October 14, 2015

The Secret to Getting Things Done

How to get things sorted out efficiently

Many people have their way of getting things done. Some people put so much on their schedule that they literally don’t have any time to procrastinate. Some people find that being emotionally driven towards their goals in the best way to get things done. And some people believe that the secret to getting things done is to do it yourself! But, there is one simple way of getting things done that everyone can apply to their lives.

The Best Way To Get Things Done Is…

To keep taking focused action until you reach the end. You probably already take a lot of focused action in your life. For example, when you procrastinate on something and realize that you have to get it done quickly, you will usually take focused action to meet that deadline or get the task over with.

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What Is Focused Action?

Many of us take some level of chaotic action. We are disorganized, try to do too many things at once, or work in a disruptive environment. It’s hard to get things done while taking that kind of action.

Focused action is the process of getting organized by creating goals and to-do lists. It requires you to zoom in on the most important step you need to take right now and then take it. And, it requires you to eliminate distractions when you are busy doing what you need to do.

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Chaotic action will take you down a bunch of twisted roads. It will cause you to make wrong turns and then have to readjust your route towards your goal. It will make getting things done a long and drawn out process, and sometimes make the task of getting something done impossible.

Focused action will take you as straight as possible towards your goal and help you get things done correctly and quickly.

How Can You Take Focused Action?

You have to figure out where your focus needs to go. You can do this by creating subgoals for what you need to get done and tasks to reach those goals.

For instance, something you may need to get done is clean the house. Cleaning the house is your main goal. A subgoal may be to clean the upstairs. And, tasks to help you reach that subgoal may be dust, clean the bathrooms, and vacuum. When you are clear on the action that you need to take, you won’t stop to rearrange furniture or do other tasks that don’t need to be done and keep you from getting your ultimate goal done.

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Once you are clear on the action you need to take, get clear on why you are taking that action. When you remind yourself of what you need to get done and why, you will be more motivated to start taking focused action now. If you can, make it emotional. We are more inclined to work towards something that will inspire happiness or joy or even satisfaction than simply checking another thing off the list.

For example, cleaning the house will help you feel relaxed and relieve stress, so keep that in mind as you work towards getting it done.

The More You Take, The Faster You Get Things Done

Whether you want to finish cleaning the house or save enough money to retire early, the more focused action you take the better. It will help you reach your goals quicker and with more precision.

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