October 28, 2015

Two Important Thoughts On Self-Discipline

Self-discipline can help us get the life we want, bottom line. It can help us do what we need to do, despite temptations to do otherwise. It can help us react in a way that encourages self-respect and the respect of others. And, it can help us be more mindful and see things with a clearer vision. Self-discipline is something we should all be striving towards, but there are some important things to remember so that permanent failure doesn’t take its place.

Develop Self-Discipline One Day At A Time

Many people want to gain a high sense of self-control right now, and when they don’t they feel like a failure on some level. That sense of failing can lead to giving up on mastering self-discipline in that area of life.

For example, many people try to gain self-discipline over their eating habits overnight, and when they fail, they determine that they are just meant to live a life eating poorly and abundantly. That attitude can lead to a constant struggle with diet.

It would be nice if self-discipline developed overnight because it would change your life radically for the better; however, self-discipline will almost always take some time to develop. Having the ability to stick with the tasks that will impact your life the most takes work.

Moreover, the art of self-discipline requires that we change our mindset, habits, and behaviors, which just won’t happen overnight. We live in a distraction-based world that makes us want to turn away from things that benefit us and do things like get on social media, watch TV, or just zone out watching cat videos for a while.

What You Really Want Is At The End Of Self-Discipline

A lot of people say that self-discipline is about doing what you should do rather than what you want to do. But that’s not the truth.

Your inner-self already understands what you really want out of life. Those inspirations to improve your life are not just random thoughts, they are deep desires that you have because, on some level, you want to do them. They are not just something you should do to become healthier, happier, or more successful – they are something that your inner-self is craving.

Therefore, practicing self-discipline is not just about overcoming obstacles and developing positive habits, it is about getting the life you really want. When you look at it that way, it becomes much easier to practice it.

For example, if your intuition tells you that you need to eat better, then a healthier diet is obviously something that you know will benefit your life in a big way. If it wasn’t, you would have the desire to eat better. So, remember that what you really want in life is to eat a healthier diet, despite what your fears about changing are trying to tell you. When you hear limiting beliefs like ‘Eating healthier will make me unhappy!’ you can tell them to shut up and keep improving your self-discipline, because you know the truth – eating healthier is the exact thing that will make you happier.

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