April 14, 2016

SEMrush Review: Only Internet Marketers Will Like This Tool

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If you are an online business owner, and you are getting serious about search engine marketing, then SEMrush is something you have heard about as a tool to help you. It is a powerful search engine marketing tool that helps you create an amazing content strategy and an advertising strategy that works. It gives you access to the information you need to create a concrete plan moving forward. I can’t even explain how powerful it is, because unless you try it for yourself, you can’t really feel the impact it’s going to have on your marketing. But, through this SEMrush review, I’m going to give it a try!

10 Top Features Of SEMrush

I can’t cover all the features of SEMrush. Well, I could, but I would have to create an eBook just to outline everything properly and describe what this search engine marketing tool can do for you.

With this tool, you are going to get analytics on keywords, domains, and advertising for yourself and your competition. But it goes beyond analytics. It gives you in-depth information that helps you decide what to do to beat out the competition and start having major success in your online business. Everything you need to know to understand what your site is currently doing and how to make it better is included in the analytics. Everything you need to know to match and beat your competition is included in the analytics.

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All of the information can be exported. And, I find that you will quickly come up with your marketing plan quite easily. In fact, because the stats shown are updated almost in real time, you can come back each week or month, or however often you would like, to see what is happening with your sites and your competition, and adjust your plan accordingly.

While it would be hard to review each feature in complete detail without writing that eBook, following are 10 of the main features that I think make this tool so necessary for your online business.

1. Audit Your Site

You can do a site audit, which tells you how well your site is doing in all areas, including error messages, and on-site SEO. You can look at your site as a whole or even drill down to individual pages to examine up close how your pages are doing. This is the stuff you pay for someone else to do normally. Their expertise and knowledge can pinpoint what is hurting your site, so this feature is like hiring someone to do the work for you in seconds and give you a complete report of what to do to fix your site up.

2. Learn Everything You Need To Know About Your Organic Search Positioning

What keywords is your site ranking for? What position are they ranking? How much traffic are they bringing in? All of these questions and more are answered when you check out the organic research for your blog. You can even see how your keywords are doing over time and whether or not they are improving, declining, or lost altogether. You can even see your top competitors for keywords that you are ranking for, and what keywords they are ranking for, and if you find some serious competition, you can drill down into them and what they have done to get their success.

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3. Figure Out What Keywords To Work For

You can drill down into individual keywords and see match keywords and related keywords, how much volume they are bringing in, and who is ranking for them in the organic search results. This will give you some insight into how easy it will be to rank for a keyword and whether or not it is worth it to try and rank for it.

4. Track Keywords That You Are Working For

You can track keywords that you are working towards ranking for. You can even get ideas on how to optimize individual pages to rank higher for certain keywords. You will learn exactly what you should do, why you should do it, and see data behind what you and your rivals are doing for that keyword.

5. Find Keywords That Are Working For Your Competition

Not sure what keywords will bring you traffic? Check out your competition and find out what organic keywords they are ranking for, what paid search is coming to their site, and how much traffic volume their keywords are getting them. You can also see their main organic competitors and drill down into those sites statistics.

6. Stay On Top Of Creating And Promoting Your Brand

You can track your brand, which includes online mentions of you and any competitors you want to keep track of, and you can find new ways to promote yourself. All of your brand mentions will be shown to you with a title and description and link to what blog or site the brand mention was posted on.

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7. Track Social Engagement Of You And Your Competitors

For Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Google +, you can get an overview of your audience, engagement, and activity. You can also see how you are doing compared to your competitors. As of this SEMrush review, this feature is in beta, so I’m sure they are going to pack a lot more useful things into it to help you make the most of your social media.

8. Get Backlink Information

For any site, you can get backlink information, including the anchors used, referring domains, referring IPs, and whether or not they are follow links or no follow links. You can see whether they are text, frame, form, or image links. You can also see what country they are coming from and whether they are top level domains. This is useful for figuring out a plan to beat the competition. You can drill down to exactly where the links are coming from and work a plan to start getting your own from the same places.

9. Figure Out How Difficult It Would Be To Rank For Keywords

What’s the easiest way to come up with a new keyword strategy? Have an algorithm in place that shows you the volume of a keyword and how hard it would be to rank for that keyword. That’s exactly what SEMrush does when you search through your competition’s top keywords (or any keywords). It may be hard to rank for their top keywords, but if you can steal some of their top keywords, and outrank them, then you are going to steal a lot of their traffic!

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10. Doman Versus Domain Comparison

See how far or behind you are of your competition by doing a domain versus domain search. It shows you the keyword position for organic, paid, or product listing ad, and gives you some real insight into whether you need to put some more focus on certain keywords or not.

Some Extra Features That I Like

In your dashboard, you can see all your recent searches. It gives you an idea of what you’ve been doing, but it also gives you an idea of what you are wasting your time on. If you have a plan of attack for a specific domain, then you must work on building that up so you waste as little time as possible where you could create content, build links, or create new relationships. You want to see the stats that can help you have success, but you also need to take action on creating success with those stats!

You can get a live demo on how to use SEMrush. Why is this important? Because this tool has a lot going on, and having someone who knows it inside and out demonstrate how to use it priceless. It removes all the trial and error and lets you to get down to business and use the tool for its main purpose – improving your success in search engine marketing.

There are plenty of webinars that give you more insight into making your business a success. At the top of your dashboard, you can see all the upcoming webinars. Between this SEMrush review and just over one month from now, there are five new webinars coming up on everything from decoding Google to creating SEM campaigns. And, there is a webinar called SEMrush 101, which is played 11 times this month to help newbies make the most out of the tool.

There is also a blog where you can learn more about online business and success. A new post goes up almost daily, making it an active blog that you will be on daily.

You can check out the top advertisers in YouTube and the top channels, as well as recent video ads added into YouTube. This gives you an overview of what your competition is doing and what you may want to do for video advertising that works.

The Pros Summarized

In short, the main pros of the SEMrush are:

– Check out your competition to see what keywords they are ranking for
– Find out who your biggest competition is
– Find out the keywords you currently rank for
– Find out the backlinks for you and your competition
– Find your competitor’s ad strategies and budget
– See what pages you and your competition have indexed
– Do a backlinks comparison with up to four other domains
– Discover how you and your competition are doing with paid search
– Do a domain versus domain search to see how you are doing in the race for your keywords
– Get access to webinars that teach you use the tool and stay ahead of the competition
– Get insight into your competitor’s ad copies and keywords
– See top publishers and advertisers
– Create charts that compare domains with key visibility indicators
– Create separate projects for each of your sites
– Find related keywords easily for keywords that you want to rank for
– Export all reports that you create
– Brand reports with a logo and your personal information
– Find the difficulty for individual keywords that you are looking for and whether it will be worth your effort with traffic volume and trend for the keyword
– Search for keyword information in different countries or just stick with your country
– Get insight into video advertising, such as competitor’s strategies and how to make money with your videos
– This site is constantly being updated and worked on
– Speak directly to someone in the support team through phone or send a message
– Over 500,000 users as of this SEMrush review (proof of how valuable it is!)

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SEMrush Pricing

This tool is all you need for crushing the competition and becoming successful, so the prices are more than your average marketing tool. For free, you can try out the program. They do cut you off from free usage after a certain amount of time. I can’t remember how much you get for free, but I do know that you can test it out to see if you like it, and then if you do, you will have to upgrade.

All of the plans are monthly, and they all come with a seven-day money back guarantee from the day of purchase. After that, you will pay the monthly price until you cancel your subscription.

1. The Pro Plan

This plan is $69.95 per month, the cheapest of the plans. You can also pay $699.40 for an annual subscription, which saves you $140. In it, you get 10,000 results per report and 3,000 reports per day. You can create up to 5 projects and track up to 500 keywords and crawl 100,000 pages. This plan only includes 5 scheduled PDF reports.

2. The Guru Plan

At $149.95 per month, this plan is a big jump from the pro plan, but it does give you a lot more, including 30,000 results per report and 5,000 reports per day. You can also work on 50 projects instead of just 5, and you can track 1,500 keywords and crawl 300,000 pages. You can also pay $1499.40 for an annual plan and save $300.

3. The Business Plan

This plan is $549.94 per month. You can also pay $5499.40 for an annual plan and save $1100. In it you get benefits, such as unlimited projects, 50,000 report results, 10,000 reports in a day, 6,000 keywords that are tracked, 1.2 million pages crawled, the ability to schedule 50 reports, branded PDF reports, multi-user management, and more.

Note: You can also create your own plan with your desired number of users, keywords, and reports. You just have to contact them to find out more about pricing and what they can offer you.

Should You Try SEMrush?

Normally in my reviews, I like to do a con section… a place where I talk about the downside of the product. But, honestly, there is no downside to this tool – unless you consider the price a downside, which I doubt considering that we Internet marketers know we need to invest some money for a successful business. And, this isn’t that much to invest!

Before you commit, you can play around with it for free, and you can even get a day’s free access to the pro version as of this SEMrush review. Why not go there and see the stats that it can give you and how useful it could be to you, which, by the way, is very useful!

The bottom line is that this is an Internet marketer’s dream tool. It gives you everything you need to know within seconds and helps you create a marketing strategy that you can implement quickly. Plus, because SEMrush is updated with near live analytics, you can watch how your strategy is doing and tweak accordingly. It’s like your inside look into how to make search engine marketing work for you, so it is worth every penny.

You can find out who your competition is, what they are ranking for, how you compare to them, what keywords you could start working towards, and how you are doing along the way, and so much more. I really can’t explain everything this tool offers in this SEMrush review, and there could be something crucial to you that I’m missing. In the end, I know that anyone who is involved in Internet marketing will find value in this tool, so I urge you to check it out for yourself.

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