October 29, 2015

Ultra-Motivation For Being The Best You Can Be

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Abraham Maslow, a psychologist who coined the phrase “the self-actualizing individual” said it quite simply – ‘What human beings can be, they must be’. He realized that self-fulfillment came from understanding one’s own talents and potential and that we all have a need to be true to grow and reach our potential.

Whether it is in work, relationships, health, or hobbies, motivation is needed to be your best. It helps you get excited, build a plan, and start moving towards your best self. Need some ultra-motivation to be the best you can be?

Ask Yourself: How Do I Want My Life To Go?

Imagine your life as one big journey. You get on a path, you drive towards somewhere you want to go, you overcome obstacles on the way to get there, and then you celebrate when you reach your destination. Then you start it all over again. Sure, it can be a little scary because you are venturing into the unknown and dealing with things you’ve never had to deal with, but the journey is also really rewarding.

Now imagine your life as a jail. You are stuck in one place. You feel safe because you don’t have to face any problems, but you also feel stuck and unable to go outside and venture into the unknown. The fact is that you never go anywhere because the bars are holding you back. The bars are made of fear and limiting beliefs, and they are very real things that keep you stuck. They will make sure that you never explore your talents or live up to your potential in life.

So, how do you want your life to go? Do you want to have an adventure or do you want to feel safe but stuck? I really want you to visualize each scenario as your life before you make a final decision.

There are only two options in life and you get to choose which one you want, no matter where you are right now. When you start to picture your life in this way, your will start to get motivated to break free from your ‘jail’ and get busy becoming the best you can be.

Get To Know Yourself

Want ultra-motivation for becoming your best self? Then get to know yourself! When you understand who you are, what you want, what opinions and beliefs you currently hold, and what your desires and goals are, you will be much more motivated to live your truth and become your best self.

This is one reason why goals are so important. When you can sit down and decide what really matters most to you in life, you get to know yourself better and you get a clearer vision of how to become who you want to be. That gives you a huge desire to go after the life you want.

Don’t Look For Perfection

Waiting for the perfect moment? Waiting until you lose the weight, learn more information, or have a better place to start from? Or, are you striving for perfection and giving up when you don’t find it?

The word ‘perfection’ can really throw a wrench in your motivation. When you think that perfect is where you need to start from, act from, or end up, then you will be disappointed again and again, and that will affect your motivation in life in a big way.

Always remember that there is no such thing as a perfect human on a perfect journey. Negative emotions, failures, and mistakes are all a part of the journey. Even for the best of the best.

Instead of perfection, focus on doing the best you can. Forgive yourself when something goes wrong knowing that you are doing your best. When you come from that point of view, you will be much more motivated to keep growing and moving towards your best self.

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