November 8, 2015

What Are Success Factors For The Important Elements Of Life?

This article is going to be focused on success factors, but it is going to be a little different. It’s not going to look at the success factors for life in general, but instead of each individual aspect of life. I want you to take a look at the success factors for all areas of your life and get some inspiration to make your life really work for you and your happiness – which is what I think it is all about.

What Are Success Factors For Peace Of Mind?

Having a sense of peace is the ultimate reward in life. You don’t have to scramble. You don’t have to worry. You don’t have to live in a negative state. You just have to be alive. But how can we have that kind of peace?

Focusing on ‘being’ instead of ‘getting’ is the best way to have a peace of mind. When you focus on being, and live in a mindful state, you are not worrying about what you don’t have, what is going to happen, what could go wrong, and all those other things that disturb your peace of mind.

Therefore, success factors for peace of mind include:

– Enjoying what you have right now.
– Trusting the moment and the people in it.
– Knowing who you are and staying true to that instead of trying to figure out who you are or pretend.
– Keeping your awareness open to let you become even better.
– Removing limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in a state of anxiety.
– Focusing on the moment and what you can do in it.
– Taking time to do what you love to do and really cherish it while you are doing it.
– Being mindful of what is happening around you.

The above factors are the basis for success in every aspect of life. When you have a peace of mind, you can deal with life more effectively and enjoy it much more. In other words, when you can include those factors into your life, a peace of mind is a natural by-product.

What Are Success Factors For Money?

Hard work is not always the answer to being successful with money, all though it can definitely help you move towards your financial goals. The truth is that money doesn’t just fall into your life. It comes into your life because you are in a relationship with someone or take some sort of action.

Many of us look at money the same way we look at water, as though it is a precious element that supports our life. But the truth is that it is just paper and metal that has been assigned a value or it is a number in a bank account that can increase or decrease depending on what you do.

I was listening to the co-founder of Mind Movies talk about their initial success. This was back in 2008, and basically they taught people how to use PowerPoint to create ‘video’ vision boards. They were doing this online, which was weird at the time, and when they made their final Mind Movie product, it felt like they were selling air. Yet, they made $700,000 in sales on their launch. You can see that money comes from perceived value, and all you have to do is have some sort of value or offer some sort of value in order to bring it into your life.

When you look at money from that point of view, it becomes easier to see that it is a thing you can get in exchange for doing something. So, the success factors include:

– You can sell something and get money in exchange.
– You can take action on buying a lottery ticket and get money.
– You can be a daughter, son, wife, or husband to someone and receive money from them.
– You can help other people and receive money.
– You can create something for people to learn, use, or grow from.
– You can provide a service.

Those are really the success factors for money at their basic level. If you can do all or one of those things, you can get money in exchange for what you are doing. I know the family thing is a little superficial, but it is true. When you provide value as a good family member, you often get rewarded money during your family member’s life (often in the form of gifts) or after they have passed on in the form of inheritance.

What Are Success Factors For Intimate Relationships?

Intimate relationships can be the most rewarding relationships if you do things right. They are the one place that you can let everything hang out, be yourself, complain, act stupid, and still be supported at the end of the day.

But, relationships require some effort to succeed. You can’t just get into one and have smooth sailing until you die. Intimate relationships bring in two different people and try to force them to work together in a cohesive way in regards to the big things in life: home, family, money, cars, trips, preferences, and beliefs.

Of course, two people can’t be expected to be cohesive in every big area of life because we are all unique and have our own ways of perceiving things, so there are some success factors that are important to make intimate relationships work.

– Proper communication to work through issues and find solutions (includes listening and talking).
– Allowing your partner to see the real you through honesty in your words and actions.
– Acceptance of your partner for who they are and who they want to be.
– Making each other equally important in the relationship.
– Each putting in 100% to make the relationship work.
– Shared responsibility in the home and in the relationship.
– Satisfying your partners core needs such as support, intimacy, and love.
– Expressing gratitude and love for your partner.
– Showing physical affection without expectations, such as hand holding, kissing, and hugging.
– Taking time alone as a couple to get to know each other as you grow.
– Negotiating issues that arise with fairness and respect.

All of these factors will contribute to the overall success of an intimate relationship. It is also important to tackle any issues that arise so that they don’t become big problems later on in the relationship.

What Are Success Factors For Friendship And Family?

Friends and family can be a support system when you need them the most, and they can be a place of comfort, love, and peace. But, not always.

There are some friends and family members that make our lives miserable, whether it is from the start of the relationship or starts at some point in our relationship. When that’s the case, trying to work through the issues can be a helpful step.

Counselling is not just for intimate relationships. A therapist can help you interact in a way that saves your friendship or relationship from drowning. However, sometimes relationships can be repaired, and distancing yourself from that person is often the best step.

When things are going good, though, there are certain factors to use in friendships and family relationships that will make them happier and more successful.

– Accept that everyone has their own opinion and way of living.
– Maintain a level of trust by doing what you say you will do.
– Share what you feel comfortable being judged on – in a perfect world, that would be everything, but it is easier said than done.
– Give each other some space to rest and recover.
– Give out your trust until its take away.
– Be supportive of their positive decisions.
– Share your gratitude for their presence.
– Don’t make the relationship all about you.
– Put yourself in their shoes to understand their point of view.
– Be generous with your love, money, and support.

All of these things will contribute to a successful relationship with a friend or family member. Remember, you don’t always have to agree on everything to have a successful relationship. Keep judgement out of it, enjoy the traits and history you share, and be there for each other when you need each other the most.

What Are Success Factors For Making A Difference?

TLC doesn’t always have the best shows on it, and you can tell that a lot of the shows are fairly scripted so that they have something interesting to put on TV. But, there is one show that is making a difference in many people’s lives, and that show is My Big Fat Fabulous Life.

If you haven’t watched, it portrays Whitney Way Thore who is obese, or fat as she calls it. According to her, she gained weight very quickly and she spent 10 years of her life hiding and doing nothing because of her weight, and then one day she decided enough was enough. She started to do what she was passionate about – dance – and her life has been on a rollercoaster of success since that moment. Now, she does things despite her weight. But, she’s not just making it about her. She’s taken on the role of being a role model and an advocate for healthy body image.

Being picked up by a major network doesn’t hurt, but the fact is she is setting an example for millions of people who hate their body and let it hold them back from doing what they want. She is making a difference.

She has started the #nobodyshame campaign, which is focused on everyone who lives with body shame of any kind, including weight, imperfections, disabilities, or not living up to some standard that society has set.

Of course, she gets a lot of hate because people who are judgmental and egotistical have to hate on that kind of mentality, but she also gets a lot of love. In fact, she has helped pull people out of their depression and self-hate mindset, and the difference she is making for people’s happiness is phenomenal.

How does she do it?

– She’s honest about who she is, where she has come from, and where she wants to go.
– She’s open about her imperfections, desires, and goals.
– She’s willing to put herself out there in a light that isn’t always flattering.
– She’s standing up for people who can’t stand up for themselves.
– She interacts with people in a compassionate and loving way.
– She keeps going despite the critics and haters with her head held high.
– She has the support of loving friends and family who believe in her making a difference.

That’s a formula for making a difference in this world, and we can all do it if we want. Putting ourselves out there, risking judgement to help others, surrounding ourselves with loving and supportive people, and living in a compassionate and open-minded state is what will successfully make a difference in this world.

What Are The Success Factors For Reaching Your Goals?

Goals are what makes us better people. Our goals are a reflection of what we want to change in our lives and who we want to become.

How can you get from where you are to where you want to be? There are a lot of factors that come into play that may surprise some people.

For instance, limiting beliefs need to be removed in order to reach your goals. They make the little voice in your head tell you that you are not good enough or can’t reach your goals, and that causes you to behave in a way that keeps you from your goals.

Other factors include:

– Taking responsibility for your life and what happens in it.
– Moving through failure by accepting its contribution to your awareness.
– Taking action on what you want.
– Committing to what you want and moving forward when motivation dwindles.
– Having faith in yourself and your potential.
– Getting crystal clear on what you need to do for success.
– Changing what isn’t working for you.
– Developing a positive and optimistic mindset.
– Being productive with your time and energy.
– Maintaining good habits that support your health.
– Maintaining good habits that support your productivity.

You can unlock the life of your dreams by applying the above success factors into your life. You will find that the more success you have, the easier it will become to do things towards your goals and the life you want. The truth is that once you start doing things for a life of success, it will become second nature to you.

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