April 14, 2016

Save The Marriage System Review: Can This System Give You Instant Help?

How to save your marriage


I wanted to do a Save The Marriage System review because, after going through the entire thing, I believe in this system. There are plenty of books, courses, and ideas out there on how to save your marriage, but this package really hit home for me, so I know that it will make an impact on you too. The author, Dr Lee Baucom, has years of experience helping couples thrive. And, his training in therapy and coaching combine to give you real insights into what is going on in your marriage and how you can start to save your marriage, despite what is happening. If your marriage is in trouble, or you think it is going to be, then I think you will really benefit from this information that you can download instantly and start using today. Following is my Save The Marriage System review on the entire program and what you get.

The Save Your Marriage EBook

When you want to save your marriage, you don’t want to wait a long time. You don’t want to wait for a book to arrive or go out and buy it – you want it now so you can start working on your marriage now. That’s why Dr. Lee Baucom says you can start saving your marriage today with his system. You will get instant information because it is an eBook. I had it downloaded and open in less than a minute after buying it.

This eBook is 159 pages. You can print it off, and in the right margin, with the header ‘notes’, there is a section for you to take notes as you read, think, reflect, and learn.

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Following is a summary of the 17 chapters in the eBook. If your marriage is trouble, you will recognize how beneficial this information is going to be.

Chapter 1: This chapter covers why traditional couple therapy can fail. I always thought that traditional therapy was the best option when your marriage was in trouble until I read this chapter. So, whether you have been to therapy or not, this chapter will give you some insight into how and why it might not help.

Chapter 2: This chapter covers one thing that you have to focus on for a successful marriage: moving from seeing things from the ‘you’ and ‘me’ perspective into the ‘we’ perspective. In fact, Dr. Lee Baucom says that failed relationships never focus on the ‘we’ aspect, so one of their major downfalls is the ‘me’ and ‘you’ perception. You will learn reasons you may be having the wrong perception and how it is affecting you and your relationship (even if you are not aware of it). This is a huge and important chapter with information, visuals, and a lot of aha moments to help save your marriage.

Chapter 3: This chapter covers the recipe for a successful marriage. In it, Dr. Lee Baucom goes over all the elements that work together to create a successful marriage and how they work together to boost marriage health and happiness. Yes, communication is a part of this, but there are a couple of other elements that you probably haven’t given much thought too. In fact, he teaches how you need one element in marriage to help develop clear communication. I promise that this realization will be a huge help for your marriage – and all the relationships in your life.

Chapter 4: This chapter teaches you how to find the North Star of your relationship. A North Star is something you can look to that helps you stay in the right direction. You will learn what you should not look towards, such as children, sex, or happiness (I know, that’s shocking, but you will understand as you go through this chapter) and what you should look towards, such as growing old together or self-improvement. And, you will learn what Dr. Lee Baucom considers to be truest North Star in a relationship and why it is such a powerful focus.

Chapter 5: This chapter has some secrets to a successful marriage. The chances are good that these secrets will help change your marriage in a drastic way. These are things that many people in unhappy marriages are not doing; in fact, they are doing the opposite in all of the three areas he covers. If your marriage is in trouble, then you need to learn these secrets so you can change how you interact in your marriage.

Chapter 6: This chapter will help you to stop going downhill in your marriage and create an upward cycle instead. You will learn how to shift momentum in your marriage, and you will even get insight into something that can help you make an instant shift in your marriage.

Chapter 7: This chapter talks about why you should not ask yourself whether you still love your spouse. This is an interesting lesson on how focusing on whether or not the love is still there can ruin the marriage completely. You will learn how to rephrase the question around love so that you can shift your perception and save the marriage.

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Chapter 8: This chapter focuses on emotions, such as anger or coldness, and why they develop in marriage. If you are experiencing anger – or your spouse is, this chapter is important to understand why anger is really present in the marriage and what you can do to move beyond it.

Chapter 9: This chapter focuses on your paradigm. According to Dr. Lee Baucom, you have one, just like everyone else. A paradigm is simply a way of seeing the world, including your marriage. A paradigm acts as a filter to help process the information you receive. You need a paradigm to exist in this world, but you don’t need to keep the same paradigm you have now if it is not working for you. You can change it if you are willing to. This chapter takes a close look at the layers of a paradigm and help you escape the paradigm trap that is affecting your marriage in negatively.

Chapter 10: This chapter is all about boundaries. If you are not sure what boundaries you have or don’t feel like your boundaries are very strong, this chapter will help you figure out what boundaries are important to you and set boundaries in the relationship.

Chapter 11: This chapter focuses on what practices you should have in your marriage. These are practices that will help you have more peace in your marriage and get it back on track. It will help you keep your marriage healthy and strong so that you don’t get in a situation where separation or divorce becomes the biggest option. I love these practices, as they are often practices that I talk about for self-improvement in all areas of your life. In other words, these won’t just help save your marriage; they will help create a better and more fulfilling life.

Chapter 12: This chapter focuses on intimacy. You will learn the stages to intimacy from start to finish, which will resonate big time with you! In the third stage, most marriages are abandoned, so if you are at that stage, it’s important to recognize it and understand why you are there and how to move through it. At the end of the chapter, you will get insight into how to increase your intimacy in the relationship, not through sex, but through appreciation.

Chapter 13: This chapter focuses on how you relate to your spouse, particularly what mood you are in when you relate. There are two distinct moods to relate from, and one will lead towards marital problems while the other will help you move away from marital problems. If you want to save your marriage, this information will be important!

Chapter 14: This chapter focuses on time and why it is important. To be specific, it focuses on living in the present with your relationship. If you are negatively focused on the past and what has happened, then this is a going to be a very helpful chapter for you.

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Chapter 15: This chapter focuses on sex and how it can move us towards or away from the ‘we’ mentality. In this chapter, Dr. Lee Baucom talks about how sexual self-esteem can be affected and why sex is so important to marriage. If you are having a sexual issue in your marriage, then this chapter will give you a lot of insight into why and what you can do.

Chapter 16: This chapter focuses on money and how it move us towards or away from the ‘we’ mentality. Money struggles are huge in unhappy marriages, so the chances are good that you are dealing with this on some level. But, even if you are not, this information will help you understand the role of money in your marriage and how you need to look at money for a healthier marriage dynamic.

Chapter 17: This last chapter focuses on what you need to do to keep your marriage strong. It’s a recommendation that I think a lot of people need to hear. I see so many couples falling into the trap of becoming stagnant in their marriage, which causes all kinds of problems and seems to end in divorce more often than not. This chapter talks about how to change things in a drastic way.

What Else Do You Get?


While the Save Your Marriage eBook is the main part of the program, you also get eight extra things that I think you will appreciate. All of these can be downloaded to your computer at the same time you download the main eBook.

1. Top 5 Mistakes Report

Dr. Lee Baucom recommends reading this before you read the main eBook. It is especially meant for someone who knows their spouse wants out of the marriage. It is a short, to-the-point guide on what not to do during this period. The fact is that if you do one of these things, you could hurt your marriage more than help it, but in an emotional state, one of these things might be the first thing you do.

10 Tips On How To Rekindle A Marriage

2. Quick-Start Guide

In here, you can decide what to do quickly depending on what stage of marital problems you are in. Stages include you noticing problems that might occur later on in your marriage, your spouse is telling you they are unhappy, your spouse threatening to leave, or your spouse leaving and all the stages that come with that. It gives you some solid tips on what to do starting right now. I recommend you read this one first if you are stressed out about your marriage.

3. Down-N-Dirty Guide

This is a guide to winning your spouse back. It gives you some information that will help you build a plan on how to save your marriage. It talks about things like games you shouldn’t resort to for winning your spouse back and why separation is a bad idea.

4. Dealing With Anger & Resentment Report

If you are experiencing a lot of anger in your marriage, this will help you learn about anger and why your current understanding of anger is hurting you. It will also help you deal with your anger and with your spouse’s anger.

5. Mid-Life Marriage Crisis Audio

This is about 19 minutes long. It is Dr. Lee Baucom speaking. If your marriage is in the midst of a mid-life crisis, this information is for you. How do you know if you are in one? One person may not feel like they are in love with the other anymore. This is when the classic, “I love you, but I’m not in love with you anymore,” statement gets said. And, just like in a mid-life crisis, one person is not happy with the marriage anymore or wants something more out of the marriage.

6. Recovering From An Affair Audio

This is just over 24 minutes. In the audio you will get some help understanding the affair and why it doesn’t have to be the end of your marriage. He says that many marriages that experience an affair often go on to be better than before, which is a very hopeful message to anyone struggling with infidelity right now. In the audio, he talks about why the affair happened and what you can do to get through it.

7. 5 Rules For Fair Fighting Report

This is a page that you can print out and keep somewhere to refer to. It has five rules that you should follow when fights happen. Dr. Lee Baucom says that whenever one of the rules is broken, you know the fighting has become too intense, and you need to take a breather.

8. Change Of Heart

This eBook is about 46 pages of content written by Paul and Jennifer Thibeault. If you think that separation or divorce is the only answer, this information will help you. It covers things like whether your marriage is worth fighting for and how the authors changed their marriage around. At the end of each chapter, there are questions that you can answer to help you understand how the information relates to your marriage and gain insight into what you can do to fix things.

What I Like About This Save Your Marriage System

You will see your marriage from a completely different perception, which is exactly what you need to save your marriage. There were so many times I had to admit where I was going wrong and where my marriage was going wrong, and that admission was the first step to fixing all the problems that had worked their way into the marriage and made a home there.

9 Causes Of Marriage Problems That Are Fixable

There are actionable steps at the end of each chapter. These are things you can do to help you fix your marriage starting right now. I’m sure as you go through each chapter, you will have some moments where you come up with your own actionable steps too. But, the questions to reflect on and the exercises to participate in at the end of each chapter give you a clear direction on what to do for your marriage.

Will It Help Your Marriage?

I resonated with each chapter, and I’m sure you will too. It doesn’t matter what stage your marriage is in. If you want help seeing things from a difference perspective and relating to your spouse in a different way, then this system can give you the insight and tools to do that.

But, we are not all the same. You may not find the information helps you transform your marriage in any way. If that happens, then Dr. Lee Baucom has a 60-day money back guarantee in place. He guarantees that this system will help you turn your marriage around quickly and easily, or you can get your money back. That leaves you with two options: buy the system and see what it can do for you or keep struggling in your marriage.

In the end, I always recommend taking action, especially on something that can give you instant help for your emotional pain and your marriage. I hope you will check it out because I really think it will help you feel better and start to get back on track in your marriage.


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