December 2, 2015

Turning Negative Into Positive: 10 Tips To Make It Possible

Negative things happen all the time. Life is just made that way. Things you don’t want to happen will happen. Negative things you don’t expect to happen will happen. If you get caught up in the negative things, you will find yourself being unhappy and stuck in life. Therefore, turning negative into positive is a way of life that you need to adopt to find solutions, make the best of situations, and create the happiest life for yourself possible.

Whether you believe it or not, every negative situation can be turned into something positive. It may take some proof of this for you to believe it. If you put the following 10 tips into place, though, you will get that proof.

1. Stop Complaining

The first and best thing you can do to turn a negative into a positive is to stop complaining. Stop putting the energy out there towards the situation and adding to the negativity. Complaining does nothing else but make it worse, and if you want to turn it into a positive, you will never be able to do so while complaining. This will take practice. Complaining is a habit. But, all habits can be changed.

2. Use The SOAL Concept

Need a tool to help you to stop complaining? Use the SOAL concept. It means to Stop, Observe, Accept, and Let go. Instead of getting caught up in your thoughts or emotions, stop, take the time to observe the situation for what it is, accept that it is happening whether you want it to be or not, and then let go of the need to change what is happening.

This simple process will help you to stop complaining before it even starts. As soon as something negative happens, SOAL should be the first thing that pops into your mind, not all the disaster scenarios or angry thoughts. It will be one of the most useful tools you will ever have and nobody can ever steal it from you.

3. Do More Positive Than Negative

So many people see a negative situation and get upset or ignore it. But we all have the power to do much more than that. When we see something negative, we have the power to turn it into something awesome.

For instance, one day a man gave a girl a card that said, “YOU’RE FAT!” on it, and she instantly began to cry. Word got out about this very negative event and people jumped on board to add more positive than negative to it. People offered her free clothes, people made up cards to pass out that said, “You Look GREAT!” and people ended up interacting more with the positive side of the situation than the negative side.

If you see something negative, you have the power to counteract the negativity with something positive. Instead of dwelling on what happened or pretending it didn’t happen, take immediate action to put some good out into the world to replace that bad and multiply the amount of positive going out. It doesn’t have to be something big like creating cards that tell people what you want to hear, it is just has to be something that shows the universe and everyone around you that you are not stuck in a negative state because of what someone did or because of what happened.

In addition, if you can counteract the negativity, you have the power to make that negative situation less of a common thing in the world. Once negative people start to get the point that the majority of people don’t care about their negativity and will just use it to become happier and more enlightened while they are stuck being miserable and negative, they will likely do one of two things: they will open up their awareness and start to gravitate towards the positive side, or they will just retreat into their own world and stop bothering other people.

4. Focus On The Positive Side Of Things

Kris Jenner was once interviewed on Oprah’s Next Chapter, and she said that she regretted her first divorce and felt like it was a mistake. But instead of focusing on that negative she focused on the positive, which was having Kendall and Kylie with Bruce Jenner. This is a great tip on turning negative into positive in any situation.

There is always a silver lining to be found if you look for it. Sometimes it will be obvious and sometimes it will be harder to find, but if you search for something to be grateful for, then you can help yourself – and other people, see the situation in a different light.

If you can’t find it yourself, then reach out and ask others to help you find it. Get on a forum, such as Powerful Intentions, and ask where the positive is in your negative situation. Forums like that are full of insightful people who will be able to help you see the light in the situation easily.

5. See The Opportunity In The Situation

A situation is simply a situation. If your car breaks down, it is neither good nor bad. It is a situation where your car broke down. When you assign emotions to the situation, that’s when it becomes positive or negative. You either throw your hands up in despair and complain about everything this is going to do to your life in a negative way, or you call a tow-truck and take the time to enjoy being outside or do something productive on your phone.

So, instead of getting emotional, accept facts and then look for the opportunity. While this may seem cold sometimes, it is a really great tip on turning negative into positive when you have the chance.

For example, a family member went into the hospital around Christmas one year. This was already a very busy time for me, but obviously I wanted to be there for her in the hospital as well. I decided to take stay closer to the hospital so that I could easily get to her and do work at the same time. It worked out better than I imagined. I got to spend daily time with the family and help her to feel cared for and supported, and I got more done at the hotel than I ever did at home!

6. Take Control Of Your Life

When you take control of your life, you become aware that everything you do makes an impact – good or bad. When that seeps into your awareness, you have to start making good decisions that help you experience more good and less bad, because you naturally want more good to occur in your life.

In other words, if you have taken control of your life and a negative situation comes along, you WILL find a way to make it into a positive. You will not let the situation dictate what you do and how you feel. Instead, you will come up with a plan to turn things around and get them back on track.

Take control of your life. Don’t allow it to take control of you.

7. Be An Influence

A lot of people are stuck in the negative right now because they feel alone, can’t see how to get out, and don’t have the tools to get out. They are just reliving their negative thoughts and perception over and over again, and they need someone to be an influence for them so that they can get the courage to start developing more positive thoughts and a better perception.

When something negative happens in your life, you have a great opportunity to be a leader and teach other people. For instance, if you gain 250 pounds and feel like crap, you have an opportunity to get out there and help other people who feel the same as you understand that they are not alone and then build a sense of community to work on being positive and being healthier.

When you start to release your story to other people, the healing in yourself starts. When people relate to your story and get to release their own story, the healing starts in them too. If they influence other people, then this can have a viral effect and one common negative situation can be healed through many people.

But, you don’t have to be in a negative state yourself in order to turn their negative situation into something more positive. For instance, one woman had been sending out messages via the TV to let other women in a war-torn country know they were being thought about, even if they felt alone. One woman watching the TV saw that message and it gave her the courage to escape the man who had claimed her as his own and get to a safer place where she was surrounded by love.

8. Stay Confident In Yourself

A confident young woman who leaves her abusive husband with only a few dollars can turn things around for herself. She may not have a lot of money, but she has choice to do what she needs to do to make life better for herself. She has the belief in her capabilities and the faith that she needs to keep going despite the current situation.

Even if you are in a circumstance that is negative, you have a choice to stay confident and make things happen. You can’t choose to erase the circumstance, because circumstances are imposed on us, but you can choose how you react to the situation and what you do about it. If you are confident in yourself and your ability to make things happen, then you will choose the story you want to write and do your best to make it happen.

9. Put Things In Perspective

A lot of times things are not as negative as we make them out to be. We add our own little issues and worries and fears into the equation, and we make the situation into much more of a catastrophe then it actually is.

For example, we look at our day ahead and see all the work we have to do and everything that we have to get done, and it starts to feel overwhelming, even though we have enough time to finish everything. Then we start to stress out about not getting things done before we have even had the chance to get started. Then we feel like we are faced with too big of a challenge and want to give up completely. But, if we can step back and put things into perspective, we can see that we have enough time to finish everything we want to finish, and if we don’t, life is not going to end. Those things will still be waiting there for us the next day and we can tackle them then if we need to.

In other words, view the situation as is. Don’t get caught up in what if’s or stress out about it because you are viewing it as a massively big thing. Take it moment by moment, face reality as it comes, and keep things in perspective. Use the SOAL technique!

10. Resist However You Can

In the midst of war, people keep going on with their daily lives. They try to resist in whatever way they can by doing things that are positive, despite their negative situation. The resistance is a way to keep life going during a time where life can easily come to a halt.

Picture a mother who is entertaining her kids with shadow puppets on the wall using the candle light while bombs are being dropped in the country she lives. She is trying to make them laugh and make them feel secure, and she is resisting the negative by finding a little glimmer of goodness. This is what Zainab Salbi’s mother did to keep her kids feeling a sense of normalcy and positivity when fear would otherwise be the emotion felt.

Most of us are not facing war, but other negative situations that feel bad to us and are affecting our happiness. But, if you can find a way to make yourself or other people feel good even in the midst of something that many would deem horrible, just like Zainab’s mother did, then you will become a master at turning negative into positive in any situation you face.

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