December 13, 2015

Tips On How To Deal With Stress That Is Constant

If you are feeling constant stress, then it is time to take action on that stress! Whether you want to know how to deal with stress at work or how to deal with stress in your personal life, the solutions are the same. Once you know how to tackle stress in one area of your life, you will automatically learn how to start tackling it in another area. That’s the good news!

The bad news? The fact that you feel stressed all the time means that some things in your daily life are affecting it negatively, and if you don’t change your life, the stress is going to stick around until you do. Because the negative effects of stress are huge on your mental and physical health, stress is just something that you have to deal with. If you don’t, you will experience the negative effects sooner or later.

Taking On The World’s Stress? Unplug As Much As Possible

Most stress doesn’t come from outside sources that are out of your control, but it definitely can. If you let the news from around the world enter into your consciousness each day, you are going to feel more stress than if you were to just be focused on your own life. The problem is that we are so plugged into the world, it can be hard to avoid hearing about everything that is going on.

This morning I read about a dog being shot in the head, a physical fight in parliament, and military bases being attacked in Burundi, and that was just in a few moments as I scrolled around the Internet to find a quote I needed. It set an ugly tone for my morning. Then, on my first break, I turned the TV on to watch my favorite afternoon show and found it had been replaced by some report about climate change.

I think we can all take Billy Bob Thornton’s advice to heart. On Oprah’s Master Class, he talks about looking around more in your real life instead of being plugged into a constant stream of connection to the outside world.

The question is, just because we can be plugged in constantly, do we really need to take on the pressure of the world every day? Or is it enough to focus on our own life once in a while and stop listening to all the crap that we are forced to take in on a daily basis?

Not long ago, I gave up TV for a month, and even though I was still working online, I felt like a brand new person. I felt more connected to my own life, less worried and stressed out about what was going out outside of my life, and I had a deeper sense of purpose without all the noise coming from my TV. And, I didn’t become ignorant of big world events, because that’s pretty much impossible nowadays.

So, yes, disconnecting and focusing on your own life is a good thing. It won’t cause you to miss out anything important in the world, but it will cause you to start putting more focus onto what matters most to you – what you are doing in the world. And, it will reduce the amount of needless stress that you don’t need to be carrying on your shoulders.

If you can’t totally disconnect, then do I what I do – don’t sit around and watch the negative news or shows. You will see the headlines, but if you move on as quickly as possible, you will find your attention moves on to. You won’t stay stuck wondering why something happened or what the heck is wrong with people, and that will relieve a lot of your stress caused by events that are simply out of your control.

Dealing With Your Own Constant Stress – The 3 Big Things You Need To Look At

Once you get rid of everyone else’s stress, you can start to focus on your own. As said, most stress comes from within. It comes from the choices you make, the perception you take, and the way you approach your day. Therefore, you have to figure out where your stress is coming from and tackle it.

Source 1: The Choices You Make

Are you making choices that are stressing you out? Are you choosing to take on a huge workload? Are you saying yes to other people when you really want to say no? Are you choosing to do stuff that makes you miserable rather than the stuff that makes you feel good? Do you know that you are overdoing it, but keep going anyway?

You are responsible for your choices in life, which means that you are the only one who can change them. Even if you have the best intentions, saying yes too often and choosing to have too much on your plate will keep you overwhelmed, off purpose, and stressed out.

Choose to start saying no to things that are overwhelming you or making you unhappy. It may feel like you are going to hurt other people or you may worry about what other people think, but you will find that when you set some boundaries in your life for what you will or will not do, you will feel much more in control – and less stressed, and that will help you not to worry too much about how other people choose to react to your choices in life.

Brendon Burchard says that you should justify the ‘no’ in your mind to help make it really clear why you are not taking on too much and help you eliminate any stress from saying no. For instance, if your friend asks you to help out with their business for a few weeks, but you have a lot of plans that you need to focus on in your own life, then saying no is justified. You need to tend to your own life and make sure things are running smoothly before you can tend to other people’s lives. When you admit that to yourself, you won’t feel as stressed out about not helping your friend.

Moreover, you should yes to things that you want to do. If it feels good to you, then you should go for it. If it excites you, then you should grab a hold of it. Doing things that make you feel good and excited is an excellent way to bust stress from your life. And, you can even reward yourself with these things after you do things that require a lot of effort and focus you enjoy. Just the thought of getting to do something that makes you feel good can help you keep focused and stress-free as you do something needed and important.

Source 2: The Perception you Take

As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Man often becomes what he believes himself to be.” Therefore, if you feel that you are a very stressed person or doomed to feel stressed out, then you will likely find ways to manifest that stress through your perception on life. In addition, you won’t even bother to learn how to deal with stress because you won’t believe you can.

Your perception is based on your beliefs, values, and your conditioning. If you believe that life is out to get you, and you don’t value your own happiness very much, and you have been conditioned to believe that there is nothing you can do when bad things happen, then your perception towards struggles and challenges is going to be one where stress and anxiety are abundant. How could you be anything but stressed with that perception?

Moreover, if you believe that you have to be the best in life, and do everything in your power to make that happen, then you are going to stress yourself out for two reasons. First, you will need to take on a workload that no normal human being can handle. And, second, you will never reach the level of perfection you want (because you are human who is not perfect) and each failure will feel very stressful on your mind and body.

Your perception is why you can get stressed out over something so quickly while your friend stands there calmly. You see the situation in a completely different way than them, so you react completely different than them. Of course, there are some universal stressors, such as death or tragedy, but in day-to-day events, your perception can either increase or decrease your stress in a big way.

If you feel that perception is a big part of your stress, then you need to take action on changing your perception, which means you need to work on changing your beliefs and values.

The trick is to work on constant improvement in your life in areas where you are stressed out. The more you learn and put new things into action, the more your beliefs will change for the better.

For instance, if your house stresses you out because it is always messy, then you may believe that you don’t have to time to clean the house properly or you are not capable of it. You may believe that cleaning the house is not as important as other things, even though it is stressing you out all the time. Whatever it is, there is a belief there that is keeping you from keeping the house clean. But, if you were to go to a place, such as, and learn baby steps on how to keep your home clean, then you will start to take action in your home that will keep it cleaner, and your beliefs around your home and cleanliness will change and, as a result, the stress will start to disappear.

It’s important to remember that you CAN change your beliefs. They are not set in stone. Your way of thinking and perceiving the world can change with a little bit of effort. But, you have to be committed to that effort. You have to want to change in order to open up your awareness to new ideas and ways of viewing the world.

Source 3: The Way You Approach Your Day

Do you get busy on your day as soon as you wake up and constantly focus on what needs to be done until you go to sleep? If you do, and you don’t use any techniques to give yourself some much needed breaks during the day, then you are going to be constantly stressed.

Often you get stressed out when you work too hard for too long or focus on something negative for too long. You need to have techniques in your life to break up your day, renew your energy, redirect your thoughts, and reduce the amount of stress you are feeling.

One technique can be a simple reminder that you set on your phone to get up and stretch every hour. Just this little action can help you rejuvenate your body and your mind and reduce any stress that had been building up.

Other techniques include:

– Exercising a few times during the day to boost energy and eliminate excess stress.
– Drinking enough water to help keep you (and your brain) stay hydrated for good energy and improved cognitive skills.
– Regular periods for relaxation to rejuvenate the body and give your mind a break.
– Listening to upbeat music whenever possible to keep your mood high and upbeat.
– Positive self-talk to stay optimistic.

Any time you feel tired, start focusing on negative thoughts, or you feel a sense of stress coming on, take the time to use a technique that works for you. Snap yourself out of your state and add something positive to your day to help you get back on track and keep stress at bay.

The Ultimate Tool For How To Deal With Stress

If you are going to incorporate one tool in your life to beat stress, meditation would be it. It helps you feel more peace and happiness. It makes you feel more grounded in your day-to-day life, which reduces stress. It helps you feel more chilled out and allows you to deal with conflict better. In short, it is the ultimate tool for beating stress, and you have access to it for free. Why not use it?

You can use a mantra to focus on, such as ‘release’ or ‘let go’. Simply sit still in a comfortable position, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths in and out, and then start repeating the mantra of your choice over and over again until you start to feel relaxed. You can do this for 5 minutes or 50 minutes. You will experience relaxation and grounding benefits either way.

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