November 8, 2015

Understanding The Power Belief

Every day we wake up and have one thing in common with the past day: beliefs. Our beliefs are always with us to guide us, help us make decisions, and bring more of what we believe into our life. It doesn’t matter what the new day brings us, our beliefs are what really determine how we feel, react, and behave during the day.

For instance, when you believe that you are a creative person, creativity flows through you as you work, play, and rest. This is a good thing because creativity is considered one of the most important traits to have for productivity, likeability, and progress. But, if you believe that you are not a creative being, then developing new ideas, having fun with what is in front of you, and working through problems is going to be hard to do. These two different beliefs around one concept can impact your life in majorly different ways.

Your positive beliefs renew you each day and give you a sense of excitement for the day ahead. They help you see new possibilities and they help you expand into something more. For instance, if you believe in happiness, you will expand into more happiness from your desire to be happy and your awareness of what happiness really means.

There are many positive beliefs that one may have, such as:

– My body knows what it needs
– Every obstacle can be overcome
– Being open-minded is better than being close-minded
– Having awareness is better than lacking awareness
– Using my time wisely will help me make the most of it
– Every day is a gift that should be opened and appreciated

Alternatively, your negative beliefs cause you to wake up and feel discouraged, depressed, and even numb. It doesn’t matter if the day is completely different from every other day – if you are surrounded by negative beliefs, you are going to be your same old self.

There are many negative beliefs that one may have, such as:

– Every day is a struggle
– Everyone is out for themselves in this world
– There is no point in going after my dreams, because I won’t reach them anyway
– I will always live in a state of lack when it comes to money, love, happiness, etc.

To find your positive beliefs, you have to go to the source of where they are. They are living in your awareness and have always been there. Therefore, it is important to find ways to become more aware. Meditation is one way that you can go the place where you awareness lives, become conscious of it, and then start to get to know it and make it a part of your life.

It is important to note that not everyone with negative beliefs will appear negative. There are a lot of people who radiate positivity from their ego self. They believe that they look great, are better than others, and have more than others, so they have a sense of ability to tackle the day. They ‘know’ they are going to do great, and if they don’t they will ensure that they do by making it known how right and great they are.

Unfortunately, the beliefs these people hold are not fulfilling to their true self. They are living in a shallow world where superficial beliefs are what hold them together. They lack the awareness of who their true self is and what beliefs would truly give them the happiness and fulfillment throughout their day that they are desperately trying to get.

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