November 8, 2015

Making Money Online: How To Do It As Quick As Possible

Everything online is about content. If you can create content, either written content, audio content, or visual content, then you can create something online that can earn you money. Making money online is all about giving information, answering questions, and entertaining people, and some ways of doing those things will make you money very quickly while other ways will require much more work and consistency.

Don’t get me wrong. To make money quickly, you still have to put in some effort. You can’t do one thing, cross your fingers, and hope that the money will come rolling in. You don’t have to put a full-time effort in. A few hours a day can be enough to help you earn some extra money quickly if you have a job or school to go to during the day. But, if you have a lot of time on your hands, think of it this way: the more time and effort you put in, the more of a payoff you will get.

And remember that your effort will pay off in more ways than one because making money online is not just about making money right now – it is also about creating a passive income stream where you will make money for months and years off one piece of content.

So, what are the quickest ways to make money online? Let’s take a look at the quickest ways for written, audio, and visual content and the good and bad of each avenue. This is an outline on making money quickly online, so if something interests you, learn more about the particular concept to make the most of it!

The 3 Quickest Ways To Earn Money From Your Writing

Written content is king online, and there are many different ways you can make money through your writing. Following are the quickest.

1. Ghostwriting

If you write well, then one of the quickest ways to start earning money – within a week of so – is to write content for other people. Every informational website you go to, every blog you check out, and every eBook you read could have been written by a ghostwriter. Many business owners outsource their writing so that they can focus on other aspects of their business, which means that there is always work to be done in the ghostwriting business.

The downside is that you can’t just start your own ghostwriting business and expect to get clients. You will have to use some type of service, such as Constant Content or iWriter, which means that you will be charged a small fee for every piece of information you create.

When it comes to making money quickly, iWriter is probably your best bet. For now, they rule the market in content creation through ghostwriting because they offer clients cheaper articles and writers quicker pay.

You can set your payments to weekly payments, and all you have to do is make a minimum amount of money every week to get paid directly into your PayPal account. It’s worth nothing that I have not found a quicker way to make money through ghostwriting online than iWriter.

The downside to iWriter, besides the time it takes to write articles, is that most clients are not willing to pay what you are worth.

For instance, if you are a good writer on iWriter, you could easily get to an elite plus status where you can earn about $40 for a 700-word article, which means you will earn 5 cents per word. While that price is still much lower than many other sites that offer prewritten articles (such as Constant Content), most clients won’t pay it. Instead, they will pay an elite plus writer the next lowest rate, which is an elite rate of about $10.50 for a 700-word article, which means you will earn about 1 cent per word. Obviously, that will make a big difference to how much money you can actually make.

However, clients can choose their own prices to pay you and tip, which helps a bit. Moreover, you can choose which clients you want to write for based on their topics and expectations. And if you can get some good clients who request from you regularly, you will find that making money quickly is pretty easy.

2. EBook Creation

If you have knowledge in a specific area, then creating an eBook around that knowledge can help you earn some money very quickly. An eBook can be as short as 3,000 words or as many words as you like. As long as you create an eBook that provides valuable information around your area of expertise, there is a chance that you will gain interest around it and make sales.

You may think that an eBook would take you months to write, but the truth is that you can bang out an eBook pretty fast if you know the subject and what you want to talk about. The first time I wrote an eBook, I used the 7 Day EBook program by Jim Edwards. He provides a step-by-step system to help you get your eBook up and running (for sale) within a week.

From his book, you will learn exactly how to put your eBook for sale on Amazon Kindle, which makes your book available to the public within about a day after you upload it to the Amazon Kindle site. That means that you could be making sales within a day after uploading.

The downside is that Amazon Kindle has a system where they pay 2 months behind. So at the end of October, you get paid for August’s earnings. That means you will have to wait a few months for your first payment.

However, on Amazon Kindle, you can put affiliate links (see affiliate marketing below) inside your eBook to help you earn commissions quickly. For example, if your eBook is a recipe eBook for vegans, then you can link to other recipe books of interest at the end of the book or certain products in the recipe through affiliate links.

The downside to Amazon Kindle is that you may need to build some exposure to your book through social media or other sources to make it visible. New books don’t get much exposure from Amazon itself. But, the more sales you make, the more your book will be exposed to interested people on Amazon, and the easier it will be to make sales.

If you want to get an army of people selling your eBook for you, then putting it on ClickBank is the better option. There you will be able to offer affiliates a commission of up to 75% to promote your book. The higher you set your commission, the more interested people will be to help you promote the book. Affiliates can help you reach millions of people much quicker, and you only have to pay them for the initial sale of the book.

The downside to ClickBank is that you have to pay to get your book in the marketplace for sale, and you have to create a sales page for your book.

If you want to make money quickly, you may want to try to sell your eBook yourself on a blog that you create, but the truth is that putting it on a bigger service, such as Amazon or ClickBank, will help you get more exposure to your eBook and bring in the sales faster than you can do with no online presence.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Almost every product for sale online has an affiliate program to go along with it, whether it is a digital product or a physical product. This means that you can act as an online sales person and earn a commission from your sales. When you join the affiliate program, you get special links that you can use which are embedded with your affiliate details so that you are credited for any sales you make through your links. Commissions range from 4% to 100% for the first sale, so it is important to find something that is going to be worth your time if you want to earn money quickly.

Most affiliate platforms will require that you make a certain amount of money before you get paid out, and usually you can get paid every two weeks to a month directly into your bank account or PayPal account.

To promote products, you need to get your affiliate links out to people. While you can try to do this through social media, you will find that a lot of your followers and friends will not like being sold to over and over again, and eventually you will get no interest at all – and maybe even a little disliked.

Therefore, promoting products is best done through a blog. Creating a blog and writing honest reviews around the products can help you attract people searching for honest opinions about the product. If they read your review, click through your link, and buy, you earn an instant commission.

The downside of affiliate marketing is that products can be returned and you can lose your commission. Most products have a two-month guarantee on them, so you may owe as much as you earned later on down the line. This is why it is important to pick products that you really believe will benefit people. The more beneficial it is, the less likely they will be to return it.

Earn Money From Your Voice

If you have a lot to say about a certain subject, you can create a podcast to discuss that subject and make money in the process. Before, podcasting required you to get downloads to earn money, which of course, requires an audience that takes time to get. But, now, you can earn money in a number of ways.

Probably the best way is to create a blog and put your podcast on your blog – both the audio version and an article version. This will help you gain interested people naturally through the search engines. And, on the blog, you can utilize affiliate marketing to start making money quickly.

In addition, if you put your podcasts on places like iTunes, you can get in front of a larger audience and help drive traffic to your blog. Simply mention your blog at the beginning and end of every podcast to help listeners know exactly where to go for more of you! If they like you, the will go to your blog and you will have various ways to make money (affiliate marketing, ads on your blog, sponsors, etc.) simply by chatting, discussing, or ranting.

Earn Money Through Visual Content Quickly

The quickest way to make money visually is through Fiverr. There, you can offer your services, such as testimonials or silly videos for businesses who want unique marketing videos. While it seems like you will not make a ton of money on Fiverr at first glance, the truth is that you can add in extra services and make a ton of extra money per order.

For instance, you can offer to record your video in featured locations for extra money, deliver it faster for extra money, and make it longer for extra money. All of these things can add up to help you earn some money quickly just by creating and uploading some video. It takes about 14 days for the money to clear, so you could be getting paid within a few weeks after you get your first gig.

Another way to make money quickly through visual content is YouTube. In fact, it could beat out Fiverr depending how you go about it. On YouTube, you earn money from ads that show on your uploaded videos. But, you have to sign up to Google AdSense and get approved before you can earn money. While some YouTubers make a full-time living from those ads, you have to show that you have some followers and interest in order to be approved for the AdSense program. So, ads will not be the quickest way to make money through your videos.

However, you can combine affiliate marketing with your YouTube videos. Set up a blog, create and upload videos to YouTube, put your blog link in the video or in the description box below the video, and viewers may click through to your blog where your affiliate links are and help you earn some commissions.

A Note On Blogs And Affiliate Marketing

As you’ve probably noticed, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. And, you can make it work for you quickly. But, there is a lot more to being a successful affiliate marketer than just putting up some affiliate links on your blog. The more you do affiliate marketing right, the more money you will make.

The main things you need to remember are that you have to provide value in the way of information, answers, or entertainment, and you shouldn’t just plaster your affiliate links everywhere. Less is better when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Lastly, people tend to buy from people they trust, not people who seemingly just want to sell to them. Therefore, capturing emails (email marketing) from clients or visitors, will help you connect with them on a weekly basis through email and build trust, and when you do send them an email with an affiliate link, you will find that you can make a lot of money through one email when trust has become a factor.

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