March 22, 2017

9 Quotes About Determination That Will Help Strengthen Your Resolve

Determination quotes to strengthen you

Determination is all about you. It’s about making choices and taking action that helps you get the life you want. It’s about making decisions based on what you feel is right and staying the course, no matter what happens or what other people say. Having determination is important for living a life that you want to live. That’s why quotes about determination are so important. They help you keep your resolve to stay determined and build a strategy that helps make it easier. Following are 9 important quotes about determination that you may want to use.

1. Having Determination Despite This Crazy World

business people putting hands together to form a pyramid to show determination or teamwork spirit.

“Courage is waking up every day with hope and determination in an unpredictable world.” – Wasanga Mehana

Life is unpredictable. Your day is unpredictable. And that can be scary to a lot of people.

This is one of those quotes about determination that remind you that life is a day by day thing, and all you need to do is muster up the right attitude in order to face your day. It reminds you that you must maintain hope and keep working towards your dreams, no matter what is going on in the world today.

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So, if you wake up and you are met with bad news or your day doesn’t go as planned, remember this quote. Remember that with hope and determination you can muster up the courage to keep doing what you need to do.

2. Imagination And Determination Equal Accomplishments

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“We can accomplish far more than we give ourselves credit for. It just takes imagination plus determination.” – Ari Sytner

Your imagination is NOT a place of unrealistic dreams. It’s a place to come up with ideas that will move you forward towards your dreams. It’s also a place to come up with the dreams and goals you want to achieve based on what you have experienced and what you want to experience in the future. When you combine your imagination with determination, you start to accomplish things you never thought you would accomplish.

The trick is to stop saying ‘I wish’ and start valuing your imagination as a practical tool for helping you see the options and potential you have in life – because that’s what it is, a valuable tool. When you view your imagination as something that helps you see real possibilities, you will start to gain the determination to go after all those amazing things that it can come up with.

3. Focus And Determination Equals Change

Young woman practicing push ups in a park. Side view shot of muscular female exercising with a log.

“With focus and determination you can change it all.” – Brendon Burchard

If you want to be happier in life, then change is necessary. You probably already value change if you are looking for quotes about determination. You likely want to find the resolve to stay determined enough to make changes. But, part of staying determined is understanding exactly how important change is and holding that belief in your mind.

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So remember that the key to getting the life you want is change. And the keys to change, whether you like it or not, are determination and focus. When you can stay focused and determined on whatever you have set out for yourself, change will follow.

4. People Won’t Always Understand Your Determination

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“They’ll never know the love, determination, tears or sacrifices you’ve made for your dream.” – June James

Determination is a personal thing. Use it for yourself. Don’t stay determined just to show other people how determined you are. They don’t care as much as you think they do! They are more concerned with themselves than they are you.

If you are desperate for others to see your determination, they won’t see your determination, they will just see your desperation and view it is a weakness. When that happens, you will lose your determination and your life will suffer for it. So don’t try to show it off. Feel it, let it drive you to become better, and don’t worry about whether other people see it or not.

5. What Counteracts Determination?

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“I know people with passion, determination, visions, talent – but that hate and envy keeps them from prospering.” – Gill Graff

Besides worrying about what other people think, hate and envy will cause you to lose determination. In fact, it can even cause you to waste your determination.

Determination requires your energy. If you are busy hating things about other people or feeling resentful towards other people and what they have or are accomplishing, you are taking away your focus from determination and you are going to make your progress very hard.

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Instead of feeling hate and envy towards others, stay focused on your dreams and goals. Let other people live the life they want, and recognize that your feelings towards them does nothing to them but everything to you. You will suffer the consequences of taking your eyes off your life and staring at others for too long.

6. Is Determination Really A Good Quality To Have?


“Your failure does not define you, your determination does.” – Lolly Daskal

Determination is probably one of the best qualities you can have. Why? Because failure is a part of life, and if you don’t have determination, you will let failure impact your health, happiness, and success.

Nobody escapes failure in life. If you try to accomplish something new, there is a good chance you will experience some failure towards finding success. With determination, you will pick yourself up and keep going and you will find new ways towards your success. Without it, you will give up and settle in where you are, and you will not achieve what you want to achieve.

Determination is good for other people too. If you are determined, you can help coach other people towards their success or impact their lives positively through your determination and success. Especially if you are a role model for children who haven’t experienced a lot of failure yet and need to see that it’s not as big as an obstacle as some people make it out to be. With your lead, they will understand that failure is a hurdle but not a dead end, and determination (combined with awareness, hope, and focus) is what keeps you moving forward through it.

7. Kids Need To Grow Up Understanding How Important Determination Is

Hand of a businessman supporting a wooden step for his colleague to walk his fingers up towards success, conceptual of business teamwork and collaboration.

“In addition to reading, writing & arithmetic, the best teachers teach children about determination, resilience & compassion.” – Prince Harry

If you are an adult, and you had a teacher or role model who taught you about determination, then you are lucky. Many of us were taught more about giving up in the face of struggle than making our way through it, and because of that, we are more inclined to give up and take the easy route than maintain our determination when things get hard.

But, as adults, we have an obligation to teach the younger generation differently. As Prince Harry says, teaching determination, resilience, and compassion are just as important as teaching the core courses in school. It helps kids understand that life can be hard, but they need to maintain a level of compassion and understanding towards others and themselves as they keep moving forward.

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Imagine how amazing the next generation will be if they all have these traits? Imagine what they will be able to do!

8. The Only Way To Get Unstuck

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“Merely “pushing” yourself won’t do it; putting yourself in a state of determination will.” – Tony Robbins

There is a difference between pushing yourself and putting yourself into a state of determination. Pushing yourself requires effort and is met with a lot of resistance. When pushing yourself, you may tell yourself that you ‘need’ to do something and then whine about it as you work towards getting it done. That will drag you down, not push you forward.

Putting yourself in a state of determination isn’t as hard as you think. It’s all about changing the way you think and developing more imagination, awareness, and positivity in life. We’ve already discussed how imagination and determination go together, but what about awareness and positivity?

Awareness is about being informed. It’s about taking in more than just a limited point of view and seeing things from all sides. Awareness helps you see that there is much more potential to your life than what you think. It helps you see the possibilities. It helps you see what other people are achieving. It helps you see the potential! And it helps you find solutions to move through issues and stay determined to reach your goals.

Positivity, or an optimistic outlook, helps you maintain hope for the future, which fuels your determination. When you can look past the ‘I can’t!’ and ‘It won’t work out!’ statements, and start saying ‘I can!’ and ‘Things are going to be great!’ you can see the potential that the future has, and that will also fuel your determination as you move forward.

So, if you want to get unstuck in life, this is one of the quotes about determination that you should post on your wall! If you ever feel like you are just pushing yourself to succeed, then it’s time to switch gears and do things to put yourself into a state of determination.

9. How To Build Determination

Confident businessman posing with arms crossed and smiling at camera
“Wake up every day with determination to succeed more than yesterday.” – Ethan Cramer

This is one of my favorite quotes about determination because it shows you that it doesn’t take a big move to become more determined, it just takes a day-by-day commitment to succeed more than yesterday.

Yes, it’s important to have a vision for the future, but it’s your day-to-day life that is most important. If you are always living in the future, then your determination is going to dwindle because it will become hard to celebrate the little things when you are always looking towards the end. But, when you can take life day-by-day, and still have a sense of where you want to end up, you will find that your determination will stay strong as you will feel like you are only working towards the end of the day, not a 1-year, 3-year, or 10-year goal. This works for even the biggest and most successful people out there.

For example, Richard Branson has achieved some amazing things, and when you think of determination, he probably comes to mind. He started his first business at the age of 16 and has never stopped achieving great things. And he has a determination that is apparent through his words and his body language. However, he doesn’t live in the future. He lives in the moment and has a vision for the future, so he lives in a state of flow, and that helps him stay committed to the big things, become more awesome, and keep making decisions and taking action that helps him reach his visions.

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For living day-to-day, I’ve found that it’s easier to develop some positive habits. Some of the things that I’ve found work for me include:

– Decide to learn something new every day in the areas of life you want to feel determination towards. The more you take in information around those areas, the more awareness you will have and the more determination you will feel.

– Decide to do one thing (no matter how small) that helps you move forward towards your goals. The act of doing at least one small thing will help you stay determined. If you try to put too much on your plate, as many of us do while practicing determination, then your strength will start to bend and your ability to stay on track can break.

– Decide to make the most of your day and avoid time wasters. This will really help you do things that keep your determination to achieve success high. Remember, you only have so many hours in the day and how you spend them will determine how you feel about yourself and what your future will look like.

– Take time to do the six phase meditation by Vishen Lakhiani every morning. You can look this up on YouTube. I do this meditation daily, and the impact it has had on my determination in life has been huge. The meditation addresses areas in life that matter, such as connection, gratitude, forgiveness, vision, and being present. And, when you start to focus on these areas of your life daily, you start to feel better, dream bigger, and move forward in life with a determination that feels amazing.

These four habits are easy to add to your life. And the best part is that the more you commit to them, the more determination you will feel.


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