December 9, 2015

Unmotivated At Work: 10 Reasons Why And What You Should Do About It

Are you stuck in a job where you don’t feel motivated at all? Are you running a business and lost motivation to keep going towards making your business a success? There a few reasons why you may be feeling unmotivated, and there are also a few things you can do to help you build that motivation back up and start feeling excited about work again.

First, though, it’s important to get clear on why you need to stop feeling unmotivated. When you are unmotivated, you are lacking a sense of interest or enthusiasm in your work. According to Business Insider, the average person spends about 90,000 hours at work in their lifespan, which means that you could end wasting 90,000 hours of your life feeling unenthusiastic and uninterested! Considering that we only have 700,000 hours to live in an 80 year period, and that how we feel at work affects how we feel in other areas of our life, we can honestly say that it is a complete waste to feel unmotivated at work!

Why Do You Feel Unmotivated At Work And What Can You Do?

First, you need to be honest with yourself. If you’re not completely honest, even if the truth hurts a little, then you are not going to be able to fix the problem. Therefore, you can either waste a good portion of your life feeling uninterested and unenthusiastic, or you can spend a few minutes facing the truth and then working towards a solution.

1. Stressed Out

If you are facing too much stress on the job and feel overwhelmed, then you are going to get burned out. Your mind and body will only take so much stress for so long, and eventually everything will shut down and try to repel the thing that is causing the stress – your job. While it is possible to work through the stress, the chances are good that your focus on whatever is stressing you is not going to shift, and you will more than likely stay in a burned out period where motivation is lacking until you take some time away from the stress.

The best way to fight stress from the job is to take some time off. Recharge your batteries with a vacation. While off, make sure that figure out a way to balance out your work life with the rest of your life. When you come back to work, you will feel a sense of rejuvenation that helps you tackle what you need to tackle.

However, if you don’t feel energetic, then you may need to reduce your workload. You may be taking on more than you can handle, and by reducing your workload, you will reduce your stress. There’s no shame in doing less. It’s better to do a few things really well than to do too much, get stressed out, and feel unmotivated all the time.

2. Bad Fit

If your job is a really bad fit for you, then you are going to lack motivation. For example, it’s hard to be excited about work if you are a guidance counselor when you hate interacting with people! In other words, if you find yourself dreading work and the tasks you have to do, then your job is likely not in line with your passions.

The best way to overcome a bad fit is to find a good fit. When you follow your passions and interests in life, it is going to be much easier to go into work each day and enjoy what you are doing. This is true even if you are making a ton of money and would have to take a pay cut.

I know one man who was making $10,000 a month at his job. He had gone to school to be an accountant, had worked his way up the ladder, and was at a place where he was making enough money to be very comfortable. But he hated being an accountant! He felt like he had to stay in the job because of the time and money he spent on the school, plus the salary he was making was good, but in the end, he had to admit that it was a bad job for him. He decided to pursue another passion, took a more than 50% pay cut, and now he has a whole new enthusiasm for what he does each day and is much happier.

3. Bad Attitude

You may be doing something that is completely in line with your passions, but your attitude sucks. You have a negative mindset. You are focused on fear, worry, and hate. All of those things are going to make you unmotivated at work, as well as in life. In other words, if you find yourself dreading everything in life, then your attitude may be to blame.

The best way to overcome a bad attitude is to work on developing a positive attitude at work. Tackle the issues that are causing you to feel negative all the time. For instance, if you hate that other people are doing less but getting paid more, take action on getting paid more yourself. Don’t focus on other people, but rather focus on what you can do to be happier at work. Once you start taking action on yourself and your happiness, you will find your attitude will quickly shift and you will feel much more motivated.

4. Negative Coworkers

Working with others is pretty much a requirement at all jobs. If your coworkers suck, then it can easily affect your motivation at work. For instance, who wants to work when everyone else is slacking off all day? Or, who wants to work when you have to listen to people complain all day about work? Negative coworkers can put a huge damper on the day and make you feel unmotivated.

To overcome negative coworkers, you have to learn how to deal with them effectively. They are not going away. And even if they do, they will be replaced with new coworkers who will likely be just as annoying. Therefore, you have to learn how to deal with the jerk coworker, the inconsiderate coworker, the time wasters, the whiners, the gossips, the flirt, and everyone else who comes into your path. When you have a way to deal with them, you have a way to get your focus off them and focus back on what you need to do.

5. Scared Of Failure

If your job requires a lot from you, then you may be scared of failing. The fear of feature at work can literally cause you to be unmotivated and do less than you are capable of, because it’s easier to do nothing at work than to do something that may cause you to look bad, be fired, or be judged by your coworkers and your boss.

To overcome this, view failure differently. Don’t be scared of it – embrace it. Failure is a lesson on how to succeed. Without it, you will never find the success you really want in life. Therefore, even if you do get fired for failing, you will still learn something from your failure which will help you become stronger as a person and more capable at your job.

6. Too Easy

I’ve had numerous jobs that were just too easy for me. They provided no challenge and I was completely unmotivated to do anything at them. We all need to be challenged a lit bit to feel useful and as if we are contributing in some way or else we will lose interest in the activity completely.

When a job is too easy, you have two options. First, find more challenges in your job. For instance, ask your boss for more duties, or create more duties for yourself. If you work at a place where creating new challenges is just not an option, then you need to find another job that challenges you more.

7. Too Lazy

If you are a lazy person, then you are definitely going to be unmotivated at work. I’m talking about not having the stamina to do what you need to do. When you just don’t have any energy in your body, you can’t expect to be anything but unmotivated at work.

When you are lazy, you are lacking energy for a reason. Either you are not getting enough sleep, eating a poor diet, not exercising, draining your energy through negative thinking and actions, spending too much energy on other things, or living with some sort of disease in the body. Find your reason for being lazy and work on correcting it.

Warning! This could be hard. You may need to start eating better or exercising more, but the payoff will be worth it. You will gain 90,000 (depending on where you are in your career) exciting hours back when you feel motivated and excited about what you are doing.

8. Too Distracted

If you are addicted to things like Facebook, then of course you are going to be unmotivated to work. You would much rather have your face glued to Facebook than to your work. When your attention is constantly being pulled somewhere else, work is going to feel like an obstacle to what you really want to focus on.

To tackle distraction, you need to change your habits. For instance, if you are in the habit of checking Facebook every 10 minutes, then you are never going to be able to focus on work and feel the motivation that is required to get things done and feel good about your day’s work. Therefore, you need to break the habit of checking Facebook every 10 minutes. Replace it with a better habit, like giving yourself a motivating speech every 10 minutes and save Facebook for a time when your attention is not needed anywhere.

9. Too Disorganized

A messy desk, not knowing where to start, and not knowing what to do next is frustrating and can become overwhelming to the point that you just doing want to do anything. When you are faced with too many choices on what to do, then you are going to experience mental fatigue, which will lead to feeling unmotivated.

If you are disorganized, it’s time to get serious about planning your day. That starts with a clean and organized office or work space. When that’s organized, you will feel more organized, and you will be able to create a schedule that you can get excited about and inspired by. And then you can create a to-do list that inspires you to stick with your schedule and make your day at work count. When you can clearly see your day ahead of you, and what you need to get done within a certain time frame, you will feel much more motivated to get moving on your day.

10. No Goals

The best way to be unmotivated at work is to not have any goals you are working towards. Some jobs automatically come with goals. For instance, a house painter has the goal of painting whatever part of the house they are required to paint. But, many jobs don’t come with goals, just routines.

Any job can be fun if you make some goals. But, a job that does the same thing over and over again is going to be boring after a while. There is nothing to work towards or achieve. You are simply required to do the same thing that you did yesterday and even if it is a little bit challenging, you will still feel unmotivated because you are not working towards anything.

Since the best way to feel unmotivated is to not have any goals, the best way to feel motivated is to create goals. You can create goals at whatever job you are at. All you need to do is think of something that inspires you and then write it down, plan how to reach it, and commit to achieving your goal.

For instance, if you are a housekeeper, you can create the goal of getting extra cleaning tasks done within a week, or you can create the goal of cleaning faster and more effectively each week. You can even work on goals that have nothing to do with work, but allow you to reach other milestones in life. For instance, as a housekeeper you may want to create a goal of reaching a certain amount of steps per day. That will keep you motivated to keep working! Alternatively, if you run your own business, you can create the goal of making more money each month and work towards that. Pick what excites you and let it increase your motivation!

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