October 25, 2015

Useful Tips To Get The Most Out Of Today

There is only so much time in a day, so how can you make the most out of it? Some people think that going in the direction the day takes them will help them make the most out of it, and that may be true on a vacation or an adventure of some sort, but when it comes to day-to-day life, there are some things that will help you use your time wisely and really do what matters most to your happiness and success in life.

Create And Stick To Routines In Your Day

Having routines throughout your day can help you in many ways. It can help you to avoid getting sidetracked when you are working on something important. It can help you get everything done that matters the most to you. It can help you look your best, feel your best, and behave your best. In short, having a routine can help you get the most out of today!

For example, I have two friends. One friend has a daily cleaning routine to tackle the main areas of her house quickly in the morning and evening. The other friend has no daily cleaning routine. The friend with the routine has a house that is always pretty clean, ready for guests, and ready to relax in. In addition, because her house is cleaned daily, it only takes her a few minutes a day to clean up. The other friend’s house is always a mess, and if she has company coming over she has to run around and try to clean the house before they arrive, putting aside other tasks that she needs to do. In addition, the mess in the home always stresses her out, which affects other areas of her day.

Cleaning is just a small example of where to put a routine into place. You could also create:

– A work routine so that you ensure you easily get the most important things every day for your success
– A cooking routine to help you never waste time trying to figure out what’s for supper
– A workout routine to help you ensure you get your daily dose of yoga, cardio, or strength training
– A routine to do uplifting or inspiring things, such as take courses or connect with inspiration people during certain times of the day
– A personal time routine where you take baths, read, etc.

Having routines set in place for the day will help you avoid chaos and stress, eliminate procrastination, and make sure you always do the most important things in your day.

Make Things Easier On Yourself

Too much time is wasted on useless things, which is why a routine is so important. But there are other things you can do to make things easier on yourself.

1. Get Organized: The more organized you are, the easier it will be to take action. If you can’t find your pen, and you have to search for a pen for 10 minutes, you are not making the most out of your day. But, if your desk is organized with a pen/pencil jar, you save yourself 10 minutes and put that time towards things that really matter.

2. Skip The Bed Pillows: Not long ago, I watched a show where a guy was putting fancy bed pillows on his bed. Nobody saw them. He didn’t use them. But he still spent about 5 minutes a day fluffing them, putting them on the bed, and taking them off the bed. Yes, that may just be 5 minutes, but it’s 5 minutes that he could be doing something else in. And, when you add up all the useless stuff that we do in the day, much like the bed pillows, you may be spending a lot of time on things that don’t really matter. By the way, 5 minutes a day works out to about 1825 minutes a year!

3. Do Things That Feel Good: I think it was Jack Canfield who said that he only did things in the day that made him feel good. If it didn’t make him feel good, he didn’t do it. This is a good principle to live by to make things easier on yourself and make the most of today. When you do things that inspire you, make you feel on track towards your goals, make you happy, or make you feel like you are doing something important, then you are making the most out of your today.


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