April 24, 2016

Social Warfare Plugin Review: Do You Really Need This Plugin?

Plugin for social media: social warfare

In your blogging career, you will get some plugins for free that are great and some that are not so great. And, the same applies for plugins that cost money. Some are fun to use for a while, but soon you realize that they don’t do much for your blog’s success, and you remove them and never look back. Others, however, are plugins you keep around forever. These are the plugins that not only help your blog look and function better, but they boost your success and make your efforts feel more worthwhile. Is Social Warfare one of those plugins? Do you really need it? Will it be a plugin that you keep year after year? Let’s take a look through this Social Warfare plugin review.

What Is The Social Warfare Plugin?

Just as the same suggests, this is a plugin that can help you win in the battle of social media. It goes far beyond any other plugin I’ve seen geared towards social sharing. In fact, I’ve used many different social media plugins in my years, and they have all been deleted from my plugins eventually because they don’t look good, don’t work, don’t blend in well with my site, or don’t allow me to show off what I want to show off. This plugin addresses all of those concerns and then some.

Even if you have a social media element to your theme, you are going to want to check out this plugin. A lot of people agree that it is hands down the best on the market as of this Social Warfare plugin review.

Is A Social Media Plugin Really That Important?

Yes. I’m surprised more people are not focused on their social media plan. The business owners who are active on social media are the ones who are having success. And because they don’t have much competition for consistent and effective social media marketing, they will stay on the top until other business owners get serious about social media.

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The bottom line is that if you have a website or blog, then you should have a plan for social media marketing. Social media allows you to connect with your customers, showcase yourself and your message, build trust with your customers and other businesses, reach new people, boost traffic, and boost SEO and get FREE targeted traffic, among other benefits, so it is essential to your business online.

But, if you don’t have a plugin that allows your readers to share your content in a way that you want it to be shared, then you are losing out on all of that. Yes, everyone knows how to share on their own through their favorite sites, but putting a plugin on your site that allows you to edit the content in a way you want it to be shared is important to make sure that your content is shared with the tags and information you want instead of what readers, who don’t understand your social plan, want.

What Are The Benefits Of It?

If you have tried other social media plugins, you know that you roll the dice with how it will look aesthetically. Sometimes the buttons are overlapping and sometimes they are too big or too small. And almost always, they just don’t look right with your blog. That’s not the case with the Social Warfare plugin. The sharing buttons look professional, and you can match them up to your brand with over 5,000 ways to style them including color, fade effect, counts, placement, order, and more. Honestly, most social media plugins have 1-5 preset ways to style the buttons. This is a huge advantage when it comes to making those sharing buttons look like a part of your blog and more friendly and welcoming to visitors. I think that people have gone ‘social sharing blind’ with the same old buttons that have always been around, which is why you NEED to create something different that they see and use.

This plugin comes with a custom widget that shows popular posts based on social shares! That’s huge! The more you get people to your top shared posts, the more it will be shared, and the more you will get people to it! It’s a beautiful cycle of making things go viral on your blog, and it’s something you should be striving for. This widget will be something you absolutely use to complement the Social Warfare plugin.

If you have a blog with pictures, such as a food blog, travel blog, or quote blog, then Pinterest is your best friend. The Social Warfare plugin makes it easy to get people to share your best pictures on Pinterest with the perfect description. If you are working hard to pick pictures that you know will help your content stand out, then this is something that is going to help your efforts be more meaningful.

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This social media plugin doesn’t take forever to load. I’ve had some plugins that completely mess with the loading time on my sites. This is fast, smooth, and loads just as quickly as everything else. You never have to worry about it slowing down your site or not loading at all until it’s too late and your reader clicks off.

In most social media plugins, you can no longer see the Twitter counter button, but that doesn’t make their sharing button any less valuable. Your tweets are seen by everyone who plugs in your keyword or hashtag into Twitter, so you want to make sure that you stand out with exactly what you want to say. Social Warfare can customize the tweets that users share. Instead of just the title, which often doesn’t grab people’s attention, you can include hashtags, pics, and a Twitter handle if you want. In short, you can make your Twitter shares gain as much traction as possible.

If you noticed in the above paragraph, I said ‘in most social media plugins you can’t see the counter button’, but with Social Warfare, you can. They worked hard to make their plugin capable of doing so! And you can see the counters in all the other buttons too, as well as the total number of shares! We all know that psychologically people are more willing to share if they see other people have shared, and people are more likely to take your stuff seriously if they see a lot of social proof. That makes this social media plugin THE plugin you want to get for social proof. You can also hide the share counts until you get enough social proof to make it worthwhile sharing.

You can also create tweetable quotes. I don’t know why more people aren’t using this function in their articles. Everyone likes quotes, and when you pull one out of your article and make it into a tweetable quote, then you are making it as easy for them as possible to share something that resonates with them. In their mind, it takes two seconds to share something they think is valuable, and they will do it! And, you will benefit in a number of different ways.

Every link that gets shared through this plugin can be tracked, which means you can see exactly how your shares are impacting your business. It does this with Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) codes. This means that you can track your social media marketing in Google Analytics and figure out what is working and what you need to tweak.

Who Created The Social Warfare Plugin?

Social Warfare was created by a small team of people who had the need for a better social media plugin. The team includes Nicholas Z. Cardot, Dustin W. Stout, and Jason T. Wiser, and together they bring online marketing, business strategy, branding, digital marketing, and psychology knowledge into what they do. In other words, the plugin was created by guys who understand marketing and what we need in a good social media plugin in order to have more success with our social media marketing efforts.

The Pros

– You have complete control over what is being shared on your sites through your sharing buttons.
– You can place your buttons anywhere you want on your site thanks to the shortcode or PHP snippet.
– Totally responsive for whatever size screen your readers are looking at.
– Add you Twitter name to tweets so that you get the credit for the posts and increase your social followers.
– Display whichever social sharing buttons you want.
– Decide whether or not you want to display the shares.
– Arrange the buttons in whichever order you want.
– You also get their Frame Buster plugin that prevents people from adding their own calls-to-action over yours.
– If you are a third party developer, you can extend the functionality as needed on this plugin.
– There is a complete support system, including information about the features, frequently asked questions, troubleshooting, and information about getting started, as well as a way to contact support through email.
– The click to quote icon is in your post editor for easy access and insertion into each post.
– Social Warfare custom options will be below your content editor for each post so you can add the social media image, title, description, customer tweet, and location.
– If you don’t customize the options on each post, the sharing buttons will generate fields based on the post’s meta information.
– There is a 60-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

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The Cons

– The cost may be a con for a lot of people (see below). But, it’s important to remember this is an investment that can help you earn money on your blog, so the cost should be considered as such.
– If you have pictures that are not shareworthy, the Pinterest aspect of this plugin still won’t appeal to your readers.
– As of this Social Warfare review, there is only one visual theme called Flat and Fresh. However, the developers have said they are going to be adding more.

The Cost

This plugin is not a one-time only cost. You pay one price for a license and then pay every year until you decide you don’t want the plugin anymore. The choices of licenses include the following.

– Lieutenant’s package for $24 per year. Allows you to use the plugin on one website.
– Captain’s package for $110 per year. Allows you to use the plugin on up to 5 websites.
– Colonel’s package for $200 per year. Allows you to use the plugin on up to 10 websites.

As an extra note, I love the play on words with war and lieutenant, captain, and colonel.

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The fact is this is pretty good pricing for the plugin. It is a unique plugin that gives you control over your blog’s social media sharing, and you can track those shares to tweak and implement a top-notch sharing system. The more shares you get, the more income potential you have, and if you have ten websites, you only need to make $20 per year on each site to make up the investment cost for the plugin!

Is It Easy To Set Up?

Yes. Install this plugin as you would any other plugin through your WordPress plugin installer or your FTP client. Activate it, and head to the Social Warfare icon in your dashboard on the left side. When you click on it, you will be taken to your admin panel with all of your options.

You need to register your plugin first because you can only use it on as many sites as the license you bought. You have to register it so you can unlock all the features that the plugin has to offer.

Then you can go through the display settings, visual options, and click to quote options. It’s very user-friendly, so just start at the top option and work your way through.

The Bottom Line

Social media marketing is important, and yes you can get a free plugin to help you tackle your goals with social media, but as you can see in this Social Warfare plugin review, you can’t get something like this plugin. It does things like Twitter counts (which is unheard of now), tailored tweets, and Pinterest personalization, and it gives you the ability to creating sharing buttons that fit in with your brand and blog. You can put them anywhere on your site with the shortcode, and you can add-on functionality as needed. More and more people are installing the Social Warfare plugin, which means they are gaining an advantage over you if you are using the same old boring plugins that everyone else is using.

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In the end, social media marketing is going nowhere. You have to figure out how to make the most out of it if you want to have the most success possible online. This will be one of those few plugins that you will keep active year after year because it is so valuable to your business. I highly recommend checking this plugin out and giving it a shot if you are serious about social media marketing.

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