistic may be too farfetched for someone else. For instance, Bill Gates had the goal to get a computer in every single home. At the time, that goal would have seemed unrealistic to most people, but to him it was something that he thought could happen. Therefore, if you find that a lot of people around you think that your dreams are too big, remember this little fact and decide for yourself.

Is It Really Important To Dream Big?

dreamstime_s_22438533I don’t think everyone was meant to dream big in the sense that other people may view ‘dreaming big’. I think some people have smaller dreams that are very fulfilling in life. Some people live a perfectly happy and fulfilling life doing things that other people consider limited, yet their lives are full of the awesomeness that people who have bigger dreams experience.

For example, some people want to become a bodybuilder. They want to shape their body in a way that everyone’s body can be shaped and have big muscles and be able to lift a lot of weights. However, most people don’t have any desire to be like that – and that’s fine. You don’t have to be superman in order to be happy.

Having goals is important because it keeps you excited and working towards fulfillment in your life. But, I don’t think you need to dream really big (beyond what you actually want) to be a valuable part of society.

dreamstime_s_32730154It is more important to be happy than it is to dream really, really big.

It’s more important to contribute to this world in a positive way than it is to be someone who surpasses what most people could even dream of doing.

If your dream is to work in a comfortable place and have a happy family, then that is something worth having. If your dream is to become the next best magician who lives a life on the road, then that is also something worth having. You don’t need to force your dreams into something bigger than they are.

In short, if you feel that there is more to life than what you have, then dream bigger. If you are satisfied with what you have, then work towards making it better or maintaining it.

How To Dream Big And Reach Your Dreams

dreamstime_s_35879609Dream big, but don’t dream in a fantasy land. For instance, if you don’t understand math at all, then don’t dream about being a mathematician.

The chances that you would want to be someone who doesn’t fit your current skills or capabilities is pretty low. I believe that if you are given the desire to be someone, then you have the capability to be that person.

Believe in yourself as you move forward towards your dreams. If you don’t believe in yourself, then you won’t do what you need to do to find success. Henry Ford said it best: “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

dreamstime_s_37963249Make a commitment to try. You don’t have to make a commitment to succeed, although you ultimately want to succeed. You just have to make a commitment to keep move forward towards your dreams to help you keep motivated and excited. For many people, taking daily action is the best way to do this. You can go to bed and say, “I did something today to help me get closer to my big dreams,” which will help you feel on track and as if you are making progress.

Don’t make excuses for why you can’t do something. Don’t make excuses for why you are not actually trying. Don’t make excuses at all. They are simply justifications for not doing what you need to do.

Common excuses include:

dreamstime_s_38900403– I’m too young
– I’m too old
– I don’t have enough money
– I need ‘this’ to be successful
– I’m underqualified
– Other people won’t let me do what I need to do
– I will get it done eventually, but today I’m going to be lazy

Once you stop making excuses, you will get busy doing what you need to do to reach your dreams.

Is It Ok To Give Up On Your Dreams?

dreamstime_s_38638683Some dreams expire. You may have always wanted to be a scientist, for example, but now you no longer have the drive to do that and you would rather be something completely different. That’s fine! Don’t stress yourself out and keep trying to go after something that you no longer want. You are allowed to change your mind in this life!

As new things happen to you, new discoveries about yourself are made. You may realize things that impact your passions in life, and that’s when dreaming big takes on a whole new vision.

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